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Q: Are condoms 100% safe?
Nothing is really 100% safe when it comes to protection. Unfortunitly the only 100% safe thing is to not have sex. If you are worried about using a condom without anything else, birth control might be an option.


Q: last weekend i had sex with my boyfriend and now im worried im pregnet cause we didnt use a rubber but he did pull out
The only thing you can really do is wait it out. You have to wait to see if you period comes or not, but don't stress majorly about it because heavy stress can cause your period to be late. To be honest pulling out isn't the best form on contraception so there is a possiblility that you are pregnant...Goood Luck hope everything works out for the best!!


Q: first time you have sex is it better to have it with a virgin or a already experienced guy?
I think it would be better to have sex with a virgin because that way it's new to both of you. & also the person probably would be a little more gental, because he wouldn't be TOTALLY sure what to do. But I guess in reality it depends on how comfortable you are with the person you plan on having sex with. (sorry that was kind-of sucky adivce)


Q: So ok i had sex um like two weeks ago....Down there is kinda like all red and it looks like someone like burnt the first layer of my skin off. See after i had sex it got real ichy(i thought maybe he cut me with his finger nails down there does that make you ichy?) But today after my shower i seen that there was like a lump but its like a pimp but its not one its just a blister looking type thing. I herd from people he had STD's and he does fuck and isnt safe...Are thease signs of a STD?
To be honest...that really does sound like a STD. I don't wanna sound all parental but next time use protection and ask if they have something or if they have ever been checked for something. Good Luck!!


Q: What age is normal for girls to start masturbating or wanting to or getting horny?
There is no really normal age, it comes different for everone!


Q: Ohkay, please no stupid answers. But one of my guy friends said that "there is nothing better than to hear a girl moan when ya finger her". does it come natural to moan or do you jus do it to make the guy happy? really depend on the person...also it depends on if the guy is good or not...if he is then moaning should come naturally...if he's not you and always fake it! =]


Q: so last month i had protected sex someone. and i missed my perioid for this month... but the thing is my period is so irregualr i sometimes get it like 4 times a year. but latley i have been so hungry i cant walk and it like a pain in my abdomen hurting so bad. i was just wondering if that sounds like i might be pregenet?! thanks a million!
It kind-of sound like your pregnant to be honest..but the only thing I can really suggest is a pregnancy the general kind you get at a drug store or whatever..well good luck!!


Q: I am reguardimg my last queation that nobody answered. It was titled websites?? My question is does anyone know any websites that teens can learn about sex?? I'm 13/f. *danielle leigh
One that I find to be good is: There is allot of info about many different sex related topics.


Q: how do you know when your pregnent??
usually you don't get your period.


Q: well you see i'm a mom of a 5 year old and he never leaves. and lately me and my husband have been wanting to have sex. and we're a very loud couple if you know what i mean. what do i do?
try to set up like a play-date for your son or like send him to your or his parents...just to get away for a little while...if that doesn't work let me know and i'll think of something else...


Q: Hey. Im 17 years old, and my boyfriend is 21 years old. We live together and everything, but one night, when we were having sex, we didnt even notice the condom slip off. Well, he came inside of me, and then we looked frantically for a condom we though was still on. The next day it came out of me, but there was no cum in it or anything. it was as clear as it was when it first came on. Also, im not on birth control. It has been 2 weeks since, and I was just wondering if there is any chance of getting pregnant. Also, it was only 2 or 3 days after my period. So, can i? should deffinately get a pregancy test also you should keep tract of when your suposed to get your next period...Good Luck...hope everything works out!!!


Q: -My mother's a whore who doesn't care to sleep wit several guys within days, married or not
-My father used to serial cheat on her, ever since the first 3 days of their marriage, and now she's gettin revenge
-No one could give a shit about me, so their shipping me off to another country
-Their pretendin to care, and sayin they want me to stay, though i'm not stupid, they both want to make me suffer(if i live wit my mom, i live wit her 2 BF's, and if i live wit my dad, i live wit his GF
-I don't know anyone in the Dominican Republic, what the hell am i supposed to do there, where the hell am i supposed to go to high school, and where the hell am i supposed to live, my own family members can't decide were to put me, since none of them want me there
-There's SOOO much more pain in my life write now, there wouldn't be any space to write it
-I have a serious addiction to cutting myself, and i think i may even be developing an addiction to pills, i mean, why wouldn't i be depressed
-And i know it's not a sex question, but it's a popular topic, and i just want to know, is there anyone who cares, anyone who can help me, anyone who can tell me, why haven't i killed myself, what the hell do i have left to care for, and what in the world am i supposed to do with my piece-of-crap-for-a-life
-I've tried proffesional help and advice, it seriously doesn't work
P.S.:plz, no wiseasses, i really don't want to deal wit that right now, cuz ur not gonna get a pleasant reaction

Life Falling Apart(13/f)
hey, i totally care...if you read this::

e-mail me @


AIM me @ RELAXiNG CHA0S x (the "0" is a zero)


Q: My boyfriend wants to have sex. I think I love him, but I just don't feel ready yet. How can I tell him and not lose him?
Just tell him how you feel...and if for some reason he lets you go then he isn't worth your time. That will show weather he really loves you or not. If he really loves you he'll wait.

::Sorry if thats not what you wanted to hear::


Q: im 14,and i have been dating this guy that i think im in love with he wants
to have sex, 9he isent making me) , i want to but i got raped when i was 12
and im scared..what should i do?.
You should only have sex with him if you are sure that you want to. If you have any doubts or you are not totally comfortable with him then don't. Good Luck!


Q: Hi I am a 17 year old boy and my girlfriend wants to have unprotected sex
with me, but i'm not sure i want to have unprotected sex.

We have had protected sex before. Please Help me?.
If your uncomfortable having unprotected sex then don't. It really isn't the best idea to begin with. There are too many risks such as STD's or pregnancy. Well good luck with whatever you chose.


Q: My boyfriend and I were having sex, same as normal. We put the condom on correctly, but it still broke in the middle of us having sex. He hadn't cum yet so we just stopped there and finished in ways other then sex. My boyfriend said he didn't pre-cum, but I'm not sure that he knows exactly what that means, and I'm pretty sure you can't control that kind of thing. Is there a good chance that I could still get pregnant or anything I could do?

I need a real answer, so please, no 13 year olds that are just guessing.
Okay, I am 13 but I can answer this. Yes, there is a chance that you can get pregnant, cuz you are correct when you say that you can't control precum. So...I would only start REALLY worrying about it if you are late or you don't get your period next month. Well..hope I helped & hope everything works out.


Q: my dad can be so mean sometimes he yells really loud and when he gets mad he throws and breaks stuff and it really scares me. i feel bad because i dont know if i love him or not and i feel like everything is my fault!! i dont know what to do please help!
Hey, It's not your fault. People handle things in really different ways and that is just his way of handling things. Don't think that it's your fault. And you do love him, you just don't when he does that. Sorry if that was no help.

Q: what product is good for scrunching hair? and when and how do i do it
Head Wear - Strung Out Styling Goo


Garnier Fructis Style - Fiber Gum Putty

& You can get it at like Wal Mart or Pricechopper places like that! =)



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