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Overcoming Writers Block...

Question Posted Friday July 6 2012, 3:45 pm

Ok so I am a well known author and I will not tell you who I am obviously, but I need some amateur writers ideas. Im about to write a new novel and I need a good topic. Ive been thinking about writing about either a tragedy/ natural disaster or I could write about finding true love. I love either topic but Im at a loss for words. I do not know how to start or what should be my plot and setting and stuff like that. So, I would love some ideas from great amateur writers and in return if I like the ideas I will mention your name in my book so if you give me a reply please state your first name and your age. Thank you all alot and I will enjoy reading your suggestions.

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EmmaKenzie answered Monday July 9 2012, 9:56 pm:
I don't know who you are, or if you'll even write this (let alone if I'll ever find out) but my friend gave me this idea for a story and I tried really hard but I couldn't finish it. I got a plot, and a beginning, and then it just sat in a folder unused. It made me sad, so hopefully this can get it to be finished, and not just wasting away, only partially written while I'm working on my current novel...

My name and age: Emilie (my friends call me "Emi) and I'm 18 years of age. I also give you permission to make changes, hopefully not too many if you use the story, and would also much appreciate some how being let known if you do decide to use it. I would really like to read this book, it's just sad that I can't get it written myself.

You can do the story just from "the idea", but since you said you're having issue with your plot and getting started as well I'm going to type up what I have, and cross my fingers that I'll get to see what comes up of it if anything. But a quick note: the grammar and writing isn't the best because I just jotted some stuff down fast and then I go back over it with corrections....

So here goes ----

The title: "Half Breed"

The idea: teenage punk half faerie, half demon girl loses her faerie mother and demon father to an angry demon ex-girlfriend of her father's and has to raise herself. She has a hard exterior but all she wants to do is be loved by the cute lipstick lesbian new girl she meets in GBLT (Gay Bisexual Lesbian Transgender) club she goes to every day.


Stardust Willow; blonde, blue eyes, waist-long hair, colourful wings, long white flowing dress, mother, faerie, tan skin, no make up

David Storm; black hair, red eyes, pale skin, shoulder-length hair, right eyebrow pierced three times, star tattoo on neck, father, demon

Sapphire Willow-Storm; Black waist-long hair with blonde tips (naturally), she dyes the blonde tips different colours using temporary hair dye every day, purple eyes, pale skin, no wings, [piercings: tongue, lower lip on each side ("spider bites"), and right nostril], seventeen, senior in high school, star tattoo on right wrist, daughter, half and half, wears purple lipstick and black make up

Cady; "Crazy Cady", short fiery red hair, covered in tattoos and piercings, demon, the ex girlfriend

Trinity Zenago: Brown eyes, brown shoulder length hair, human, senior at high school, seventeen, the new girl, pink lip gloss/pink make up

"Crazy Cady" shoots Stardust and David while Sapphire is hiding under the couch and is unseen, she crawls out and calls her faerie grandfather, the only one in the family who doesn't resent Stardust and David for their relationship, to help her and take care of the bodies (telling her they're have a private funeral). Her grandfather lets her stay home from school (human school) to mourn, and calls her in ill.
The next day she goes to school and meets Trinity, who needed to get more school credits and had to join a club, so she joined GBLT club.
GBLT is everyday after school, but clubs are supposed to just meet once a week after school so Mon-Thurs is for the members to socialise and be themselves (but not required to be there, it's optional) and Fridays are the required club meetings.
Sapphire and Trinity stay every day and after talking for awhile, decide to go on a date (movies and snack's at Sapphires's). They kiss.
Grandfather checks up on Sapphire every here and there --- but doesn't live with her.
Trinity goes with to the funeral, after funeral they talk about Sapphire's heritage. Trinity gets frightened, especially by the word "demon" used, and stops going to GBLT. Grandfather consoles Sapphire that she'll come around, and eventually he is proven correct.

What I managed to jot down:

"Quick, hide under the couch." Dad ordered under his breath.

I didn't question it, I knew that tone. I lifted the flap and crawled under the raised couch army-style.

Suddenly there was angry pounding on the door.

Dad's heavy footsteps went towards the front door and opened it.

"You MARRIED her?!" an angry woman yells.

"Crazy Cady," I barely heard my mother's whisper say.

"I can't believe you married a fucking faerie! And not only that, what's this I hear about you having a half breed brat?" she continued to fume.

"Calm down, Cady." My dad tried to soothe.

"David, how could you? I loved you! And I'm a demon, like you! And not only did you leave me, you're with a faerie and having a family on Earth! You traitor! You betrayed your demon ancestors. You tainted your own family blood!"

"I don't care about any of that, Cady. Don't you get it? I love Stardust, can't you see that?"

"But David," she whined, "I love you."

I lifted the flap to see what was happening, and see who Cady was. I saw an angry woman with short fiery red hair, covered in tattoos and piercings, with her hands on her hips.

Dad watched her with his calm red eyes, his shoulder length black hair covered his single tattoo of a star on the nape of his neck which matched the one on the inside of my right wrist.

Mum tried to keep her distance in her long flowing white dress, her colourful wings perked in fear --- ready to fly away at any second. She was clutching her blonde hair, waist long like mine, and watched dad and Cady with wide frightened blue eyes.

Then I saw it; a gun holster on her ankle. She reached for it and I saw dad's eyebrow twitch as he knew he couldn't do anything.

She pointed it right at him and squeezed the trigger as I squeezed my eyes shut. BANG!

Tears streamed from my eyes, but I kept quiet.

"It appears we're alone, now," Cady grinned at my mother.

"Please, don't do this." Mum whispered.

"I have to, now. You wanted to be together. Now you can be DEAD together. 'Till death do you part!" BANG!

More tears soaked the carpet.

"It's okay, you can come out now," She was looking right at me. "I won't hurt you, come, let's talk."

I refused. I didn't move.

She knelt in front of the couch, "your daddy and mummy were foolish. But you haven't don't anything wrong... Yet. I'm sorry you had to see that, I truly am, but I had to do it. I didn't wish for you to have to see that, I'm sorry." Then she got up and left, leaving my parents on the floor behind.

When she was gone, I climbed out and just cried until I ran out of tears.

Good luck with your writings [what ever book you choose to make] author with out a name.

[ EmmaKenzie's advice column | Ask EmmaKenzie A Question

Siren_Cytherea answered Saturday July 7 2012, 1:30 pm:
I have a degree in creative writing and am as of yet unpublished; however, by no means would I call myself an amateur. If we don't know who you are, how will we find out if you've really mentioned us in your book?
I'm skeptical. But what the hell - for all intents and purposes, I'm Siren_Cytherea, and I'm 24. If you use any quotations from me, please give me credit.

Well-known or not, all artists suffer from this "block" on occasion. Your right brain feels tired, your ideas feel forced; you need something new and different to shake loose whatever it is that's preventing you from attaining that "zen" feeling. You know what I'm talking about: that feeling you get when you sit down to write, and it seems like the words just flow from your fingertips, each keystroke a tiny molecule in the body of your work; each breath you take serving only to fuel your hands as they dance on the keyboard, using language as paint on the canvases of your readers' minds...

See what I did there? Take a feeling you love and describe it. Or hell, take "love" and try to describe it.
Instead of being set on a topic for your book, I suggest you just start writing. Don't worry so much about what it's going to be, what the setting is, or the plot - let your character(s) take over, and they'll show you the answers to those questions. Razhie mentioned one of my favorite exercises already, describing something using all five senses:

"Cigarette smoke hung in the air so thickly she could taste it, bitter and burning Jeanie's nose as she walked down the stairs to the bar. The lights down here were so dim they might as well have been off, she thought as darkness enveloped the staircase. Carefully she clung to the metal banister as she began to feel the heavy bass from the music booming in her chest..." (Direct quotation from one of my own short stories)

Another exercise that often turns into something amazing (and sometimes really funny) is starting with your character saying or yelling an expletive - then build a scene around that. Right away there, you have frustration, or fear, or some extreme emotion that causes that to slip out, and you as a writer have to find out the reason behind it. This one is an exercise of discovery and lack of control. You as a writer should have no idea what's going on in this scene until you write it.
Freewriting, in general, is also very helpful.
If you'd like to bounce ideas off me, I'd be glad to help. My screen name on AIM is SirenCytherea, or you can inbox me here. Your questions here will remain anonymous, of course.
If I don't hear from you, best of luck. Just remember, be patient with yourself. Sometimes the best thing you can do is give yourself a break. You can always edit later.


[ Siren_Cytherea's advice column | Ask Siren_Cytherea A Question

rotXinXpieces answered Friday July 6 2012, 7:33 pm:
I am also a writer and just got out of a really bad rut. How I did it?

I just wrote. Just start writing down sentences that probably make no sense. For example, you said you wanted to try tragedy, maybe a little romance? Start writing something like...

My heart broke as I watched his back turn on me, again, for what felt like the millionth time. The only difference was I knew this was the last time.

Even if it sounds awful and you don't like it, just keep going and going. Eventually you'll find something you like and you can go back and fix what you did wrong. Sometimes you need to play with words and sentences, play with ideas in your head. When you go about doing your daily routine, play with story ideas in your head and pick whichever will last the longest and the one that keeps you aching in the middle of the night until you can't stand it-- then write.

Another good thing that I do is listen to ambience music. Something about it sparks scenerios in my head. A couple of good bands would be Nox Arcana and Amethystium. There are plenty more you can find on YouTube. Heck, it doesn't even have to be ambience. It can just be a song you hear on the radio that sparks fireworks in your head.

I hope this helped and best of luck on your writing!

[ rotXinXpieces's advice column | Ask rotXinXpieces A Question

Razhie answered Friday July 6 2012, 5:25 pm:
You'd probably get more advice if you didn't put the boast at the beginning of your question.

Personally, when I have writer's block I tend to go and research things that interest me. If I were in your shoes and interested about natural disasters I might look up survivors stories and the science around some of them.

There are also some great exercises and prompts for writers block online. Just Google "Writer's Block" or "Writer's Block Exercises".

Here are some I like to use:

Conjure someone you haven't seen or talked to in over ten years. Imagine you receive a phone call from this person today. Why are they calling? What do they want? Write a story about it.

Create a character with an odd phobia, then put your character in a situation where it arises. Show us how he/she handles it.

Write a page or two of a childhood memory, using all five senses.

You're in high school and your dad comes home to find his lawnmower destroyed. How did this happen?

Write a story in which the central relationship is between a human and a machine. The machine can be a common household item, such as a toaster, or something imagined and altogether more sinister.

[ Razhie's advice column | Ask Razhie A Question

xx-me-xx answered Friday July 6 2012, 5:06 pm:
Well, if you're such a good writer how is it that you can't find a good idea yourself? We all have our writers block, instead of asking for idea's, I suggest you keep in mind two things...Number 1, write about something YOU want to read. Number 2, write about something you haven't read about or at least a topic that haven't been very elaborated so you can build something new with it. For example, maybe you can build a story with the whole finding true love thing, but give it a twist. Make the guy bisexual, and with a boyfriend. Things like these make the story more interesting to read and more entertaining to write. When I write I picture it all as a movie inside my head. Anyways, best of luck and lots of success! [: btw my name's Sally and I'm 15 [:

[ xx-me-xx's advice column | Ask xx-me-xx A Question

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