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My dad's reading incest "literotica"!!?

Question Posted Saturday April 3 2010, 12:08 am

The only computer in my house is in my room. My dad is the only one who used it today and in a minimized window is "Literotica." I flipped back through the pages and he's reading titles in the Incest section under the searches "love," "lust," and "daddy."

I am his only daughter. I'm 17. He's 60.

I'm really disturbed. I've seen it on the history before but I've figured, everyone has strange fetishes. But incest?! This is really grossing me out. I feel like I have to hide my body now around him. I dress like most teenage girls-- short shorts, low cut tops-- and now I just want to cover up and die.

Should I bring it up with my mom? She's the only other one living in the house. I'm too embarrassed to tell my boyfriend. This is just so weird. My dad's seriously not a creep or a perv, this is just so unexpected.

Thanks for any advice =/

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messenger answered Saturday April 24 2010, 5:57 pm:
Yes, go to your mother, immediately. Its possible it means nothing, its possible its just a weird mistake, but you need to let your mom know what is going on and let her help you.

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OhMyLucyDarling answered Saturday April 3 2010, 2:41 pm:
Well, If it were me I also would be a little weirded out but on the other hand I would try to bare in mind that maybe it's just one of the guys weird fantasies? On the other hand you'd ask (Incest..) I would also be covering myself up more, God only knows what a person really thinks about. (I'm not saying your dad is a perv) I'm just saying people don't always tell the real truth of what they think about a situation. If you and your mother are close you could calmly explain to her how it made you feel. Don't take it all personally just yet, This might not even involve you. However on the other hand I don't think it would hurt to cover up a little more skin..

[ OhMyLucyDarling's advice column | Ask OhMyLucyDarling A Question

dearcandore answered Saturday April 3 2010, 12:30 pm:
This is the equivalent of walking in on your parents "in the act". This is totally weird for a young girl to find, but chances are your father is not fantasizing about weird encounters with his only daughter. Fantasies are just that - imaginary, not real. When it comes to sex most people fantasize about things they would NEVER do in real life. Its the forbidden nature that makes it so alluring. Most likely when he's reading that stuff he's not thinking about YOU, but about characters. And you don't know, it may have been a curiousity thing. He may have been looking for erotic stories and found a site that had lots of different options and was really curious by some of the titles he saw. Since you say your Dad isn't a creep or a perv I tend to think this is just horny old guy stuff that has nothing to do with family and everything to do with sex. However, you've already seen it, and that can't be undone. If you and your Mom are close, then do by all means talk to her. You don't have to "tattle tale", but just let her know what you found and it freaked you out. Then maybe she can mention privately to your Dad that he needs to be a bit more careful about what he's viewing on your computer. If you can't manage that, start dropping hints, like when you're Dad's around say "Mom, just so you know, I can look in my computer and see the history of where you've been and what you've been looking at, so if you're ever looking for a gift or surprise online for me, make sure you ERASE the history. I can show you how to do that if you want".
Man, what a traumatic thing to see. While your Dad was totally wrong for searching porn in your room, I have the feeling he was just curious and is not a creep. Don't tell your bf, he'll only get weirded out. As a matter of fact, I'd keep this one to myself for a while. I think in time you won't feel so freaked out and eventually you'll be able to put it in the category of "things I never needed to know about my parents" We all have a category like that. Until then, do what you need to do to feel comfortable, so keep being modest in your dress around Dad if it makes you feel a little better. Good luck.

[ dearcandore's advice column | Ask dearcandore A Question

XxIzabellersxX answered Saturday April 3 2010, 8:59 am:
He's probably only typing in incest because those are the only videos where 60 year old guys get to fuck 16 year old girls. I'm sure its nothing to worry about and hes not thinking about you specifically. Every old guy dreams of having a young hot girl and like I said thats normally what incest is. Not like you type in hot young chick and the guy she's fucking is practically bald and wrinkly? You see? Don't bring it up with your mom cuz she might tell your dad and then it will be RLY akward especially if its nothing cuz then he might try to "talk" to you about it and like explain everything... And I'd just die if my dad did that. If you don't feel comfortable dressing like that just cover up until you go out and wear those shorts underneath sweats that you can just take off until the whole thing blows over. Good luck! Hope I helped :/

[ XxIzabellersxX's advice column | Ask XxIzabellersxX A Question

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