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Hey everyone! The names Melissa and I'm just dying to help everyone out.

Sometimes i might be brutally honest but that's what people need!

If you need some help or have a question feel free to send me a message I would be more than happy to help!
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How can a man tell if a woman is experiencing an orgasm during sex? I've been told that women can fake an orgasm, so I was just wondering if there is a way to tell if she is or not. (link)
Unless the girl is a horrible actor it can be pretty hard to tell if the girl is faking.

Normally when a girl is having an orgasm she'll clench the muscles inside her vagina and you'll feel it tighten around your member. Also her back might arch, eyes might roll in the back of her head, heavier breathing, etc.

If you want to give a girl an orgasm check on google for some good tips to help pleasure your women, unfortunatly we cant give advice like that on this website

ok. well there is this one *boy*. i really like him. i know he doesnt like me near as much as i do to him. we had a fling but it soon ended. but since then i CANNOT get over him. no matter what i do. everytime i think im over him, i somehow find a way to fall madly in love with him again. all it takes is me hearing his name or seeing him. but liking him consumes so much of me, and its beginning to become draining. he actually at times is mean to me, but i brush it off and like him still. but sometimes he acts like hes into me again, and im on cloud nine. but then were back to normal, which is him not giving me the time of day. i know that i need to get over him, but i need extreme help and tips on how to do this. not normal "get over him" but something that will rid of the boy that consumes so much of my life. (link)
a) Act like you dont like him. Its really simple, guys will always love the chase. If you dont give him the time of day, flirt with other guys etc, and every once in a while send him a little message that "yeah im still intrested, but i could totally find someone else".

It will drive him crazy i promise.

b) If you really want to get over him then you need to find someone else. This guy sounds like a jerk, so just forget about him? I know it sounds hard because you think that your in love, but i promise one day your going to find someone who will make you feel like a million dollars. Who wont want to be mean to you because he likes you so much.

Hold out for someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated

i love my husband very much and we have no problem other than he watches porn and looks at other women i tell him that it called cheating.but he always denies it but i see it in the history of my computer on on the tv how can i stop him .what should i do.if he keeps lieing (link)
Personally i dont believe porn is cheating, but if it bothers you, then you should sit him down and have a relaxed conversation about it. Just let him know that it bothers you. Explain that it makes you feel like your not good enough for him.

Ways to keep him off the porn, spice up your love life! Dress in something a little sexier, put on a show, some role-playing, or even introduce some toys into your sex!

I have rewritten this over and over again, re-read and re-read trying to add in every bit of detail to make the story clear and try to answer any questions about whats going on. I know it's long, but please bear with me as I feel its important in knowing exactly how everything plays in.

I guess you can say my story begins as a typical relationship, but things really turn strange. It started two years ago, the summer before my senior year of high school. I met the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had a boyfriend that shes been dating for two years so I figured I didn't have a chance in hell. She even thought I was annoying, but I persisted in trying to get close to her. One day she broke up with her boyfriend, and there I was. Really out of nowhere we started to date, and I was in love. Things moved pretty fast, constant texting, hanging around each other all the time and calling each other every night. After about a month or so though, she ended it with me and she got back together with her ex. I felt sick to my stomach.

Lucky for me her bf is crazy possessive, and eventually pushed her away again. I love her so much I took her back. For about a year we grew together and became best friends. However as our love grew, so did my jealousy and insecurity, and my fear of losing her. We were dating, everyone knew it, we did everything too had the most amazing sex, but we never had a title. And that was one thing I always fought about, her argument was we were already together so what was the point, just a name? I loved her too much to continue to argue, so I was okay with it. During our relationship she was still talking to her ex, never hooked up with him or anything, but always remained in contact. One day she left her phone unattended, and I saw his number and saved it to my phone. I didn't know exactly what I was thinking or what I would do with this number, but it would later prove to be my waterloo in the fight for her heart.

College: Early September, everything goes wrong. We both got accepted to ucf. Over the summer before we moved up she said she wants more space, and wanted to be alone during college. I was worried at first because I wouldn't be living on campus, but she would. And so would her ex, right near her. She was still close to me though and was always around, so my fears slowly slipped away. But then we moved in. I got a run down apartment off campus, it smelled like mold and had roaches galore. I was broke, home sick, and miserable. I grew desperate, and wanted to cling more to the only person I knew up in college with me. She however, was hanging out with her good friend/roomate at the time, and some big black kid that lived on her floor. He had helped her moved in and they were hanging out a lot. I wanted to hang out with her but she insisted she needed her space. Days went by and I didn't see her. My classes were all online, and I was in my room by myself all day. My thoughts and dreams haunted me. I had to call her. I kept calling her, and each time she never answered. She was out hanging out with her new friends, while I was home alone missing her, driving myself crazy. I dunno why I did, but I took her exes number and called him. I asked him for advice? I dunno why, it was the stupidest thing I've ever done. It only made me seem more crazy, and shocked her how I got his number. I told her, and she just couldnt trust me anymore. So here's where the strange part comes in. Long story short, her mom eventually called me and asked that I stop bothering her. At that point I realized how alone I really was when the girl I cared for most asked her mom to tell me to leave her alone. I told my buddy who went to a different school about what was going on, and like a "great" friend decided to play a joke on me. He had our other friend text me and say to leave her alone, shes texting me saying your harrassing her. I freaked. Of course this was untrue, but I panicked nonetheless. So I called her mom back and promised her I would leave her daughter alone if she could please tell her daughter to stop telling my friends Im a stalker. I realized I had been acting really irrational, and wanted to put an end to the madness before things got out of hand. But unsuspectadley...things did go out of hand, in the worst way possible.

The police involvement: That same day after speaking with her mother, I went to a restaurant on campus with an old high school friend. I didn't hang out with them much, but I figure since Im on my own now its best I start making new relationships. Well, remember that big black kid that was helping my "ex" move in? He appears at the restaurant with his buddy, and they approach my table. I have to add that I was online earlier on instant messenger and put where I was as my away message, which ill explain why its important later. So this kid storms up to my table ready to fight and says "why the F*** are you talking shit about me to *******'s mom??" I said to him "woah, are you crazy?? I don't even know who you are I didn't say anything about you I was talking about someone else" He said "bullshit i'll kick your ass" And I said "f*** you psycho" and as i turned away to ignore him and pick up my hamburger out of nowhere he decks me in the face. I was stunned. Everyone in the restaurant was watching at this point. I got up, but my friend that I was with insisted I call the cops. The black kid teased me and said "yea call the cops bitch!" and walked out. So I did, I called the cops. They come, ask what happened, and asked why this person I did not know hit me. I told him he was friends with my ex, and that they might have known I was at the restaurant because of my away message on the instant messenger. I give the report, and I go about my way. About 30 minutes later I get a phone call from the police asking me to go to the station, the story apparently is more complicated. So I arrive and from there on I quickly turn from the victim to the criminal. The police told me they had the kid who hit me in custody, but now I was in trouble. They had with them cell phone records and all the emails I had been sending my ex, and they were now ready to press harrassment charges against me. I was so shocked. They said they went to question her about why that kid came, and apparently she turned it around on me and wanted to file a harrassment complaint. By the end of the day, I was told that if I ever make contact with her or any of her friends or family I'd be arrested. My world fell apart and my heart sank to a low I couldn't describe.

September passes...the longest month of my life. I never really dreamt before, but everynight was a nightmare. I couldn't sleep.

October comes, I had already deleted her number and everything out of fear of being arrested, but I still had her as a buddy on aol instant messenger. I think we were both afraid to talk to eachother, because she began to communicate to me...through away messages. We begin by saying how sorry we are for everything. Long story short, after weeks of this weird communication, we agree to meet. It started with lunch, and before you know it I was sleeping over her dorm and we were having sex. No one knew we were seeing each other, it had to be secret. This part of my memory is quite fuzzy, because after that we began to fight again. And literally a week later she was dating that ex of hers. I was shocked. Apparently, during that month after the incident she found comfort in being with him. And apparently he was being an ass again and she decided to see me again. Seeing me only lasted a week, and then it was back to her not making any contact with me, and she was back with her ex.

October does November, December...January..all the way through April. Each day I fill my heart with more hate, my eyes with more tears, and my mouth with more alcohol. I tried to occupy myself, and get over this bitter situation. Just drop it I kept telling myself, its over, she screwed you over so hard. So I drank, and hung out with trashy people. I could tell myself I was having fun...but every night I put my head on that pillow, and my thoughts would haunt me. Everyday I missed her, wondered about what she was doing. I still loved her. I was miserable. I hated everybody and everything. Months went by and I never heard from her. I was nearly failing school. During a lot of this time I had been going to counseling. It helped somewhat, but the answers I was getting didn't seem to help. Everyday I grew more hateful, and more miserable. To say the least, I was not myself anymore and I turned into a completely different person. Anxiety attacks were constant, and I was in a constant state of panick. I really didn't know how I could ever survive. I hadn't had a good day for as long as I could remember. It was the worst I had ever felt, and was losing the will to live.

So sometime earlier this year we make contact again. I don't really remember how, but apparently she had been dating the same kid all year and had eventually broke up with him. She still didn't want to see me, but slowly but surely we started talking. The summer went on and we were like peas and carrots again. She moved back home for the summer while I remained in school. We talked all the time, and things were going great. This fall semester started and we were with each other 24/7, sleeping over each others houses. I was the happiest I had ever been.

My current dilemma: Last week, I made a huge mistake. She wanted me to help her with something on her computer, so while she showered, I worked on her computer. I finished early, and while I was sitting there I couldn't help but notice something. I don't know how I stumbled upon this document, but it was a conversation between her and her ex. I read it, then closed it. I made no mention of it. That night I slept over her place, and then later the next day while at work she texted me asking to be honest with her and asked had I gone through her computer. I panicked. I knew what was coming. I told her no. She said thats funny, under recently viewed documents something here was opened that I know I didnt open. So I told her. And then she cut me off. She said I'd never change, it was just like how I took his number out of her phone. I was really miserable, and my anxiety was driving me crazier than ever. How could I fuck up what I tried so hard to fix?? Our relationship was already so fragile because of our past. A couple days later she starts talking to me again. We take it slow, no more sleeping over of course. We go to the gym, and she even comes over to my house for dinner. I had to go home this past weekend to get my car ( I had none for the past month ) so she drove me to the bus station. I talked to her online that night while I was home, and then said goodnight. The next day we were talking and I made mention of how tired I was. And she said what time did you go to bed last night? I said right after you did. I wasn't really thinking about exactly what happened because I was wrong. She said I was full of shit because she went on later on and saw I was online. I was still online for a bit longer but didnt really remember. To me this was no big deal, but she called me a compulsive liar. She ignores me again. The next day I'm on the phone with her and talk about plans of going to disney world, I had already gotten tickets. She said thats not a good idea. And I kinda freaked and said why not?? We had been planning this for a long time. At this point she didnt even want to speak to me and said ill talk to you later and hung up. A couple hours later I texted response. I texted twice more and still no response. The next day I made no attempt to contact her. Today comes...I drive back up to school, I text her. Still no response. I texted again and said I need my parking decal because it was in her car. She finally responded and said shed leave it at the front office of my apartment building. So she did. No conversation, she doesnt want to talk.

So this is me now. I find myself in desperation, looking for any sign that things will be alright. My anxiety is keeping me up all night and all I want is for her to know how sorry I am, and how much I regret going through her computer. I don't want her to not trust me. I care so much for her. If only she could know how sorry I am and how much I want to correct the wrongs I've made. I fear I may have lost her again and it will kill me if this happens again. I can't go on another year beating up on myself, being alone, being miserable. At this moment I am the most miserable I have ever been, more so before because I was given a chance at redemption, and I ruined it. I don't know what to do. I want her in my life so badly. I ask you out of desperation for help, I never meant to hurt her. What do I do?
This doesnt sound like love, it sounds like an obsession.

You need to move on from this girl, its good that your already seeing counseling, but maybe you should go more often?

This girl has used you, hurt you in so many ways, why would you continue to waste your time with her? She is making a fool of you, getting you in trouble with the police, having her friends go after you her family?

I suggest you see a counsler, if you cant sleep try sleeping meds once or twice a week, i know they arent always a good idea, but it seems to me like you might need them just to get some decent rest.

Delete her number, delete her IM, and let her go on with her messed up relationship with her on and off again crazy boyfriend.

Im sorry that she has hurt you and used you this way, and im sorry that you cant move on, but you need to, or you'll never be a happier person.

I am going to give a little background first then I will ask my questions.
I am 21 and a female.
As I was growing up I noticed that I had several dreams actually come true. Also as a child I would ask God to show me who my future husband would be. After a few months of asking God for some hint as to who he would be, I started to dream about this person with a blurry face except for the eyes. As I got older the guy's face became clearer and clearer.
I am now in a relationship with a guy that has everything I could ever want, but he is not the face I see in my dreams. My gut is telling me to keep searching for this other guy, but my mind knows I found the perfect guy for me. I don't want to hurt my boyfriend but at the same time how can I stay true to him when my dreams and heart belong to another? How do I explain this to him? Also should I listen to my gut or to my head? Please if you can help I would really appreciate it. If you have questions for me about more details let me know. (link)
Why mess with a good thing? If your happy with this guy, then just enjoy the time you have with him!

If you think that someday this other guy might come along, then it'll all work out. Dont look for him, just let it happen.

17/F. So i just recently started dating My current boyfriend, its been almost a month now. But the problem is my ex is still "in love" with me. I havent told my ex about my current boyfriend because I think it would hurt him too much. Would it be better if i just told the ex, and not spare breaking his heart.. again. Or would it be better if I just waited til my ex has moved on and got over me before telling him? As of right now, me and my current boyfriend are pretty low key, and only people who see us together or kiss know.. so its not likely that my ex will find out from someone else, and i want to be the one to tel lhim.. im just scared of he will react.. because i know itll hurt him deeply. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated! :) (link)
You need to tell your ex, if you allow him to continue to send you messages and stuff, your just leading him on.

Its not bad to be low-key, but you really shouldnt let your ex think he still has a chance with you, It could cause problems with your current boyfriend if he ever found out.

I don't mean to sound stupid but I'm curious if zombies are actually real to some extent. I'm not talking about the "zombies" you see in movies and on the television though that are after brains (or should I say "brraaainnsss!"). I also don't mean an actual invasion of zombies that tends to be the basis on many movies. I'm just talking about the walking dead, I suppose. Is there a such thing as the walking dead? Are there real incidences of zombies or A zombie? Any proof to back up a zombie theory? Just curious, really... (link)
As cool it would be to be able to pick up a chainsaw and a shotgun and go to town, sadly Zombies are not real.

The majority of things ull read about online that arent storys or what not, are just folklore from different countrys etc.

sorry!!! Maybe some day we will have a zombie invasion and when that happens make sure you pick up Zombie Survival Guide! It'll save ur life xD

where dose it says in the bible that preacher sould or not get paid? (link)
It is against most religons for Preachers to get paid.

If they were getting paid it would no longer be serving God but a religon.

Most Pastors or Preachers live in a House owned by the Churh and are given allowances.

OK, I usually have aheavy period every month, but this month it is light and brown in color, What is this caused by Should i be worried? I am 20 and of course female (link)
Normally when your period is brown in color it is last months blood. It just means that your period last month didnt quite finish so now your loosing the rest of it.

So basically, its old super dead blood.

what makes a girl cum by masterbation, and what does it look like? (link)
There are many different things that can give a girl an orgasm.

Constant stimulation on the clitoris by using something that vibrates ( i suggest a battery powered hand held back massage machine) or by penetrating the actual vagina and hitting the G spot. You'll know when your hitting that because u might feel like you need to pee.

Some girls leak alot. It doesnt look like anything in particular i guess, just clear and a little sticky. Not all girls "cum" though. It all depends

i'm in a very difficult situation. my best friend is a guy, he's my age, and i have known him my entire life. he truly is like a brother to me. we went to grade school together, grew up together, and now we go to different high schools, but we're still good friends. recently, i started talking to his brother more. his brother is an 8th grader, and he was considering coming to the high school that i go to. we got to be very close over the past few months. i started to have feelings for him, even though i know i shouldn't. he's an extremely smart and sweet guy, and a perfect gentleman. he's honestly more mature than his older brother. he just turned 14. about 3 days ago, he told me that he likes me. so i told him i liked him too. we've literally been talking nonstop since, only stopping to sleep. but i'm afraid if i do anything about this, i'm either going to hurt his older brother, my best friend, or i'm going to get hurt bc of the age difference. help me? (link)
Okay first of age doesnt matter. My boyfriend is 8 years older than me and this is the best relationship ive ever had.

Second thing is you should ask your best friend how he feels about you talking to his brother. It might weird him out or bother him and its up to you to continue talking after that. Honestly though, your relationships should have nothing to do with who your friends with, its not there business or anything. Sure he might make it his buisness but if you truly like this boy then you should go for it

i need help. there is a boy in school and we never met i am home schooled and so is he. we had a live lesson and at the end is student chat he wants to be my bf. i didn't know at first and now i do want to be his gf. i have sent him messages that i want to be his gf over the past 2 weeks. he is not answering me. what can i do i want and need a bf i am desperate what should i do right now i just sent him 3 messages today already. i need help. (link)
Sounds to me like you scared him off with your desperation. You said it yourself your desperate to have a boyfriend.

You should honestly just lay off and not message him and see if he contacts you any time soon, otherwise if you continue to annoy him he might never talk to you again.

What are the most popular teen stores that you can think of? I want to dress more popular this year but I'm kind of stuck on what stores are considered "in" right now. We have lots of stores around here like Old Navy, Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch, American Eagle, Fashion Bug, HotTopic, etc etc

What's the most popular stores that us teens shop at now? (link)
Okay personally where i live the most popular stores are, in this order,

Forever 21
American Eagle
Abercrombie and Fitch

If you live in an area with a large mall you could also go to

Juicy Couture
Armani Exchange
Or anything along those lines.

There are different kinds of popular and keeping up with all the current trends can become expensive, so i suggest Forever 21 because u can get alot of cute outfits there for pretty cheap.
Zumiez is more of a skater store which is extremely popular around here, as is Pacsun.

Im guessing u know all the rest!

being a girl relly sucks i would rather be a guy, i love to be outside and hang in the woods, I dont even want to have sex ever, it grosses me out i hve been in plenty relationships with men but i dont wanna have my period nd i hate having boobs and having to do my hair all of the time is this normal???? (link)
Well theres two ways to look at this.

The first one is you could be suffering symptoms of
G.I.D. or Gender Identity Disorder. This basically means that you were born a female, have a females body, but in your heart you believe you should have been a male. Although not common, it happens and I actually have a friend who is dating someone with GID right now.

You can go through hormone treatments or even go all the way and get a sex change.

The Second thing is you might just feel insecure about being a girl. Sex can be pretty frightening and also viewed as disgusting. I mean lets be serious here theres a 180+ pound sweating grunting man on top of you!

Depending on your age you could just be a little insecure or not comfortable in your own skin yet.

If your younger i would suggest waiting until you get a little older to decide if you really hate being a girl. If your already older well then you should probably start looking at other options and do some research on GID.

Good luck

Do guys prefer blow jobs or sex?

I know everyone's different, so giving examples from experience, etc. will do. I'm just curious. (link)
It depends on each guy.

Sex is good in an "all-around" kind of way, you enjoy it, he enjoys it.

But sometimes a guy wants something a little more personal or they just dont want to do any work themselves (lets face it, with sex most of the time the guy does do most of the work). So if thats the case then giving them Head or a hand job is always a good idea.

Not every guy prefers sex either. Ive met guys before who are orally fixated. Which means they would rather have head then anything else.

It all depends on the guy so make sure that you just ask. It doesnt have to be awkward you can just ask what they want you to do for them.

I just got glasses and I don't want to wear them ALL the time, so I was wandering after I get used to wearing the glasses will I still be able to see without everything being completley blurry? (link)
Im 19 and ive had glasses since i was 8.

Ive noticed that after you get used to glasses, your eyes become more dependent on them. Your sight can actually get worse as you get older because your eyes NEED your glasses to see.

If you can see reasonably well without them then i would suggest wearing them only when you need to use them. Be it for driving or school or reading. But if you can go throughout your normal day otherwise then try not to wear them to much.

Ive had 11 new pairs of glasses since the year i got them, all because i needed to prescriptions. So use them wisely!

Okay, so recently to sum my story up short, My Boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5years. In the past I have caught him maybe 2yrs ago lying about girls he had slept with and he put it all out on the table who and what he lied about. 2 years later here we are he lied to me again saying he was going to sleep Friday night because he had to "work" saturday morning an I didn't trust him at all because his whole story about working had been changing, because he lives out of town also! He just recently moved away as well, so he said basically he couldn't come into town because he had to work. I trusted that he said he had to work even though things were sketchy! SO I called his friend later that night he picked up the phone an hungup an I heard music playing , eventually Travis called an chewed me out saying he was sleeping an stop calling him. I just so happened to check his account and see he was lying and at a nude bar? I kept thinking why would he lie, I caughthim an drove all the way to south carolina to fix things with him NOTE:i didnt do anything wrong, I think any female would have done the same an checked up on their bf of 5 YEARS. So he is wanting to break up because I went on his online banking and he foundout tuesday I tried logging in again and he changed his password so I couldn't go on an I assumed maybe he was hiding stuff and questioned him about it? I wrote him a long email saying if he wanted closure I will give it to him an called him that night to talk, this time he wasnt yelling at me on the phone he listened an just commented saying I dont trust him an never did, an that's why he did it an tried to get away with it because he knew I wouldn't approve of him going out like he did. Well needless to say we ended the convo on good terms he said he would call me and hasn't called yet, it's been about a day now! SO I want to know am I wrong? What can I do to fix it? I told him I would go to counseling to do whatever it took to make it work an would trust him but at the same time he has to gain that back from me? I don't know what more to do I have talked to al kinds of people at work, managers everything and have no clue what to do?? ANY advice would be appreciated , Thank you SO much! (link)
No offense but your boyfriend sounds like a dick.

He claims that he "only went to a strip club to see if you were checking on him". Thats ridiculous and sounds like a lie. Honestly he probably just made that excuse up after you found him out to make you seem like the bad guy

You dont need counseling, and dont let anybody tell you that you do.

You need to sit down with your boyfriend and lay it all out there, tell him exactly how your feeling and just straight up say if you dont want to be with me or you just want to mess around with your friends then thats fine, but dont make me feel like im the one doing something wrong when i was just worried about you.

Hey everyone, 22/f.

So, I recently got out of a shitty relationship with a guy (James) I'd been with for over four years. My heart hadn't really been with him for over a year, but we said our final goodbyes only last weekend.

This is gonna sound bad, but I'm already considering dating. Is it too soon? I think I'm past the point where I'm attracted to a guy because he's not James, and can see the guy for who he is, but there's still that fear that that's what I'm doing, y'know?

I don't know if I'm looking for a relationship right now as much as just getting to know some guys and having some fun (not like that...James kinda killed my sex drive).

Anyway. The kicker here is that I've never actually dated before. Like, gone out with guys who weren't my friends first, who I didn't already know well. I guess my question here is something along the lines of "any tips?" or "any feedback for me?"

Thanks! (link)
Sounds to me like you need to get out and have some fun!

Sure you might have just broken up last week, but if your not looking for a serious relationship, theres no problem in letting a Nice guy take you out to dinner or a movie or something else fun!

You deserve to be treated nicely and have a good time!

Dating guys that you arent initially close to can actually be pretty liberating. They dont know anything about you, and they have no pre-judgements.

So, date some nice guys, have a blast, and when your ready for a "real relationship" you'll know!

Me and my boyfriend haven't been going out for long but I realllly like him.I don't smoke anything (no cigs,no weed,etc) and he knows that and respects it. He does smoke weed though and he asked me if it bothered me (before we started going out) and i said it didn't bother me ,because it used to not bother me.Now it seems as though he took advantage of that and smokes ALL the time,probably everyday.I don't like how he acts when he's high,he's just not the same.He acts dumb and is just not normal (obviously because thats what smoking does to you...)He used to lie to me about when he did it because it bothered me but he stopped lying about it and does it all the time.I told him he doesn't have to quit but I'd wish he would just do it less.He keeps saying he will do it less and he just doesn't.I don't wanna break up with him ,i just have talked to him several times about it but have never threatend to breakup with him over it because it's such a dumb thing,but it's gotten to be a big deal.I need help! (link)
Im sorry to say it hun, but him smoking is his decision.

If it bothers you so much you should break up with him because otherwise it would just be unfair of you to ask him to stop. Nobody likes ultimatums, they tend to end relationships anyways.

If he is addicted to smoking weed which it seems like he might be, then he will probably do it even if he claims to have stopped.

It seems to me like you have 2 choices, 1.) either just learn to get over it and accept him for who he is and what he does, or 2.) Break up with him and find someone more suitable to your lifestyle!

I recently had sex and a couple weeks after Im experiencing itching inside my vagina and i often have the urge to pee, what could be wrong? (link)
Sounds to me like you have a UTI hun, a Urinary Tract Infection. You need to go get this checked out, its pretty common in females who are sexually active, but if you dont get the medicine for it then it could go up into your kidneys and you will start urinating blood. And alot worse can happen.

But as soon as you see the doctor it'll get taken care of and you'll be okay.

If you cant see a doctor because you dont want to tell your parents or something, try drinking ALOT of Cranberry Juice. It cleanses your system and normally can get rid of a UTI in about 2-3 days.

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