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Question Posted Tuesday January 17 2006, 3:57 pm

alright, first off i should tell you about my self. i am a 14 year old female, and i have never believed in god, or any of that stuff. ever. my whole family is majorly relgious, and im not. in most cases i am completely different from my family, so it didnt supprise me when i really didnt believe in god.

i dont believe in him, at all, what so ever. and my parents FORCE me too. like i HAVE to go to classes and church every week. i have tried to calmyly tell them, i dont believe in it.. i have tried uncalmly. nothing works.
i believe that religion is a thing that you should choose, it shouldnt be force.
so i need ya'lls help.

how can i really get them to see that i do not believe in this stuff?

i want to come across mature.

thanks for all that is going to help.

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TheTeenGirl answered Wednesday January 25 2006, 4:55 pm:
Listen, you are fourteen years old. I know that every teen goes through certain times where they just don't care to believe or just don't want to, but the point is that you are young. You cannot decide this kind of stuff right now at your age. You need to respect your parents and try church classes, they only want the best for you, so be mature about this like you want to and just keep trying like a mature young woman would do.

Plus, you need to ask your parents more about their religion and exactly what their beliefs are. It sounds to me like you don't know a whole lot about it when you say that you just don't believe in that, "stuff". That is something else you should do to come across mature, when you try arguing it, you come acrossed debating like a child. Remember that you are so young to start acting like you know a lot on this topic.


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CoWb0Y_tAy answered Thursday January 19 2006, 5:30 pm:
i am religious myself in a whole bunch of different cultures. but i understand because my dad is not. so i would say that you should sit them down one night and just flat out tell tham what you sed in your question that your different than they are and you like it that way. and that you dont believe. and that you dont want to and its your choice and they cant force you to think and believ and have faithe in what you dont believe is there. tell that you have your own beliefs. but explain it to them tell them that you believe in your own beliefs as strongly as they believe in there own. and if they dont understand then i dont know. i hope i helped! -tay

[ CoWb0Y_tAy's advice column | Ask CoWb0Y_tAy A Question

Cj answered Wednesday January 18 2006, 9:44 pm:
Ok , so you really don't believe in the guy, or do you?
fine you don't , but do you have reason for not believing or are you being prejudice, (judging without reason.)
The best thing to do is not mention it. They believe in christ and force you to church, might as well go, doesn't sound like you have much choice.
As to tell your parents, try this,
"I am not of your religion but seeing as it is your belief systems, I respect it. I also wish that you respect my belief systems allthough they differ from yours"

they key thing is to handle it in a calm matter, and don't the same as them. They are imposing thier religion on you , don't force your beliefs on them. Make as little reference to the matter as possible. If you are fighting against it but still being like them, you are no better than them.

oh yeah, try to live up to the quote that i mentioned above, don't say it but live it. this might solve your problems.

If you think i got the gist of it but not exactly what you wanted ask me again.thanks,

OH, i get you, maybe you don't believe in thier religion, not necceseraly the god of which they speak. some religions simpl belief god created the world and has been inactive ever since. So try a different religion befroe casting God out completely.


[ Cj's advice column | Ask Cj A Question

Dr_Chad answered Wednesday January 18 2006, 8:13 pm:
As a true-blue atheist, I feel deeply for your predicament. I think the problem with your parents isn't that they don't believe you could be an atheist, but that they won't accept you as an atheist.

My parents allowed us to choose whether or not to attend church after we were sixteen years old. My family went to church EVERY Sunday--my mom was the choir director. I still went now and then, but that's because I still believed in God. I didn't become a full-bore, through-and-through atheist until about two years ago---although I've had my doubts for years and did a lot of research on the topic before making my decision.

My point is, as long as you "live under their roof", you have to obey their rules. As true believers in God, your parents feel responsible for the welfare of your soul, and to ask them to give up on you ought to be impossible of them. I'm certain my parents, if they had the opportunity, would push a button and convert me back into a Christian, because THEY SINCERELY BELIEVE IN GOD AND JESUS AND CHRISTIANITY, THE WHOLE BALL OF WAX, UNQUESTIONINGLY. You can't argue with someone like that. All you can do is wait until you have the freedom to choose for yourself.

Dr. Chad

[ Dr_Chad's advice column | Ask Dr_Chad A Question

Nallie answered Tuesday January 17 2006, 10:27 pm:
From reading your short post, I gather that you are wanting to express your independence and separateness from your parents. That's typical of someone your age, and perfectly healthy.

The very fact that you feel religion has been forced upon you is all the more reason for you to want to push away. You are correct, any religion cannot be forced upon a person, just that simple realization suggests to me that at fourteen you are very mature.

I have to ask you, why do your parents want you to attend religious classes and church?

I bet deep down inside you might answer that it is because they care about you and believe whole heartedly they are doing the right thing.

I fully believe that one important aspect of being mature--is keeping an open mind. Most religions have core values and beliefs that are similar, but they all require an open mind since a higher power is not something we can physically see or touch.

The bottom line is you are being "forced". I was lucky in the fact that I attended church on my own free will. My parents were relaxed enough to allow me to explore what different religions mean and to attend different types of services. It was really quite refreshing and interesting, I am so glad I was allowed to do that. But you know just by doing that I discovered that my religion felt "right" and I kept coming back.

Perhaps the best thing for you to do is have a heart to heart with the pastor of your church. That to me would show 'maturity'--later you can include your parents in the discussion or in another meeting.

[ Nallie's advice column | Ask Nallie A Question

thisxphotobooth answered Tuesday January 17 2006, 7:31 pm:
im buddhist and my religion is pretty important to me. my dad's side is christian and my mom's side is buddhist. they both gave me a choice on which religion i wanted to be.

it sounds like your parents are very devote christians who love what they believe in. it gives them a sense of faith which they want to pass onto their daughter.

sit them down and tell them that you do not know what religion you belong to and that this is your own spiritual journey that you need to discover for yourself.

try giving christianity a try and if you decide you don't like it, then find a religion you have an interest in :]

hope i helped

[ thisxphotobooth's advice column | Ask thisxphotobooth A Question

DaNcE_In_ThE_RaIn answered Tuesday January 17 2006, 6:27 pm:
Well, I dont know your parents, but from what it sounds like, they're not trying to force it on you. They love and know what's best for you.Im a Christian, and to us, God is the most important thing in our life. Why don't you give it a try? Just listen and actually think about it. Why do you not believe in God? (im not against you im just asking!)

He didnt have "powers" but he did have the ability to create miracles.Hes the son of God..

[ DaNcE_In_ThE_RaIn's advice column | Ask DaNcE_In_ThE_RaIn A Question

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