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eye stye

Question Posted Thursday August 14 2008, 3:15 pm

a few months ago, i got an eye stye on my right eye near my tearduct.

yesterday, i felt severe pain on my left eye and i found i had gotten another stye on my left eye! IT'S SO SMALL but it hurts SO MUCH. i'm putting some ointment on it so it should heal within the next few days.

i have a few questions about eye styes
1.) i seem to be getting them more frequently (i know it's only the second time, but i've never had an eye stye before my first one!). i do use both eyeliner and mascara. what should i do to be more sanitary about it? i know you're supposed to throw away mascara every three months, but i use it until it's finished. i don't actually count how many months i've been using it. should i start? and i sharpen my eyeliner often so that the bateria is removed, so why do i keep getting styes? i'm assuming it's from my make-up cause i don't have diabetes, etc.

2.) in addition to what steps i can take to avoid getting styes in the first place, are they contagious? like if i touch my eye and then touch someone's hand and they touch their eye, can they get one or is the likelihood very small? i know it's caused from a certain type of bacteria so ...

3.) should i avoid certain things? is it okay to touch my eye when i put on the medication or should i use a qtip?

4.) because the stye is RIGHT under my upperlashline, almost on the pink part, i end up getting some of the ointment (just normal drugstore eye stye medicine) into my eye. if i want the stye to go away, i have to use the medicine, but it gets in my eye and the box says "for external use only." what should i do? should i try using less medicine or... ?

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Ilyerinn answered Sunday July 26 2009, 1:33 am:
I know exactly what you are going through.
I've had 7-8 styes by now, no joke.
Alternating from eye to eye and I think I'm getting another.
The cause of this isnt 100% your make-up. YES, throw all of it away (eyeliner and mascara I mean) if you've been using it and then you got/get a stye. Otherwise you can transmit the bacteria, I guess you could call it, to the other eye, or you could keep regenerating it in the same one. Now, another way to get rid of a stye is to put a warm washcloth on your eye or on a heating bottle. It is gone when the stye bleeds. It will still be there but slowly it goes away overnight. You should also change and wash your pillow sheets when you are done with this stye. DO NOT touch the eye that had/has the stye and then touch your other eye. THE ONLY way you can give this to someone else is by DIRECTLY touching your eye and then touching theirs. Going swimming can help a stye. I don't know if you get this sensation when you have one or not, but you want to pull the bottom lid of your eye down. Its fine to do so. Don't touch your eye to much or you may cause the stye to get infected. THIS IS NOT FUN. This happened the second time I got one. The doctor popped some of the puss out and then gave me chewables that tasted horrible, eye drops, and eye ointment for 2 weeks. Another point, DONT, UNDER ANY, CIRCUMSTANCE, POP THE STYE. If you need anymore advice, just tell me(;
Good luck. Oh, and if this makes you feel any better, my social studies teacher named me the stye queen at school. Wonderful, right?

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Mandy116 answered Thursday August 14 2008, 9:10 pm:
I used to get styes quite often... one things for shure if you end up with any eye infection you should throw out your eye makeup...(eye liner and mascara NOT eye shadow)
As for you medication i wouldnt want it in my eye... try putting less on a Qtip and then apply it.
This is an old remedy i've always used. Take a gold ring and rub in on the exterior of the stye.
It's always worked for me.

[ Mandy116's advice column | Ask Mandy116 A Question

vivalajam0x answered Thursday August 14 2008, 6:24 pm:
OUCH! Eye sties are really annoying..and they hurt a lot.

1) Sties are caused by the staphylococcal bacteria that normally live harmlessly on the skin of our eyelids, but when those germs become trapped inside an eyelash follicle or a tear duct, a painful, pimple-like infection result.
-I would throw away the mascara and eyeliner that you've been using RIGHT AWAY. You don't want to infect the eye any more. And yes, do start to count how any months you've been using both the mascara and're better safe than sorry. You probably got the second sty from using infected makeup or from rubbing your eyes, poor hand washing, etc.

2) It's not very contagious, and I'm pretty sure that if you touch your eye and then touch a person's hand, they probably won't get it. Just don't share eye makeup, for this is also a cause of some sties.

3) I would probably use q-tips when trying to apply the medication. Like I said, it's better to be safe than sorry! :)

4) Using the Q-Tip would probably help rid you of this problem. It shouldn't harm you much if the ointment gets in your eye, because it is for use around the eye, so I'm sure it shouldn't be that big of a deal if it does end up getting in the eye. :) However, if it does cause irritation, I would call the doctor's, or ask someone for help.

Hope this helps, and hope the sty goes away soon!: )

[ vivalajam0x's advice column | Ask vivalajam0x A Question

LOL_x0x answered Thursday August 14 2008, 6:24 pm:
1. Yes! Make up does NOT last as long as we like to think it does. Bacteria and oil start building up and ultimately, could be one of the causes of your styes.

only search

2. Don't touch it, unless you're putting your ointment on it. Touching it spreads germs and bacteria, so avoid contact.

3. Using a Q-tip would be better than using your finger. But if you use your finger, wash it before applying the ointment.

4. Just go slow when you're putting it on, and be careful. Don't use less, unless you're using too much. You should be using enough to cover the stye and the area around it.

hope this helps!

-Laura (16-f)

[ LOL_x0x's advice column | Ask LOL_x0x A Question

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