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Babysitting troubles

Question Posted Tuesday June 6 2006, 7:02 pm

I babysit an 11 year old boy and an 11 year old girl 3 days a week for 4 hours a day. The boy is very sweet, but the girl is a brat. She doesn't listen to me and always does mean stuff to me. She has poured water down my shirt and refused to help with stuff. She trys to make my job very difficult. I don't know why, since I'm very nice to her and I try to help her and do what she wants to do. My family is in a lot of debt so we need the money a lot. What should I do?

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StarryNightSkies answered Friday July 28 2006, 12:04 am:
I think you should give her 2 warnings and on the third one take her to a place where you want her time out to be... like maybe in a room facing the wall or on the steps try not to pick a place where there are a lot of toys for her to play with because the point of it is thinking what she did wrong

talk to her in a FIRM voice get down to her level and look her in the eye. if she turns away turn her back twords you and hold her shoulders but dont do it in a controling way like you want to hurt her because that isn't good.

1)Don't do that again
2)If i tell you one more time
3)tell her what he did wrong and take her to a time out place and tell her he has to stay there for 11 minutes (1 minute for every year old they are)

make sure to check back every few minutes with out her noticing like you can casually walk by

if she actually stays in her time out place then go back after 11 minutes and tell her what he did wrong and tell her if she does it again you will tell her parents and she will be in BIG trouble

hope this helps!!!

[ StarryNightSkies's advice column | Ask StarryNightSkies A Question

BeAcHbAbE21 answered Sunday June 11 2006, 9:42 pm:
well i have a lot of bad babysitting experience with toddlers but my friend has the same problems as you. I think you should just ignore the things she does for a while and if she does anythin very innapropriate you should tell her parents or even tell her brother to tell his parents because if it is something serious they will think of it as responsible and probobly want to keep hiring you but make sure it is something serious. if it something little they may think you cant handle babysitting their children.

i hope i helped you with your babysitting problems. I also suggest looking on the internet for babysitting tips + talk to friends, classmtes, even parents for suggestions.

hugs and kisses.....

[ BeAcHbAbE21's advice column | Ask BeAcHbAbE21 A Question

Nallie answered Saturday June 10 2006, 10:31 pm:
The girl is working to get your attention. To some children, negative attention is better than no attention. She probably feels neglected by her parents, and therefore is taking it out on you. On a day when you are not babysitting, ask if you can spend some time alone with her. Her special time..take her to the park, play games etc. Once you get to know her one on one and can give her some individual time, her behavior will probably get better. Make sure you don't leave her out or treat her differently than the boy, kids sense this and will respond to this.

[ Nallie's advice column | Ask Nallie A Question

Melody answered Thursday June 8 2006, 5:17 pm:
Have you ever thought that maybe you are treating the boy just a bit better, and giving him more attention? That can cause kids to behave unrationally. Talk to her & tell her that if she doesn't behave, she's going to be punished. Don't touch her physically. But tell her she has to go in a room by herself, and don't let her watch tv, & yadada. Be creative. And if this doesn't help, tell her you are going to tell her parents if she doesn't stop misbehaving. And don't just use this as a threat, actually tell them that she's out of control! It will help.

[ Melody's advice column | Ask Melody A Question

Tulipg17 answered Wednesday June 7 2006, 8:30 am:
I can not fathom and child behaving that way toward her caregiver. Being nice to her isn't the answer. A) Tell her parents about her terrible behavior and B) punish her when she behaves like that. She treats you like this because you let her. You are in charge aren't you?

[ Tulipg17's advice column | Ask Tulipg17 A Question

xxsima answered Tuesday June 6 2006, 10:17 pm:
I think that Katie is right.

Maybe she's bored and has nothing else to do.

Ask her if everything is okay, and then ask her what her favorite activities are, type of music is, favorite books are. You can read along with her and play some board games that she enjoys. She probably feels like she has nothing to do so her best bet is to fool around.

If she has any homework, or any extra work during the summer, you can help her out or ask her questions so you can interact and help her out with areas that she may be struggling with.

Best of luck!

[ xxsima's advice column | Ask xxsima A Question

ASKxKATiEx3 answered Tuesday June 6 2006, 10:01 pm:
well i have a few suggestions for you. dont know if they'd help considering i dont babysit that much, but try them.

1. def. tell the parents of the childern you are babysitting about the bratty behavior of the girl. you may not want to, but, trust me, its the right thing to do && youll feel a LOT better once you do it. of course, tell them when you are alone and not with the girl b/c she might try && get back at you or something. i dont know.

2.ask the parents about the intrests of the girl. maybe you could like play a game or do a fun activty w/ her so she would get distraced && not want and bother you && maybe start to actutally LiKE you a little bit. just a suggestion. :)

3.try && have the 11 yr. old boy help you out! he knows his sister's tricks && he will know what to do to help you out.(hopefully.)

okay, those are my suggestions. like i said, i dont babysit that often, so im not sure if they will work or not. hope i helped! write back if you need anything else! ♥ katie

[ ASKxKATiEx3's advice column | Ask ASKxKATiEx3 A Question

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