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Hey everyone! The names Melissa and I'm just dying to help everyone out.

Sometimes i might be brutally honest but that's what people need!

If you need some help or have a question feel free to send me a message I would be more than happy to help!
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I am about to go into high school and for the past few years, I have almost always liked a guy. I have had a couple boyfriends, but I ended up breaking up with them (most of the time because I thought I liked someone else). I am always scared to tell my friends when I like a new guy because I'm afraid that i'll seem slutty (they don't usually have many crushes). I don't dress slutty or anything, but would other people think of me as a slut because they always hear about who I like (my friends have really big mouths)? I can't help liking them, and most of the time, I think it was just minor lust, nothing big. If i do seem slutty, what should I do??? (link)
Liking somebody doesn't make you a slut in anyway.

A slut is someone who is very promiscuous. Someone that doesn't care how people view them and is more than willing to be intimate with people.

My advice...find some friends who can keep your secrets, or don't tell them anything at all.

so i like this guy and he said he liked me but not that much. i texted him and we talked,and i got a message from him at 1:00 am saying "hey why r u ignoring me?" so i tried to get ahold of him and he told me that i was getting annoying, so i told him i would stop talking to him, and he said that he still wanted to talk to me, just not all the time. so i want to know, could this guy have feelings for me? (link) I dont think he has feelings for you. He wouldnt tell you that you were annoying him if he liked you.

Find someone else.

how do i over come the fear of cutting myself for the first time? (link)
You don't. It hurts. And it doesn't make you feel good. Why do you want to cut yourself? The fact that your scared of doing it means that you know its not okay.

You need to talk to someone. Either your parents, friends, guidance counselor or therapist.

Just remember ...hurting yourself is never the answer.

my name is Kailey and i am a 17 year old female. I havnt had many convorsations when it came to this so i feel like i need to let this out. My Labia is alot longer than i think it should be. When i was around 7 it just started forming and i dont know why. its about an inch long for no reason. I hate it. I have a boyfriend but he hasnt said anything about it becuase he knwos im insecure clearly. I know he wouldnt break up with me over it but im scared that he secretly wants me to have a porn star pussy, or anything other than what i have, its hard for him to play with me becuase its so out there and its hard to me to enjoy it as i should. i have asked afew guys on things like this but no reply. HOW can i be okaay with this? i have hured to many people say if he doesnt like it hes not worthe is but is it really that big of a deal? and if me and him breakup im scared to ever be touched by another guy because i know how they all are, plus i dont look like i would have it, i am one of the prettiest girls in my school ( im not cocky ) and i have the best looking guy so we look perfect together, but noone knows about my little secret and i wish i didnt either :( (link)
Hun, you don't have to worry about it. EVERYONE has a different looking vagina. There is absolutely no "normal" looking vagina out there.

A porn star vagina isn't perfect either. I personally don't like how a lot of porn stars look. (kinda used if u ask me)

Your boyfriend is at the age where he doesn't care about how it looks hes just excited to get to be close to it.

Don't stress to much. I understand you are self conscious about it but if you don't call attention to it and you just act confident and comfortable your boyfriend isn't going to have anything to complain about.

Sex is about having fun!!! So just enjoy yourself and try to not think about it!

Also, as you get older and all your friends start talking more openly about sex and themselves you might be surprised to find out that what you have isn't all that uncommon.

Well basically life is pointless for me all i do is live in a world full of People who can't see outside the box. And push me around because i do. I have no friends really and I don't really care to live anymore. I plan on an OD on pain killers. But I just am scared I will live and have to explain to my parents (who have caught me cutting twice) any suggestions? (link)
People who commit suicide are selfish. You get to just run away from your problems and leave it all behind while your family and friends and community are here. If your looking for attention from your family do something positive instead of thinking about how shitty your life is.

The only reason you are posting on this site is because you are reaching out for help. Call a suicide hotline or a therapist. If that doesn't work then TELL your parents you want to kill yourself. Don't run from your problems like a little baby. Face them like a mature individual would.

Is there such thing as too much oral sex, medically speaking? A friend of mine said her man wants to do it every night. (link)
I just read an article in Cosmopolitan about oral sex.

I'm not sure if its true or not but apparently giving to much oral sex can cause oral cancer.

Before you freak out and refuse to ever give your guy head again, just remember...everything causes cancer now lol. Even Oreos.

See if you can look up the article. I know that its in the issue with Rihanna on the front. I don't know if they are still selling it!

coming back and being called an idiot made me laugh.

There's the article I was talking about :) I was only quoting from what I read so the "idiot" above me can suck it.

How many regret breaking up with there first love?
we break up with our first loves (didnt fall out of love) because we want to go out and have fun and party with their friends and think maybe after a few years they will just find another person. How many people end up doing this and regret loosing their first love? Just out of curiosity, and how long did it ever take you to realize it was a mistake? tell me your stories, i really would like to hear them if you dont mind :) (link)
I dated my first boyfriend for 3 years. From the age of 14-17. I really did think he and I were going to last forever. I had liked him since I was 8 years old and he was the same. Unfortunately I had to break up with him after he spent 2 of those 3 years in a rehab halfway across the country and I only got to see him on holidays. It was emotionally draining for me to be so in love and so worried about someone who wouldn't put the effort in to helping themselves. And I'm not talking about a weed addiction. I mean heroin and coke and whatever else he could get his hands on. He was a wonderful person and truly cared about me, but I felt like it was killing me to be with him. After I broke it off he approached me 2 years later telling me he wanted to try to be with me again. I was stupid and we ended up making out that night. Turns out he still had a girlfriend and wanted an excuse to break up with her. Definitely crushed me. After that I met my current boyfriend. I am now 21 and in love with the man I have been with for 2 years. I'm so glad that Mikey and I never got back together because it would have been horrible to go through dating someone who isn't around (he got sent to jail).

Ill always have a place in my heart for him.l, but its not love and it never could be love again.

Hi I'm a 19 year old Indian boy, I'm in search of true love, Please let me know if there is any White girls interested in having a relationship with an Indian. (link)
This is not a dating service. Do not use it as one.

i'm 17 weeks pregnant .. i have a girls name but no idea for a boys name .. any ideas ?? not too common though :)

thanks in advance (link)
Heres the list i keep in my phone like a crazy person (because i hate normal names)

Seamus (pronounced Shay-mus)

Hope that helped!

one of my good friends told me he likes me. he's liked me before and I used to like him, he knew that. but then he thought I liked someone else cause I did but I don't anymore I like the boy that likes me and I just wanna talk to him and be with him but he doesn't know I like him. should I tell him?
I'm a 13 yearold girl and he's 12 maybe but we are in the same grade. so there isn't an age difference. I wanna tell him but I'm not sure if i should or not. (link)
He likes you, you like him...i fail to see the problem! Just tell him! Whether its in person, over facebook, or through a text!

Your young! Live every moment like its your last, and never be afraid to do something you want to do!

If you like him just tell him, you'll feel better after you do!

And if he doesn't feel the same way after its all said and done, then at least you know and your not just left wondering if he likes you or not!

Good luck!

so im going to a blink-182 concert. i need help figureing out what to wair.and im 9 so is makeup and/or a camera optinal??? e-mail me (link)
Haha, well since its going to be HOT and packed i would suggest something that allows for air flow. That does not mean the shortest shorts you own and the tightest shirts you can find. Something lose in the top so your shirt wont be sticking to you, and a cute pair of shorts. Wear sneakers so no one is stepping on your feet and hurting you.

As for make-up i would go with what the poster below me said, glitter and lip gloss. You really don't need much else.

Also, feel free to go there with your hair down, but make sure you bring a pony-tail holder in case you get to hot. Gives you the choice to throw your hair up!

What do u do if u think you can't get preagant (link) personally would think YAY NO BABIES. But that would be because i hate children and never plan on having any.

You on the other hand might think -sad face-.

If your experiencing problems having children, talk to you doctor. There's really nothing else anyone here can tell you. An experienced trained doctor will be able to test you and give you the answers your looking for.

Good luck!

ok so me and my boyfriend have been going out for a year and a half. were both 17 we go to the same schoool. He just recently started working alot and i dont get to talk to him and i find my self cryinggg because i hate change and im used to talking to him 24/7 and i dont want to be clingy and i keep crying cuz i feel like he doesnt care and idk what to do anymore. i feel really depressed. please help me. (link)
Its actually a really good thing your boyfriend got a job. It shows hes responsible and prepared to be a hard worker.

It also means the time you get to spend with him now is more precious then the time you got to spend with him previously.

I wouldn't be upset with him having a job, it really is an important step in everyone's life. Your going to have to get a job eventually as well. You cant go your whole life spending every minute with the person your with, constantly talking to them on the phone or texting or in person. One day when your married your both going to have responsibilities and your not going to be around each other all the time. Might as well get used to it now.

Just a heads up, don't ask him to quit his job for you. That'd just be eff'd up.

Okay, so today is our two month anniversary..and I don't know what to get him! He likes music, new shirts.. but I want to get him something unique, something that will remind him of me! I just don't know what to get him..

-Kayla. (link)
Get him nothing? Its just 2 months. Nothing to be excited about no offense.

Wait until your year anniversary to start celebrating. Most guys don't think of things like "2 months" as exciting anyways, so if he did get you something its probably just because you were excited about it coming.

I'm 17 and I have just graduated highschool and I have found out i'm pregnant. Me and my boyfriend want this baby very much and my mom told us she'd be strong and supportive which she hasn't been she just wants us to get an abortion and say's were too young, although we're truly not . He's 18 turning 19 this year and i'm turning 18 this year . My mom says she told my dad & I asked her what'd she say , and all she could do is look at me disgusted how she has been this whole time since we for sure found out that I am pregnant and say he's upset/ mad something like that . I haven't talked to my dad I've been avoiding him and now I'm sitting up in my room bc I don't want to see or talk to him . We had planned to talk all together today, but my mom told him and can't even tell me what he's said . I don't know what to do or say . My boyfriend's mother is very happy and understanding but my parent's aren't at all . It's so annoying because this situation is not going to change so I don't understand why anyone's making a big deal . So what should I tell my dad if he decides to spark up a conversation with me about it if I have to leave my room before he leaves . I am very scary I know .. (link)
Your 17 years old. You live at home. Do you even realize whats going to happen to you? No more parties no more going out with friends. None of your friends are going to want to hang out with you if you have to bring a baby around.

Do you have a job?

Does your boyfriend have a job?

Dont you want to go to college?

I mean really, your parents are probably pissed cause they know they are the ones that are going to end up taking care of this kid, not you. Your 17 years old your not ready emotionally or financially to have a child.

You need to look at other choices, or you could end up ruining the rest of your life.

What should I do? My 34 yr. old daughter has gained a substantial amt. of weight w/n the past 3+ yrs. since her job relocated her to a state on the other side of the country where we have no family and she does not make friends easily. She runs & sometimes wks out w a trainer, but she is very heavy below the waist (from sz 10 to sz 16 pants). She has gone to dr. about it & has learned that she inherited a gene (a disease) for very lg. & heavy legs. She should wear special hose, but she won't. She is a beautiful woman, but is self-conscious abt the heaviness & wears long pretty summer dresses. The problem is, in the back, she has alot of jiggly & u can c the bumps & lumps & she wears thong undies. I gingerly suggested that she wear an undergarment to smoothe. She absolutely refuses! She said she is NOT wearing a girdle! She is a classy & professional woman, but the jiggle & bumps are unattractive. We got into a big argument (screaming match) & she started crying, as though I am picking on her and she is visiting me now in Md. I am so upset and so is she. You can cut the air w a knife. She has even gone and had her seamstress line the dresses, but you can still see the lumps, bumps and jiggle. It takes so much away from her beauty, class and style. I asked her if she has seen herself w a 3 way mirror. My daughter is in denial and I do not want the world laughing at her. She's classier and smarter than that. I do not understand why she refuses to accept that she needs the smoothing that even a half slip with lycra can add. (link)
No offense but its really none of your buisness. Your daughter is an adult and can wear whatever she wants. If she wants to wear thongs and refuses to wear a "half slip with lyrca" then thats her choice.

There is nothing you can do about it so you might as well just go apologize and get over it.

What other type of gum will make your breast grow (link)
Um. None. But it will make your breath minty fresh.

my daughter is 10 and she wants to work at mackedonals so i was just asking plz she rilly wants to earn money to get her blackberry plz can she work there xx (link)
No. Your daughter cannot work at McDonald's yet.

What does it mean when a guy doesn't call you after you give him your number? (link)
He's not interested.

My girlfriend is obbsessed with these actors that she really loves. I don't know who they are but she cries when she watches them on tv. Is it normal that she's obsessed with them ? (link)
Um, no...not really. I've heard of fans crying when they meet theyre favorite celebrity in PERSON but not when they are watching them on TV. Sounds to me like your girlfriend has a bit of an unhealthy obsession. I would just ignore it and leave it alone unless it directly affects your relationship with her.

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