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Question Posted Saturday December 2 2006, 1:20 pm

ok i've been trying to cut back for the past 2 weeks. i wouldn't really say it was an actual DIET per say, but i guess it is. for breakfast i've been having a bowl of special k & for lunch i've been having a mix of things. usually gram crackers carrots dole peaches apple/apple sauce & yoplay yogurt. i mix those things up each day. i have a bottle of water with it also. for dinner, i try cutting back. i eat whatever my parents make, because i don't want to waste food. so lets say they make steak & potatos. i'll have a small piece of steak and 1 sweet potato. stuff like that. even if they have bbq and fries. ill take the bbq without the roll and a few fries. i've cut out my snacks & have not aten past 7 pm. also, i'm on an ankle injury so i can't play sports. i've been running/walking/jogging about 30 minutes 5 days a week. will this do it!? or will i have to work harder. also, how do i avoid talking about it at lunch. we sit at 1 big table & they always make comments like "oh yeah shes dieting again". it really bothers me because i don't want anyone to talk about it. also-i am a female [obviously] im 5'9 & i weigh around 140. am i being ridiculous?? i just want to lose stomach weight. any help is appreciated.


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emilyy answered Saturday December 2 2006, 8:03 pm:
Unlike what the other people have said, I think you are taking a huge step in the right direction. I suggest eating a little more at breakfast (try a piece of fruit extra or a slice of toast).

If you can, add 15 minutes of situps, crunches, jumping jacks or pushups if your ankle and body allows it. It will help to build muscle tone.

During the day I also suggest walking quickly (through the halls for example) to bring your heart rate up and help you burn calories all day long.

If you are craving healthy foods, eat them. If you're craving junk food it is most likely eating for emotional reasons. Everyone does it.

For now just ignore your friends. In the future when you start losing weight and looking healthy, they will want to know your secrets. If you can, try to find another friend who will help you stay with this healthy lifestyle. If the both of you can go into this together, you will have better chances of success.

Make sure you are drinking water whenever you are thirsty and that you are getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night.

Good luck :) !

[ emilyy's advice column | Ask emilyy A Question

loverbumbum answered Saturday December 2 2006, 5:41 pm:
i no a great diet that i think might work for u and you will be happy, you eat untill ull full but not completly full just when you start slowing down or a lil befor . And do a couple crunches in teh morning .HOPW IT HELPS!

[ loverbumbum's advice column | Ask loverbumbum A Question

MikeCFT answered Saturday December 2 2006, 5:06 pm:
Some points:

-You aren't going to lose stomach fat exclusively and when you start losing fat; the stomach is probably going to be the last to go. Sorry.

-You are eating like a bird and not giving yourself enough calories. You need to eat more. A lot more. More protein...stop eating graham crackers and apple sauce for lunch, start eating grilled chicken and some pasta instead.

-Don't pay attention to what everyone says, it's your body.

-Nobody can tell you if your exercise is going to "do it" because everyone is different and what works for you or me may not work for someone else.

-When steak and potatoes are the opposite of what you are doing- eat more steak and less potato.

-Even if you were eating enough, you aren't cutting away bodyfat without cutting away those french fries.

-You're pretty tall for a female so you're going to carry more weight, I think you're just fine where you are from how you sound and you're just stressing over a few vanity pounds or inches. Everyone does it, it's not a bad thing..just don't make it seem so urgent or you will fail because you will expect too much.

-If you really want to lose isn't a passing fad you do for a few weeks then forget. It's a lifelong commitment.

[ MikeCFT's advice column | Ask MikeCFT A Question

angie91 answered Saturday December 2 2006, 3:49 pm:
You didnt mention how old you are, but I'm guessing a teenager, which means most likely part of you is still growing. You are not going to be the perfect weight at a teen age. You need to accept how you look and live with it. However that doesnt mean you shouldnt act healthy.
If you have an ankle injury, unless your doctor suggests that you work it out, I doubt that you should be out jogging 5 days a week, once or twice maybe, but You should probably rest it untill it is well enough to actually play sports and stuff. So I would suggest asing your doctor about that specifically.
As far as eating, Breakfast, is not good enough. The special K diet SUCKS! don't go on it. bowls of rice replacing actual food is not healthy. A healthy breakfast is fruit, maybe a bowl of cereal and juice (real juice, the kind that actually says juice on the lable not "beverage") and maybe a glass of milk. If you take out the sugars in your meals (which you aer doing at breakfast) you will lower your blood sugar, and if you push yourself particularly hard one day(say once your ankle heals and you are in sports and you are trying to hard and you havent had any sugar) you could faint, or if it were serious enough, go into a coma. So make sure you are getting atleast alittle good sugar in your diet (good sugar is the sugars in juice and fruit)
Now the reason your friends think you are on a diet is that you eat stupid warning sign foods. My friend, tried to hide that she was on a diet, but all she brough for lunch was carrot sticks and grapes. Like seriously thats like wearing a sign above your head that says: "I'm on a diet" however, I am proud that you have looked at healthy things at lunch and you are eating not, pretending to eat which a lot of girls do, by just picking at food, which is also a warning sign. A healthy example of a lunch, without warning signs, is a sandwich, if you get whole wheat bread, or anothe rtype of healthy bread, with some healthy deli meat and put a slice of lettuce and alittle mustard or something its really delicious and you dont have to worry about too many calories or whatever. a juice box, or carton of milk, a fruit (like an apple or an orange, not nibble food) something like that. Then for dinner, talk to your parents about trying to eat healthy, but you are right, it is hard when your parents make your meals. But suggest to them about making salads and stuff as a side rather than peas and corn or something. But make sure you are eating dinner, because thats inportant.
And for snacks, if you are home, carrot sticks, and grapes are great, its fine to eat fruits and veggies when youre hungry, and the greener the vegetable the healthier it is, just as a rule of thumb.
Also, 5'9 140lbs is not that bad. But if you don't eat correctly now as a teenager, the rest of your life may be screwd up, so Its good that you are checking up on it now. Good luck, I hope I helped you out abit! Love,

[ angie91's advice column | Ask angie91 A Question

Razhie answered Saturday December 2 2006, 2:53 pm:
I normally refuse to answer weight questions, but here is the honest truth as I see it:

You are eating too little to sustain your body. Not drastically too little, but definitely not enough to keep you healthy and happy, and definitely not enough to sustain the kind of workout you are suggesting! You are NOT drinking enough water, and that bowl of special K in the morning is not enough keep you energetic and focused for school until lunchtime.

You are 5'9" only 140 pounds. You don't need to loose weight. If you aren't comfortable with the size and shape of your stomach then what you need to do is build muscle tone, not diet. It is those 30 minutes a day of exercise that will melt away that extra bulge in a few weeks, not the starving yourself. If you can increase your activity level like that, and keep it up, you'll probably find you can eat as much as you want.

[ Razhie's advice column | Ask Razhie A Question

Veranex answered Saturday December 2 2006, 2:40 pm:
Ok, it looks like you really wanna lose some stomache weight, if you want it just do sit-ups or something like that. It should help tons, also, if you do wanna lose weight try doing yoga(can't tell you how many people I tell that too) it really helps, it'll tone your muscles and help you lose weight too. ^^ Hoped I helped, and if you need more advice about it message me!

[ Veranex's advice column | Ask Veranex A Question

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