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Question Posted Saturday September 25 2010, 10:00 am

I want to commit suicide. I want someone to help me do this. Please let me do it.

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Additional info, added Sunday September 26 2010, 10:10 am:
Paracetamol havent worked so to end it all i have got a carving knife to my wrists and i will do it that way.

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sherry0413 answered Friday February 1 2013, 8:40 pm:
Niacin is the answer you can get it at any GNC or vitamin shop.

It is why suicidal patients get better. Look it up.

Its your only option Most people will be totally cured from depression im a matter of weeks.

I have tried every thing there is and this is the only thing that works.

Dont stop taking it. With out Niacin it is impossible to get better.

[ sherry0413's advice column | Ask sherry0413 A Question

Crazibrunette052693 answered Thursday September 30 2010, 7:30 pm:
Okay before you make any rash decisions, you really need to think if commiting suicide is the only way out. And I can garantee you that it is not. Infact, suicide is the worst, way to solve your problems. Think of everything you would be giving up. If you need to talk to someone. Talk. Trust me, someone will listen and be able to help you.

[ Crazibrunette052693's advice column | Ask Crazibrunette052693 A Question

adviceman49 answered Sunday September 26 2010, 9:36 am:
I am a great deal older than most of the advisers on this site, so my advice will be somewhat different from what you have received and may continue to receive from others.
No one on this site is going to advise you on how to commit suicide. If you are feeling suicidal at this time call 911 NOW or go to the nearest hospital Emergency Room for help.

Suicide is not the answer to your problem(s). If you have not already done so I would like you to call the National Suicide hot line. There number is: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). They operate 24/7 and are totally free and confidential. They have a network of crisis center around the country they can refer you to for help, probably one right in your home town or close to you. The call takers are trained professionals who are volunteers and are there to help you; so please give them a call, they can and will help you through this.

As a parent I can tell you that your parents still love you. Parents never stop loving their children. There are times when we may not like them very much, but we never stop loving them.

Please call the hot line I recommended above. If you feel like hurting yourself before you can get to someone that can help you please call 911. Tell the call taker how you are feeling, they will send help. The normal response is to send both Fire Rescue and the Police. Do not be afraid, the call taker will most likely want to stay on the phone with you until help arrives. The police are there to protect you and the others not to harm you or arrest you. The fire rescue people are there to take care of you and to take you to the hospital.

You do not say what is bothering you to cause you to think of suicide. Whatever it is it CAN BE RECTIFIED or mitigated that I am certain of. Please call the hotline or go to the hospital for help. I know there are people who love you and would miss you if you were to do this.

If nothing else please remember this: There are people that love you. Your parents love you and five people who have never met you have taken the time to write to you to convince you that hurting yourself is not the answer and ask you to seek help for whatever is causing you to feel this way.

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

advice_gurl101 answered Sunday September 26 2010, 12:27 am:
Please don't do this. Trust me, suicide is not the answer. I went through the toughest moment and darkest moments in my life before. When I was 13 I was very depressed. I hated everything in my life. There was days that I just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up ever again. There was times in my life that I thought life was not worth living for. Maybe death was where I belonged. But eventually things change. My depression lifted. I'm 19 now, happy most of the time. Yes there are times where life is difficult, but it is still worth living for. The reason why I got better was because I started thinking about all the good things in life. I thought about the people I cared about. I thought about what it would do to the people I love if I ended my life. And I realize I don't want to die. I got too much to live for. I got too many hopes and dreams to fulfill. I got so much to live for. I realize my goal in college is to help people. I wanted to help people. It's my purpose in life. I love it when people ask me for help and I direct them to the right direction. I work for the teen hot line center as an intern. I work but get paid no money. But, I like it, because all the callers call for help, and I feel so accomplished when I help someone feel better about their lives. So I am begging you, don't do it. Don't kill yourself. Because, I promise you there is a silver lining among those dark clouds. There's a rainbow after the storm. There's is going to be clarity. I promise you that. What helps when you go through sad day is to listen to music, take a walk, call a friend, draw, write in your diary. Those things all work for me, when I have a bad day. Killing yourself does not solve the problem. Think about all the people who love you. They will miss you. Think about what it would do to them. You know the cliche saying that life goes on. It does. Life goes on. You got to accept the hardships in life, and move on. Keep pushing forward. You could make your world as happy as you want it to be or as small and sad as you want it to be. Don't kill yourself.

[ advice_gurl101's advice column | Ask advice_gurl101 A Question

lg13 answered Saturday September 25 2010, 10:30 pm:
thats i how i feel sometimes. like right now. my ex is probably with another girl by now and here i am at home dying of boredom. do you wanna know the reason why i havent done it. not cuz im a crowd and im afraid of dying but because i begin to think of all the people who will miss me my friends and my family. just because times are bad right now doesnt mean it is always gonna be like this. your life is about to change. your gonna find happiness. your gonna find a new reason to live. trust me for every fall we have in our life there is something amazing that will left us up. if you every need to talk im here for you

remember you control the outcome of your life.

live laugh love

[ lg13's advice column | Ask lg13 A Question

sarline answered Saturday September 25 2010, 1:14 pm:
I can't let you do it..DO you truly want to harm those who care about you, you may think they don't care..but they do...You don't even know me, but i know that is you commit suicide there is going to be a sadness somewhere in my heart because another child of God died for nothing when he could have come to him and allowed him to help

[ sarline's advice column | Ask sarline A Question

Rene5009 answered Saturday September 25 2010, 11:55 am:
Suicide is NEVER the answer please please don't kill yourself!! life is to short to throw it all will NOT be self satisfied all you will be is dead. Again, please DON'T!

[ Rene5009's advice column | Ask Rene5009 A Question

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