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easiest,quickest, way to end my life

Question Posted Thursday December 16 2010, 7:22 pm

I have lived my life to the point that I cannot take it anymore. I have dug myself into a hole I cannot get out of and the embarassment and humility of explaining it to everyone is not worth it. This is something I cannot get past. I want to know the easiest and quickest way to leave this world. I do not own a gun nor do I have access to any prescription medications. Please, please help me.

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snowboardbabe answered Sunday December 26 2010, 6:25 pm:
you didn't tell us your situation , nor should you end it , i know you could have gone through something really bad , I understand that and now it's no turning around and you have no idea what to do , but please do not end your life , no one , imagine all those people with your family and friends that you will leave behind? it might be a good feeling for you to end your life and having everything done with , but look at your family who has raised you through so much time and cherished you , and by ending your life , your just going to end up hurting them and most of all they will think what thave they done wrong , you need to understand that life is harsh and it is , but trust me have God in your life , if you let him into your heart trust me , your life is worth it , dont care about the gun or access trust me you dont want to die , you might tell yourself that , but you have one life and done something stupid , so what? im sure you can still live by it , look at some people they lost their families , their homes , even more worse, tragic stuff and they are heros and they live today , do you see them ending their lives? no.... neither should you , im sure you are a great individual , but pelase do not do anything stupid that dfeeling is that temporary , but God with in your life is everlasting life

god bless

ps- your not worth dying.

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mandypeace answered Tuesday December 21 2010, 7:05 am:
I typically do not answer questions of this caliber, however, I am feeling it necessary right now.
As stated in other answers to you, you are NOT alone in your current emotional state. I myself have walked in a similar path as you. When I was 16 and being raised in a small town in Idaho I began to question my sexuality. When classmates and family began to notice a lifestyle change I too felt embarrassed, humiliated and rejected, I did things and said things that should not have been said or done. I pondered ending my life thinking that it would be easier on me and my loved ones. Shortly after these very intense and serious emotions began I learned a few things that I will share with you.
1. If you are strong enough to dig yourself into a hole, you are strong enough to dig steps to get yourself out.
2. You should NEVER worry about what other people think of you in any capacity. Their opinion will not impact your life or matter in a few months.
3. If someone close to you loves you, they will love you no matter what.
4. YOU are what matters the most, above and beyond anything else. A single individuals life and their strength can change to world.
So stand tall, stand strong and be kind. It will feed your soul with power.

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adviceman49 answered Friday December 17 2010, 8:57 am:
As you can see by those who have answered you, no one is going to tell you how to end your life.

There is no hole so deep that you can't dig yourself out off. Most of us at one time or another have found ourselves in a hole we have dug for ourselves and felt there was no way out and we are still here and have found away out.

The hole I dug for myself was a financial one right to the point of not being able to put food on the table. It was embarrassing and humiliating to have to accept food from friends and church groups, but we did. Why, because it bought time for me to get my head in the right place and come up with a plan. What I did to survive was not the greatest of plans; in fact most financial experts would have told me I was wrong to do what I did.

I had to turn down a lot of things I had in the past said yes to; which also meant giving reason for why I said no. Doing so was also embarrassing and humiliating. In reality though it was not as embarrassing and humiliating as it would have been for my family to explain why I took the cowards way out and ended my life leaving them to deal with the mess I made.

Yes, whatever hole you have dug for yourself will still have to be dealt with after your gone. Those holes don't just disappear because you died, your family besides having to deal with loosing you know have to deal with whatever is left behind. It can also cause them financial harm depending on what type of financial harm you may have done to yourself if this is the problem. If it is government they will go after family to get their money.

My advice; if you are feeling suicidal pick up the phone and dial 911 or go to the nearest Hospital emergency room. You can also call 1-800-273-TALK. This is the National Suicide Hotline which is open 24/7. The call takers are trained to help you find people in your town that can help you.

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marinemom24 answered Friday December 17 2010, 8:57 am:
Every single situation in life is temporary. No matter how difficult today may seem, tomorrow can bring something totally wonderful. Suicide is an extremely selfish act. I've lived long enough to have seen the devastation left behind by people who gave up and left behind enough friends and family to overflow neighborhood funeral homes. Please, please tell someone. Call a suicide hotline. Tell a teacher or walk your ass into the local mental health clinic or hospital. There is help available in the form of medication, therapy and hospitalization. Nothing is worth killing yourself over. NOTHING.

[ marinemom24's advice column | Ask marinemom24 A Question

NinjaNeer answered Thursday December 16 2010, 9:39 pm:
Nobody is going to tell you how to kill yourself.

There is no hole too big to dig yourself out of. I've been there. I have now failed out of school on 5 separate occasions. I've been in serious debt. I've tried to kill myself.

It's not worth it. The pain you cause to others for the sake of escaping your own troubles... it's selfish and it's hostile.

Do yourself a favour. Call a suicide hotline in your area, or go to the nearest emergency room and tell them you're having suicidal thoughts. They can help keep you safe. Then, when you're over the worst of it, find a counselor. It worked wonders for me. You can get over this. You have not exhausted every option.

Good luck.

[ NinjaNeer's advice column | Ask NinjaNeer A Question

Willyouregret answered Thursday December 16 2010, 9:26 pm:
Look I'm in pain a lot and your in embarresment of some kind I'm guessing? Well this is what I tell my self everytime I think somethig bad happened to me I say it can only get better from here... It seriously can only get better from where you please don't there's people that love you... Do you really want to know how much pain try would be in... Just try every day say to yourself I can only get better from here... And if your seriously considering the unimaginable terrible thing please just go see a friend or family or even a school counseler everyone wants to help if it's that bad please do me a favor don't do it you'll probally regret it in the afterlife if there is who knows? Anyways I hope u helped please just don't !

[ Willyouregret's advice column | Ask Willyouregret A Question

lalalaflower answered Thursday December 16 2010, 9:10 pm:
don't. do. it! "Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn't permanent." Have hope!
I just left a relationship against my will or his, because life will not allow us to be together or see each other ever again! I am in the worst pain ever imaginable and I don't know what you are going through but I can assure you it will pass. I am suffering with you, you are not alone, you are going to wake up in a few days and see things differently. Just wait is the best advice I can give you! just keep waiting.... there are people on this planet that do not want to see you leave, including me! So yes, it IS worth it! Please just keep holding on...

[ lalalaflower's advice column | Ask lalalaflower A Question

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