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Uneven Boobs

Question Posted Friday June 23 2006, 5:25 am

My boobs are different sizes, I know thats normal but my doctor told me I was almost done with my "growing" and my left boob is almost 1 inch and a half bigger around the the other one. In a shirt it looks fine, cause of my bra, but when I wear a swimsuit it`s really noticable. I`ve tried doubling up on the padding in the smaller one but its the part that hangs out thats really noticable. Even friends I`ve never mentioned it to have said they`ve noticed it! What should I do and is this like .. unhealthy?

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rosiekat101 answered Sunday September 7 2008, 11:02 am:
I'm going through the exact same thing.
I've read a lot of answers,
and the people keep saying to just wear padding in the smaller side
I know that it's hard to do that,
to keep it from being noticed,
and to wear a bathing suit.
I hate it.
I'm actually going to the doctor in two weeks.
Chances are,
if they've been this uneven for longer than a couple of years,
they probably won't get to normal by the time you're in your 20's.
There was an episode of Dr. Phil where he explained that if you're two cup sizes or more uneven,
it is NOT normal,
and you should see a doctor.

That's my advice.

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jo-anna1985 answered Thursday July 31 2008, 1:57 pm:
hiya i was in the exactly the same postion as you but last september i had my smaller boob(by 2 cup sizes) made bigger via an implant called a becket implant which the surgeon fills with saline water to match to the other breast. I am now so happy after years of hidding my boobs and being embarresed im now 22 and thanks to my bf making me go to the doctors and thanks to my doctor and my local hosp im now very happy with my dd boobs. I understand how difficult it is and wearing extra padding and non revealing tops was what i did for years as for swimming i avoided it but there are swimsuits out there with built in bras. All i can say is go to your doctors dnt be embarresed they ve seen just about anything hope this is ok and gd luck xx

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cailoisa answered Friday June 23 2006, 7:22 pm:
I have the same problem, except maybe more so. On me, one side is a D cup and the other is just barely a B.

It's not really unhealthy. If the larger one weighs exceptionally more than the smaller one it can give you pain in that side of your back. Unfortunately they will probably never even out on their own. Wait until you've completely finished growing (between 18 and 25). If they haven't evened out and the difference still bothers you, you might like to get a plastic surgery consultation to discuss your options with a professional.

Until then, it can be disguised just a little bit. Try several different brands of bras. Try a water bra that has water in only one side. Also try a bra with removable padding and simply remove the padding from the larger side. At a more upscale clothing boutique (actually, I've had luck at Victoria's Secret) a saleslady might be able to help you pick the best bra for your build.

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cheburashka answered Friday June 23 2006, 11:38 am:
i would wait until you are eighteen or older, and if they don't even out by then and it still bothers you, ask your doctor if you can get a breast reduction for your left boob or breast inlargement for your right. for now you just have to be happy with what you have and keep in mind that you're not the only one who has to go through that. as for bathing suits, try wearing sports swimming suits - they cover your breasts higher up so that you can't see the cleavage, so that people won't be able to tell that your boobs are different sizes.

[ cheburashka's advice column | Ask cheburashka A Question

LoveLifeHelper answered Friday June 23 2006, 6:06 am:
I have a question, how old are you. Because it is a common fact that breasts dont stop growing till you about 20-21 maybe a little older. A lot of people have this problem but padded swimsuits cxan be found to help for now. Good lUck

[ LoveLifeHelper's advice column | Ask LoveLifeHelper A Question

DangerWench answered Friday June 23 2006, 6:01 am:

Lots of women have one bigger than the other, some by quite a bit. Mine are that way also, 2 different cup sizes. It's completely normal, and it is not unhealthy.

Try putting some padding underneath the smaller one, to lift/push it up more evenly with the other one. If the large one is still overflowing too much, you may be wearing too small of a sized bra/swimsuit. Or you may want to wear a swimsuit that isn't cut as low.

Good Luck.

[ DangerWench's advice column | Ask DangerWench A Question

Serenidad1030 answered Wednesday June 21 2006, 10:52 pm:
oh my gosh i have the same thing. i think about it every day and it sucks because i feel cursed. but i went to the doctors a year ago (before i started my period) and the doctor said that it could grow or it might not. but they said alot of girls have this. you can always get surgury for the other side once your older or the doctor can prescribe you something like steroids or something (i heard that from my friends mom) anyway, if you want to know what i do is i buy padded bras (you know the ones that are round and allready have shape) and go to micheals or joanne's craft store and get pads (the same size as your bra) and just insert them in your bra, its unseen and problem solved. as for the swimsuit thing i bought a swimsuit with a built in bra and just put in the pad. hope i helped you and if you ever want to talk im here . i know what your going through and i care.


[ Serenidad1030's advice column | Ask Serenidad1030 A Question

Brittany00 answered Wednesday June 21 2006, 9:18 pm:
Hi it Britt,

Try wearing a tankie for a while if it contiuns tell your doctor like every one else is saying but its not that easy just to bring that up to ur doctor randomly its a little uncomfortable if that would be uncomfortable have your mom ask her over the phone it would save you image lol!

,I hope i helped,, britt

[ Brittany00's advice column | Ask Brittany00 A Question

beachpeach answered Wednesday June 21 2006, 8:28 pm:
If you are worried about it you should make an appointment with your gyno or doctor to discuss it. Good chance is that its normal but even if thats what your doctor tell syou ask him or her if there is anything that can help even them out if you are very uncomfortable with the different sizes.

[ beachpeach's advice column | Ask beachpeach A Question

Basketball3846 answered Wednesday June 21 2006, 6:34 pm:
It's not unhealthy and a lot of growing teenage girls experiance this. They aren't finished growing but by the time they do finish, they will be normal. If you feel like it is a serious concern, talk to your doctor about it. And as for people noticing it, just try to laugh it off or ignore their comments. Over time they will give it up and stop bringing it up if they realize it makes you uncomfortable.`

[ Basketball3846's advice column | Ask Basketball3846 A Question

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