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200th?!? :O

Question Posted Saturday September 25 2010, 2:46 pm

16/female here!

My boyfriend(also 16) and I have our 200th day in the next 2 weeks and I'm very confused on what to do!
On our 100th day, I did the simple making cookies but I also added in my home-made stuffed bunny that I made him.. he LOVES it! XD hahaa I know it's kiddish but I knew that he'd like it because guys are little softies inside~ X3 and sooo i was just curious of what to get/give/make him this time~ :) Please help me~ :]
Thanks! :D

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Additional info, added Sunday September 26 2010, 8:28 pm:
Also, I hope to see and hear as many of your ideas because I just want to see how creative this could get! So, ANYBODY could leave a comment or advice!!! I'll be looking forward to everyone's piece of mind, Thank youu so muchies~ :).

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Juxtapose answered Saturday October 2 2010, 11:19 pm:
Think of the things that make him happy like maybe he likes this kind of shirt, or this kind of computer game. When you do, buy or make two of the things he likes and you're good to go.. By the way, what did he get for you?

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Rosey answered Friday October 1 2010, 1:23 pm:
Dear 16/female,
I think a scrapbook would be a great gift for such an occasion. Considering the fact that you celebrate anniversaries every 100 days it might be nice to start with a scrapbook and just the first page and second page. Include anything that maybe a reminder of the things you two have done over the past 100 days on the first and 200 days on the second. Than each time you celebrate another 100 days you can add pages to the scrapbook, maybe do a special page for your first year anniversary and so on. If your relationship last you two could really enjoy looking through your scrapbook in the years to come, it may even encourage your boyfriend to do more interesting things with you, to add to the scrapbook. Hope this helps :)Rosey

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xxemilyfeil answered Thursday September 30 2010, 8:17 pm:
Find out his favorite sports team, and get something related to that that you can put things inside. Like a bucket or pail that has his favorite sports team on it. Stuff it with his favorite candy and a cute card :)

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jujusay answered Tuesday September 28 2010, 2:59 am:
Guys love their favorite food. Get a basket and fill it with all the stuff he loves to snack on and maybe some notes to promise a special dessert he loves or to wash his car in your short shorts. Clean his room or shut your mouth in an petty arguement.
Little things that you remember that he loves will always be a great gift he won't forget.

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itty answered Tuesday September 28 2010, 12:01 am:
home made stuffed animals are the cutest! this is sort of a difficult question to answer, because it really depends on the kind of person you are, and the kind of person he is. this sounds kind of lame, but one of my ex-boyfriend's made me a list of [#] reasons why he loved me. i thought it was adorable. =D it doesn't take much effort, and i'm sure it would put a smile on his face. =]

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hitler_the_goat answered Sunday September 26 2010, 12:04 am:
200th day? what is this, the gulf oil disaster!? celebrate six months, celebrate a year. something like that. anywho, sounds like you bagged a real caring guy. My Stomach demands cookies return to the lineup, as cookies are awesome. just make piles of cookies. If you wish to control a man, Bake him cookies. god I'm hungry for cookies now. the bunny is a lovely touch, but his magic has been used. might I suggest a set of those half heart necklaces (I assume since you're a girl you're tracking what they are), or, just more homemade, gooey, warm, delicious cookies....
god I love cookies.

[ hitler_the_goat's advice column | Ask hitler_the_goat A Question

OctoberSolaire answered Saturday September 25 2010, 9:47 pm:
Ok, I'm guessing this is an anniversary-type thing.
It's very cute what you gave him the first time. Try giving him something even more creative. You can try writing him a note and folding it into a beating heart. There's a video on youtube about how to fold paper and make it sound like a beating heart, it's pretty cool. I gave that to my bf, and he thought it was amazing, :D. And/or you can give him something he can wear, i.e. an accessory as a symbol or a reminder of your relationship.

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