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what to wear to rock concert?

Question Posted Thursday April 26 2007, 12:11 pm

Tomorrow I'm going to a rock concert with a friend. What should I wear, and how should I do my hair and makeup?

Also, what do you think I should take? We're going to be standing near the mosh pit, and I don't want to lose anything valuable.

Thanks in advance, xxx

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RainbowBopBop answered Saturday January 22 2011, 11:04 pm:
I wear makeup to concerts and they come out fine. Like it doesn't smear that badly (I use LA Splash) but my waterline fades about 1 hour into the show.
Wear comfortable shoes. Jumping and standing will be occupying you for 5 hours.
Don't wear hats or extensions. Mine got pulled out first concert I went to.
Don't wear earrings that dangle or large tunnels.
Bring a hairtie.
Necklaces will slap you in the face while you get pushed/jump.
Don't bring a purse. Just bring a phone and money. Put it in you bra or sock or wherever it'll stay put.
Don't wear loose tank tops.
Bring extra clothes for after. You'll smell like unprotected sex when you're done.
Wear shorts. It gets really hot.
Always check behind you.
Eat a little food before. My venue doesn't serve food so I have to live off of overpriced water.
Bring a lot of money for overpriced water.
Don't hesitate to buy said water.
Buy a water bottle, it's safer than a cup.
Wear colors that don't make sweat obvious.
DONT wear gray. Major pit stains.
Make sure nothing is hanging out.
Stay away from violent moshers.
Make sure your shoelaces are tied and tight.
Constantly check your phone and money to see if it's still there.
Areas to stand in: front(death), off to side (chill area), middle (mosh/death), back(chill, some whiplash from middle)
Oh, and PEE/CRAP BEFORE THE CONCERT you don't wanna be clenching your cheeks throughout the show

[ RainbowBopBop's advice column | Ask RainbowBopBop A Question

TheWallflower answered Friday April 27 2007, 1:11 am:
If it's seated, you can pretty much wear whatever you want, I still would not recommend flip flops, high heels, or skirts but if you do wear them, it won't kill you.

Don't listen to the person who told you to wear flip flops. Don't wear flip flops, high heels, or any other type of shoe that will make you yell when you're stepped on, no matter how attractive the shoe will make you look.

if you're going to be standing by a moshpit, or any other part of the concert, people are going to step on your feet. Also expect to get pushed a lot. if you do wear high heels for whatever reason, expect an asshole or two to push you down just to see you try to balance yourself on high heels

Don't wear a skirt. Wearing a skirt to a concert is even more retarded than wearing high heels. Wear comfortable jeans, nothing too tight and especially not too loose. Don't wear makeup. I don't know what kind of show you're going to be, but a lot of times when I go to shows I end up drenched in sweat that is not mine. I doubt you want make up smeared all over your face

Wear a t shirt, I wouldn't really recommend a jacket or sweater because you're going to be warm anyways, that is assuming several thousand people are also going to the concert.

Don't bring a purse or wallet. Keep some money tucked in your front pocket as well as a cell phone. If you want to take pictures, bring a bag with just your camera in it(there's a huge possibility security won't let the camera in anyawys) I'd recommend bringing a 20.

your hair can be any style you want, however if you have extremely long hair, i wouldn't recommend gelling it and having it stick out the sides of your head so you can poke someone 3 feet away from you.

No thong, g strings, just wear regular panties. If you go crowd surfing, whcih you might and i recommend, your underwear will show a bit, if it's a thong, guys will grab it.

Flip flops
high heels
Retarded hairstyles
thongs/g strings

T shirt
Sneakers, normal shoes
Cell phone
normal underwear

By the way, I've seen 40 something bands live and been to countless shows. If you have trouble getting to the front, don't be afraid to be an asshole. Push your way there. In fact, plan out your path to the front, i've found it that teens wearing regular clothes, older adults, and WOMEN(not to be sexist) are especially easier to walk through. Oh, and most concerts let you bring in 1 unopened water bottle.

[ TheWallflower's advice column | Ask TheWallflower A Question

amasparks answered Thursday April 26 2007, 5:42 pm:
I've gone to 2-3 rock concerts, and one thing i learned is to go to or such and look at the weather for where you're going to be at and at that certain time. If its chilly, just wear a simple tee, and a cute not too heavy not to light jacket. Demin is great.

Wear something comfortable like jeans and flip flops or walking shoes.

Bring your phone and maybe a little bit money, but probably not a purse. a purse may get stolen, or is too much to carry around. bring a tube of gloss and you're all set!

[ amasparks's advice column | Ask amasparks A Question

basketcase_x08 answered Thursday April 26 2007, 4:38 pm:
depending on where it is... If its a big name show, definately bring nothing but money and a phone. and make sure your jeans (yes wear jeans.) have pockets deep enough so that your phone/money won't fall out.
To wear. Jeans and a shirt, possibly hoodie if its outside and expected to be cold. but don't wear anything that requires constant pulling up. And .. I wouldn't do makeup before going to a show. maybe eyeliner/shadow. but thats it.

If its more of a local show (which I recommend because the people are typically friendlier and get along and whatnot) I'd have slightly more money just cause its safer.. kindof. not a lot safer but there's less people you know. Phone, and camera if you want it. unless security is tight. Idk around me they let you have cameras and such. but still the same with clothes. nothing high maintenence. and oh yeah. SNEAKERS. Sometimes you can get away with flats. but sneakers are your best bet. but also same with the makeup. just because most of the guys I've met at shows aren't looking for someone who's always wearing makeup and being semi-high maintenence. but thats just my experience. It might be different for you.

but anyway. Have fun and be safe. and oh yeah. if you plan on being by the mosh, expect to be tossed around a bit. I hate it when the pit rolls into girls that are all focused on how "cute the guitarist is" and then they give the dirtiest looks and rant for the entire night. Its so Catty. ugh (not saying that you are. I just .. I go on rants sometimes, ya know, nothing personal.)

[ basketcase_x08's advice column | Ask basketcase_x08 A Question

christina answered Thursday April 26 2007, 2:21 pm:
Always wear something comfortable. That goes for your shoes too.

I would wear some cute jeans, & maybe a band-tee if you've got one. I would suggest wearing a hoodie if it's a little cold where you live, but if not, then don't bring one since it'll be a hassle to carry around in the concert. And you might get over heated. If you listen to this band & have their record, bring it with you along with a sharpie. Bands usually go by the Merch & meet their fans or go out after all the bands are done playing [if there's more than one]. Bring money to buy merch, & bring your camera/cell phone to take pictures. =) If you don't want to lose your things, take a purse or a tote bag. For your hair, maybe straighten it? Just wear eyeliner/mascara for your makeup. You don't want anything too overdramatic.

Have fun at the concert. They're amazing.

[ christina's advice column | Ask christina A Question

solidadvice4teens answered Thursday April 26 2007, 2:17 pm:
ear something that is comfortable and loose fitting. A t-shirt and jeans should suffice. Do not bring to the arena any cameras, recording devices or camera cell-phones.

They can be taken from you by security or they can force you to put them back in your car or refuse entry. Bring your wallet with money and a bank card only for that very reason.

The most important thing of all is shoes. You are going to need comfortable ones for a concert that will last 2 or more hours. Your feet are going to get sore from standing in the mosh pit the whole time where there is hardly any leg room and people are pushing up against you. This goes double for any seats in the stands.

As far as your hair goes it's fine to wear it straight and long. Your best option is wearing it up or in a pony tail as that is likely going to be more comfortable. Keep any valuables at home as you don't want anyone picking your pocket or losing something if they try to lift you up.

[ solidadvice4teens's advice column | Ask solidadvice4teens A Question

ammo answered Thursday April 26 2007, 1:11 pm:
Hey! :D

A rock concert? Any band that I know?

Let's see... the best thing to take would be a cell phone, and some cash for drinks and food (bare in mind at concerts drinks can be expensive) and a cash card if you feel you might need to get more money out. Also, with a cash card, if it's lost you can easily have it cancelled and get a replacement. That's pretty much all you'd really need to take as far as items go - try to avoid taking bags of any kind and such with you because it's a pain carrying them around and looking after them while your gettin down with the music. :D You'll obviously need a secure place to put your money and phone so plan ahead on this (especially if you'll be in the pit). If you have nowhere to put your phone you can always leave it behind but it's always a good idea to have it just incase you need it. I have a deep pocket on my jeans so I had kept mine in there. Money doesn't break so I just keep it in a zipped pocket for security.

As for what to wear just wear whatever you feel comfortable in. If you plan to dance/mosh then you'll get hot so keep that in mind too (as well as wearing a skirt in a mosh pit might not be the best of plans if you plan to go in the pit).

The only other important thing to remember is that you'll be standing the whole time (unless you manage to find a place to sit down near the front) so wear something you'll be very comfortable in.

Have fun at the concert. :D

[ ammo's advice column | Ask ammo A Question

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