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Least painful way to commit suicide

Question Posted Wednesday June 2 2010, 11:19 pm

I am considering committing suicide and killing myself. I am need of easy suicide methods that are relatively painless so I do not suffer any more than required for death. I am in a bad situation in my life. I did some very bad things that cannot be forgiven. I figured it was best to commit suicide now before I make any more bonds with my surrounding community members. I live alone, am not married, and have no children to leave or hurt by my death. I found this site and felt it may be helpful in getting my deserved rest from this world. I do not want to continue to make mistakes in my life and dying will prevent me from doing wrong again.

Please, help me.

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orphans answered Thursday June 3 2010, 6:58 pm:
I am not going to give you methods of killing yourself. You need to talk to a professional about how you feel and what's going on.

[ orphans's advice column | Ask orphans A Question

adviceman49 answered Thursday June 3 2010, 2:04 pm:
No one on this site will give you an answer to the question you have asked. Suicide is never an answer whatever the problem is whatever you may have done or think you may have done there is a way to make it right, make up for it or fix it. Suicide does not fix anything it just adds to the hurt.

If you are feeling suicidal at this time call 911 NOW or go to the nearest hospital Emergency Room for help.

Suicide is not the answer to your problem(s). If you have not already done so I would like you to call the National Suicide hot line. There number is: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). They operate 24/7 and are totally free and confidential. They have a network of crisis center around the country they can refer you to for help, probably one right in your home town or close to you. The call takers are trained professionals who are volunteers and are there to help you; so please give them a call, they can and will help you through this.

You do not say what is bothering you to cause you to think of suicide. Whatever it is it CAN BE RECTIFIED or mitigated that I am certain of. Please call the hotline or go to the hospital for help. I know there are people who love you and would miss you if you were to do this.

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

NinjaNeer answered Thursday June 3 2010, 10:02 am:
There is no painless way to commit suicide.

Sure, you might find a method that won't physically injure you. Thing is, it will hurt everyone wh ohas ever known you; every family member, every friend, every co-worker. Suicide is an aggressive act that hurts everyone around you more than it hurts you.

If you want a rest, take one. Save as much as you can and go on a vacation somewhere across the world. Go on a working vacation somewhere new. Get away from your world.

I have seriously attempted to commit suicide before. I live with mental illness, and have for my entire life. I know as much as anyone can that life can be absolute hell. I've done bad things, things that have hurt people. I've made mistakes. We all have. Thing is, you can't run away from your mistakes by dying, because you leave the effects behind.

You need to seek help. You need to find a counselor of some sort, either a social worker or a religious counselor, whichever you prefer. You need to get your dark secrets out in the open and to work on rectifying any wrong you've done. You also need to learn that you're not a terrible person. That was one of the hardest lessons for me. A counselor can help to assess whether you need to get in contact with a psychologist or a psychiatrist so that you can be medicated if need be.

Just like when alcoholics are in recovery, I felt the need to apologize to everyone I had hurt while I was in my bad places. I apologized to old friends I had hurt, to family members, to myself. Tears ran down my face, and it was the hardest thing I'd ever done, but their forgiveness helped me to feel like maybe I wasn't a terrible person.

It's hard. I'm not going to lie. Life is hard, you make mistakes, things go horribly wrong. You can make life what you want it to be, though. You get out of life what you put into it. Start volunteering, and help make someone's day. Or you could start small, with just smiling at someone on the sidewalk.

Find joy in the little things: a pretty flower, a delicious meal, a beautiful sunny day, a happy puppy. Every tiny little thing that you find joy in is another reason to stay alive. When I have trouble doing this, I go to this website. It's been a big help, oddly enough:

Remember that you are a worthwhile person. You can do good in this world. Get out there and do some!

[ NinjaNeer's advice column | Ask NinjaNeer A Question

musicissoul301 answered Thursday June 3 2010, 5:30 am:
Here on advicenators we are not aloud to give advice on how to kill yourself an plus I think it's stupid to commit suicide it's taking the cowards way out. If you did bad things then ask for forgiveness even if you think it's unforgivable. Atleast try to make it better before you even concider doing what you are doing. If you are afraid of doing wrong to your community members then go see a theripest and try to work things out. Look at the cycle of day and night you see at night the dorkness or a point of bad time in your life, but keep waiting and try to make everything better, then you will see the light of day. You can also think of it like a roller coaster; when you're going up, the coaster has to work to get up there, you have to do the same you have to work to get to the point of you being forgiven. You do have people that would miss you, for example, your parents, just because you made a mistake doesn't mean that they will stop loving and caring for you no matter how big the mistake. So yes you do have people to hurt if you kill yourself. Turn to God and repent for the sins commited. Pray for his love and pray for his help and forgiveness. I'm sure you're not such a bad person, as a person you are probably great, but you just made some bad descisions. There aren't bad people just bad choices. So make the right choice and ask the community paster to help guide you to the Lord and to help you ask him for forgiveness.
Hope I helped
-musicissoul301 13(m)

[ musicissoul301's advice column | Ask musicissoul301 A Question

awesomeal16 answered Thursday June 3 2010, 5:09 am:
Seek help from a therapist. Killing yourslef is never the answer to ANYTHING. No matter what you did. What ever you did could not be so bad you deserve death. You have a whole life ahead of you. Whatever you have done will be forgiven. ASk the LOrd for guidnace. Or get a councelor. I hope I hlped

[ awesomeal16's advice column | Ask awesomeal16 A Question

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