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she needs to qrow up.

Question Posted Tuesday January 6 2009, 4:57 am

so i have this friend 'jane'
&&her mom does && does && does for her.
she does everythinq she says.
i mean i quess you could call her mom a sort of 'push over?'
then my friend [13years old) starts screaminq && pouts.
im like wtf dude?
i tell her to chill out ; butt she acts like thats okay for a thirteen year old qirl to do.
its almost like when you see a qirl in a movie yell at her mom.
she trys that butt she looks ridiculous.

what do i tell her so she can stop makinq a complete fool of her ; her mom ; && me in public?

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dottie4 answered Wednesday January 7 2009, 12:22 pm:
Tell her that your going to quit hanging out with her if she acts that way in front of you. Tell her you don't care if she does it if your not around but that you don't like it because it's disrespectful and she looks like a baby.


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rierie09 answered Wednesday January 7 2009, 12:09 pm:
well for 1 it is nothing that you can do but try and show her how ridiculous she acts and just stop hanging out with her whenever her mother is hanging with you. The way her mother raised her is the cause not you. Her mother needs to show her that she is in control not jane. Maybe you should send an anonymous letter to her mom and give them both a wake up call if you disagree with me just try and explain the situation to your friend gently and see where it goes from there

[ rierie09's advice column | Ask rierie09 A Question

Razhie answered Tuesday January 6 2009, 7:06 pm:
Decline to hang out with her and her mom, and tell her why.

That's the most powerful statement you can make. Do it as nicely as possible. Tell her you think her pouting and screaming is silly and you are embarrassed to be out with them when she behaves that way. Either ask her to promise to be respectful, or tell her you can't hang out with her and her mom anymore. Finish off with welcoming her to hang out with you WITHOUT her mom, so she knows that you don't hate HER, just her behavior with her mother.

[ Razhie's advice column | Ask Razhie A Question

kristamikele answered Tuesday January 6 2009, 5:31 pm:
You can't do anything about the way your friend treats her mother, but I'm wondering if maybe you are so aggrivated by it because that's the way she acts with you, too. Do things always have to be her way? Is she a demanding friend? Do you feel as if she gives a crap about what you want. If she is a good friend to you, don't worry.

[ kristamikele's advice column | Ask kristamikele A Question

spixieeex3 answered Tuesday January 6 2009, 4:08 pm:
I think you should confront her alone. Try to describe or even reenact the way she acts, if she sees or is able to visualize this childish behavior in some form it might give her a wake up call. Tell her that she's not treating her mom fairly and shes being very ungrateful, and acting like it's ok for a 13 year old to do that is very excusatory, she can change if she wants to.

[ spixieeex3's advice column | Ask spixieeex3 A Question

livelaughlove96 answered Tuesday January 6 2009, 3:51 pm:
i would think part of the problem is her mom. i mean if she lets her keep throwing those tantrums then shes going to keep doing it, especially if she is getting her way.

but if i were you, when you were with her
after one of her little episodes i would definitely pull her aside and ask her if that was necessary? maybe you should just come right out, and when she asks you to go somewhere with her tell her you dont want to be anywhere with her because she is embarrassing.

maybe if she hears it from a friend that she is acting immature then she might 'grow up'. and if that doesnt help and you are really fed up with her behavior maybe you shouldnt hang out with her, but i would give talking to her a try.

hope i helped

[ livelaughlove96's advice column | Ask livelaughlove96 A Question

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