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Ok this is a really stupid question...but please bare with me. I can't apply eyeliner! Whenever I do, it looks very fake, and it looks like I just drew a line around my eyes. How do you apply it properly so that it blens and looks my natural?
I rate 5's!!!!
ok first you cant buy the crappy kind at the store maybe go to a beauty shop then after you put your eyeliner on just put blush on your face and it will look natural!

Hope i helped...


okay, i really need tips on how to get better sleep, and wake up feeling refresed (link)
first i would go to bed an hour earlier than you useally you need your beauty sleep gurl and i go to bed at 9 i feel great when i wake up!

Can anyone tell me how to play flag football or just football..pleassseee! (link)
ok flag football is when you dont get tackled it is when your running for a touch down and some pulls your flags out then that is like your down...

Hope i helped'


I'm 15 and I have never had a boyfriend while everyone else has!! Is this normal?!?!?! And please don't say I'm too young to even be thinking about this!! and also How do you flirt??? Sorry is this is stupid.. (link)
ok first actually your not to young im way younger than you dont tell anyone but im 11 and i have a boy friend flirting is just saying like i like and wanna make out and crap...

Hope i helped a bunch,


ok....i like this guy and he likes another girl and the girl is some slut who cheats on every guy that she dates and i dont want him to get hurt.....i know i wouldnt hurt u have any advice that i could win his heart over to me? (link)
Tell him about the girl he likes and tell him that she cheats on every boy she meants and maybe he will just like you!

Hope i helped,


Ok, so theres this kid that says he likes me. He talks about to my friends like 24/7. He won't ask me out. What's he waiting for? What's he afraid of? Should I make the first move and ask him out? We already made out like 12 times but never dated. HELP ME PLEASE!!! ty (link)
U make the first move i think he's scared be brave and ask him i no he will say yes....................

Hope it works out,Good Luck


i'm super confused. I think i may be a lesbian but i'm not sure. see, i find myself flirting with guys like any normal 14 year old. but i find myself checking girls out too. i'm not afraid to be a lesbian but this has been going on for quite sometime now so can somebody just help me decide? am i a lesbian or not? (link)
That is sick.....just ask a guy out

I'm babysitting this little boy and he wont listen to me at all. I told him it's time to eat, he wouldnt eat. He also wont go to sleep... I need help before the parents get home because I want to be asked again to babysit for them!
Tell him a story or rock him or just put him in his bed tell him to listen to you and talk to him in a calm voice and be playful with him

hope i helped....

Brett lOver

i'm writing a script for a skit to do for my school talent show. does anyone have a storyline for the skit? i was thinking it could take place during the 1950's. i'm in middle school and it needs 2 be appropriate for all ages. there are only 8-10 girls doing the skit! please help!
thanks (link)
all i can think of is something old like pioneers or like dances and stuff

hope i helped...
Brett lOver

I am 20 and I am 300 lbs, I am also female which raises the cruelity level up a few notches. I desparetly need new deit tips so I can lose the extra flab. (link)
Yes i no a diet ok well for 5 days all you can eat is meat eggs or soup please try it and tell me how much you lost.....

Brett LOver =)

I really need to make a website and ASAP, due to the fact gay texas is going to make a new law and i need to get a petition and letter on here QUICK, so do you know a good website thats free, easy, "pretty", and I can keep up at least until AUG, SEPT?

thanks (link)
im not sure what you are trying to say but i no a website that u can make websites or www.hometown\

hope thats what your lOOking fOr

lOve Age=)

I have an adorable new baby puppy and he's a golden retreiver mixed with a boarder collie!! He's SO adorable! But I have no name for him.. any ideas? (link)
Cutie,Baby,Bruno,Garfeild,Cup cake,Buddy,Sweetie, or Ollie=)

I love puppys and i have a little chihuahua and he is adorable to

hope i helped a lot...


When my boyfriend and I talk on the phone, he always switches over to another call. Well with his phone I am able to hear the voices, and it's ALWAYS another girl's voice.. could he be cheating on me? How do I bring this up with him... (link)
ask your boyfriend if he is talking to another girl when he goes on hold or try to here what there saying and ask if he's cheating on u

hope i helped

could someone give me the names of some really upbeat songs that make you smile when you hear them. they don't have to be a new song I go for the oldies too. (link)
Joy and the Pain i love that old song!

f/13 im going out with this guy....lets call him bill. ok well i met bill at a convention thingy away from both of our hometowns. we got each others numbers and talked on the phone after we got back to our houses blah blah blah and now were going out. he lives about 2.5 hours away. now i was talking t this other guy who i recently went out with and ever since we broke up weve been pretty much best friends and talked on the phone all the time. he lives about 5 minutes away but he is moving about 30 minutes away(no biggie) lets call him fred. so im currently going out with bill right...and im was talking to fred on the phone and we still both love eachother more than anyone would believe and we got to talking about our relationship (i was thinking about dumping bill to go out with fred anyways) blah blah blah and i ended up asking fred out. of course he said yes and the problem now is that i have 2 boyfriends and ive never been the person that cheats. so what i want to know is how do i dump bill with out hurting his feelings and still be really good friends with him???? HeLp Me pLeAsE!!! ThAnX! (link)
Ok someone will get hurt i dont no if it will be so called bill or u just dump him in a nice way and ask to be friends maybe go see a movie with him but dont make it a day laugh together and maybe have fun and ask to be good friends with him...
give me the feedback and rate me

Love, BrettlOver

ok i need help me n' my x broke up brutal and he likes my best friend but my best friend doesnt like him at all but the problem is i still like him the funny thing is we met by him liking one of my other best friends but when we went to go see white noise i grabbed his hand out of instinct and things went from there...we liked eachother so much and now everything i hear or see reminds me of him somehow lots of my friends say its first love but i dont know what to do i told him i didnt like him nemore so it wouldnt be akward cuz hes made it clear he doesnt like me anymore HELP
ok well you have to tell him you love him and ell him how you feel inside about him does he no that your friend doesnt like him?? if not make her tell him and make your friends help convinceing him to like you!

Hope i helped,

Brett lover

Does anyone know like any websites that you can go to to get like makeup tips and not google or anything cause i have tried!!thnx tonzzz

ps.i rate hiiiiigh (link)
i no a friend that knows a ton of make up websites her advice name is Copeture758 she knows it all....

hope she helps yaeh,

Brett lover

im in student gov and we have to plan the spring dance. does anyone have any ideas for a theme? plz no under the sea or hawiian. thnx! (link)
Ok maybe a garden theyme with like flowers cause its spring or do a love theyme

Hope i helped a lot!

Rate me brett lover

My eye makeup seems to get all greasy and crappy looking after a while. Is my face oily? What do I do to prevent this? (link)
ok well it can be your face is oily mine is like that to i use soft powder eye shadow and it works great!

Rate me please

Love, Brett lover hope i helped a lot

I am planning on highlighting my hair using box stuff.... any pointers? (link)
Yes well i use box stuff to highlight my hair and it works great just dont put to much on one strain or it will turn all muckey and stuff thats all i have to tell you((rate me))

Hope i help,

Brett lover

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