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stretch marks/self esteem

Question Posted Tuesday May 2 2006, 10:23 pm

I weigh 130 and I have soo many stretch marks. And I've had these huge huge huge patches on my legs since 7th grade but I gained 2 pounds since last year and got 18 more stretch marks on my sides. And its really hard because I'm trying to eat better and exercise and every time I see the stretch marks it makes me unhappy and it makes me want to give up and stop caring and I sit there and cry and cry because its so ugly and it makes me ugly. And its swimsuit season and I cant do this I cant live like this anymore but I have no options and it is really hard I feel so terrible about myself but nobody understands because nobody else I know has my problem and has stretch marks like me. When I look at them I just want to take a knife and cut the stretch marks out of my body. I know this is bad and that something is wrong and I'm not sure what to do about it because I'm too embaressed to tell my mom about my new stretch marks that are really depressing me because it means I failed.

I feel miserable, please help. I'm desperate.

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VainTaraLynn answered Friday May 5 2006, 12:51 am:
Okay first off, dont do anything extreme. Most girls get them, Even skinny people have them so it doesnt mean that your fat. I know they can be embarassing, but there IS a way to get rid of them. Buy some cocoa butter from a local drug store (CVS or something) & apply it everyday until it begins to reduce the visibility of them. If you dont want to tell you mom why your buying it, its also used as moisturizer cream. so just say that you want your skin to be soft. Also non scented lotion will do the trick. It also reduces the appearances of other scars :)

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RealisticWench answered Wednesday May 3 2006, 5:15 am:
Your stretch marks are more likely to be because you're growing not because you gained 2lb. you get stretch marks from large amounts of weight gain not a couple of pounds. Most women do get them, but they're more noticable t the person they're on than other people.

In time they'll fade and be hardly noticable. Try using cocoa butter on them for now. It's like a moisturiser than helps get rid of scars and stretch marks. Most people say it doesn't work but a friend of mine had burn scars and it cleared them up completly, those people probably don't commit to using it constantly. Put it on your stretch marks 3 times a day for as long as it takes and don't give up if you don't notice a difference straight away it could take a while.

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PinkandRawr answered Wednesday May 3 2006, 1:13 am:
hey there girly.
ok first of all, exersise is good- but eating healthy will do the habit.
dont give up on anything,prove to everybody what you can be. and if you give up that means your not being all that you can be. Just keep going. Losing weight can take up to 1-3 takes about 1 month to even lose 10 pounds. now if you eat coreectly drink enough water and exersise each week that will give you at least a minimum of 2 pounds per week. I'd go to i'm 13 and i put im 18 instead to do their work out program which is amazing. you won't see results in a week,but wait a month and you'll start seeing results.

remember a healthy body is a sexy body.
dont give up now- because im sure your off to great start. oh and on the hyperstrike site even if you dont have the equipment just do the exersises you can.

Results take a while. so dont worry!
OH.and one other thing no ones ugly
and im sure your one beautiful and pretty girl!
so stop crying! get to work, i mean after all your proving something right!?

oh ya sorry one more tip! tell your mom!! she would be able to help im sure and if she cant just do it on your own! im sure you can succeed!


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loves2shop86 answered Wednesday May 3 2006, 12:14 am:
hey!! well i've only been on this website trying to help people out for about a month, but i've already read a million questions from girls who are depressed about something that has to do with their body! everyone has a problem with their body... not just you! every person in the world can find something that they dislike and that they would change if they could, so you're not alone!

your strech marks are one "problem" that you see when you look at yourself, but why do they make you want to give up trying to look your best? like i said, everyone has at least one thing they hate about their body, so the best thing to do is try to make everything else that you CAN change even better in order to distract you from the "problem" you can't change! so if losing a little more weight would make you feel better, then go for it! make yourself happy... just remember to stay healthy!

no one else has strech marks like you? hmm are you sure about that? most women have them... the reason you've never seen them is because people don't take the time to look at other people's imperfections... they only look at their own! why are you embarassed to tell your mom? why do you think that you have failed? did you put the strech marks there? NO! did you ask for them? NO! so how is it your fault, and how have you failed just because you have them?

i've heard that cocoa butter helps to reduce their appearance, and now that it's swimsuit season as you said, it's also time to get a bit of a tan, which will also make them look less noticeable! buy a swimsuit which will emphasize your best features, and trust me, everyone will be looking at those and NOT your strech marks!

i really hate to see you or anyone else depressed over your body! with time you will learn to accept it and love it, and then life will be SOO much easier. every time you look at your strech marks and want to cry, just stop it! don't even allow yourself to look at a mirror unless you are going to be looking at your BEST features and complimenting yourself! and i KNOW you have those so don't deny it! you don't like having strech marks on your legs? how does not having legs sound? things can ALWAYS be worse, so don't stress over the small stuff, it makes life too hard! :) i hope i helped a little!

[ loves2shop86's advice column | Ask loves2shop86 A Question

Notso answered Tuesday May 2 2006, 10:56 pm:
your stretch marks aren't from weight gain, they're from growing taller, and your hips broadening. Every single woman has them. And every woman who has ever been pregnant has even more. They're a fact of life, no one is going to stare or point.

You can use something like vitamin e oil to lighten them and make them less noticeable however, but they won't disappear.

[ Notso's advice column | Ask Notso A Question

lillers answered Tuesday May 2 2006, 10:44 pm:
First off, I am sure that your mother has stretch marks as well. SO don't feel embarrased to tell her. if you are really concered, make an appointment with a dermatologist. they can help give you options. Nothing really gets rid of stretchmarks, but they will fae over time. seek professional help (for your depression as well.) AND for the isn't about "swimsuit season."

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