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Find someones weaknesses and get into their head

Question Posted Thursday August 5 2010, 9:52 pm

How can i find someones weaknesses and get into their head? I'm not trying to be rude when I say this, but if you're going to answer my question saying that this is wrong and immature and that karma will get me than please don't bother responding. Thanks.

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Sahil answered Sunday January 25 2015, 9:06 am:
I really liked the the answers and then was reminded of this story !

“One day a well known fortune teller arrived at King Akbar’s palace. He saw King’s hand and told the following: ‘Your son will die in your presence.’ King got angry and punished him for spelling a doom for him. King also asked the fortune teller to leave immediately. Before leaving the city, fortune teller went to meet Birbal and explained the situation. Birbal asked him to revisit the palace with him and promised him that he will get proper reward. Next day fortune teller went to the palace with Birbal. He apologised for wrong prediction and corrected his statement ‘You will live longer than your son‘. King Akbar felt very happy that he has long span of life and give reward to the fortune teller.”

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mademoiselle answered Saturday August 7 2010, 1:27 pm:
I might not know you as a person, but this only teaches me about the type of person you are. Why would you want to hurt someone else? How insecure must you be to have to bring someone else down. Get some help, honestly. You are so willing to fuck with someones mind, you do know most people who are victimized think of suicide? Godforbid something happens to this person, you will be responsible.

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MissYMelisS answered Friday August 6 2010, 1:19 pm:
This is wrong and immature and karma will GET YOU

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NinjaNeer answered Friday August 6 2010, 12:37 pm:
What do you do?

First, you look inside your own head. Find your own weaknesses. Find out why you feel the need to hurt someone else so deeply. Find out what makes you so insecure that you need to make someone else's life miserable.

Then you go to see a counselor, or you talk to your mom, write in your journal or talk to a really good friend. Try and work it out. Someone's been mean to you in the past and you want to get back at them? Think about what's changed since then, and how you'd only be stooping to their level and lower if you were to retaliate. Think of better ways to deal with the feelings you're having. Feel satisfied with yourself for being the bigger person and not allowing petty differences to turn you into someone else.

I'm going to share a little something about my grade school days, for your entertainment and consideration.

In Grade 5, I was a chubby kid, but not that fat. I wore glasses, had a bad haircut and loved to read, hated sports because I was uncoordinated. I had a weird laugh and trouble controlling my temper. I was a prime bullying target. I was placed in a full-time enrichment class, so everyone in the class was really, really smart. Like, genius level. I'd dealt with bullies before, but knowing that they were dumber than I was helped. When their only abuse is "You're stupid", it's easy to blow it off.

These kids were something different from anything I'd ever dealt with before. They could get into your head, find your weaknesses and exploit them like nothing else. I was given the nickname "Obese Chipmunk" by the boys in the class because I was chubby and laughed weird. They found ways to work it into school assignments (presentations in front of the class, etc), they harassed me on the bus. I ended up with an eating disorder which I still have to this day. I was miserable. By the time I was 11 years old, I was having suicidal thoughts and hoarding food in my room.

Fortunately, I got out of that class after Grade 6. I had few brushes with bullies after that point, but I still bear the scars from it.

Do I hate the people who did this to me? No! In fact, I had some of them as Facebook friends. I have seen them in public places and smiled and reminisced about old times. I'm able to let things go now, because all that it does if you don't is eat you from the inside. What good does it do to blame everyone else for my misfortunes? None, because I can't turn the tables if someone else holds all the cards.

You need to learn to forgive and forget. Forgive the person who did this to you. Remember that everyone makes mistakes. They may not see the error of their ways now, but later in life it will come back to haunt them, one way or another. They may be upset at how awful they were. They may have to deal with people shunning them because they never grew out of their attitude. Look with pity on a person who plays mind games, but don't become them.

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blondiebluesky answered Friday August 6 2010, 10:57 am:
I guess, in order to find someones weakness you have to get to know them. If you cant do that, then you need to get to know their friends...or at least ask other people what bothers that person.
What do you need this weakness for anyways?

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