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okay my hair is very unmanagable

at the top of my head loads of little hairs stick up no matter what i do, if i change my parting they still come through, if i put my hair up they still come through!
preferably people from england to answer this for the product part but if there are any world wide products then any one answer please :)

what can i do to control them or what products can i use to control them?

i rate fives for any advice given. (link)
i used to like pluck out the little pointy hairs but then my mom told me i was gonna go bald in that i stopped


i think gel would hold quite nicely

yeah i hope i helped :]

ok,so,here is the deal,im going to the movies with my friends,there bfs,and this kid i friends know him but i've never seen him in person,only talked on afraid he wont like (pretty wise)but i've seen a picture of him,and hes realllyyy cute.Im not confident around guys really,but i already know how to solve that. What i need to know is what should i wear for make up? (i have beige-yellow skin,brown eyes,black,long eyelashes and black eyebrowns,brown hair,pink-rosy lips.I look really itlian)I need something that makes me look soo awesome!! I have an ok complextion,some pimples.Would it be smart to go to the spa the day befor for a facial (to get rid of black heads) Thanks a bunch!!
haha i think to compliment your dark eyes, you should wear eyeliner. like thick eyeliner i think and prolly just some lip gloss. easy does it i spose :]

oyeah be yourself and have fun!

i have a really close guy best friend but he's been kinda distant from me nowadays. we used to talk a lot online and on the phone. then we got really far from each other when i started going out with my bf. we hardly talk anymore now and he's been acting kinda depressed too. i asked him what's wrong, but he won't tell me anything. he would always have these depressing messages about love and how his life is messed up and etc.

what's up with him? is there anything i can do to get us to be as close as before again? (link)
he most likely feels left out and like he's losing his best friend. i felt the same way when my best friend started dating his g/f.

you should set aside time to hang out with him alone so he still knows he's a part of your life.

maybe he has a secret crush on you, if hes saying how messed up his life is.

or perhaps hes trying to get your attention back onto him and away from your boyfriend.

or perhaps his love life really is messed up

haha yeah hope i helped :]

okay, im 13. my boyfriends 13 almost 14. any ideas for a good valentines day gift? i dont want to seem corny with gifts. and i swear, im the worst gift picker in the world.. help, please. (link)
ahh i remember like so long ago a really nice gift would be like a mix tape (of course now i spose we're all using cd's) of all your favorite songs or "your" songs. u know? yeah.

hope i helped :]

alright, first off i should tell you about my self. i am a 14 year old female, and i have never believed in god, or any of that stuff. ever. my whole family is majorly relgious, and im not. in most cases i am completely different from my family, so it didnt supprise me when i really didnt believe in god.

i dont believe in him, at all, what so ever. and my parents FORCE me too. like i HAVE to go to classes and church every week. i have tried to calmyly tell them, i dont believe in it.. i have tried uncalmly. nothing works.
i believe that religion is a thing that you should choose, it shouldnt be force.
so i need ya'lls help.

how can i really get them to see that i do not believe in this stuff?

i want to come across mature.

thanks for all that is going to help. (link)
im buddhist and my religion is pretty important to me. my dad's side is christian and my mom's side is buddhist. they both gave me a choice on which religion i wanted to be.

it sounds like your parents are very devote christians who love what they believe in. it gives them a sense of faith which they want to pass onto their daughter.

sit them down and tell them that you do not know what religion you belong to and that this is your own spiritual journey that you need to discover for yourself.

try giving christianity a try and if you decide you don't like it, then find a religion you have an interest in :]

hope i helped

okay so there is this guyy and he is the ex boyfriend of one of my friends not liek my best friend but we just kinda vent on each other since we oinly have one class together and we dont really hang out we jsut use each and tell each other everything. so anyways her ex boyfriend who she supposedly still likes well he confessed to me the other day that he liked me!! well i like him too. and i told him that and he was liek wow. i am in a bad position and i go why? and he goes cause i have a girlfriend who i like alot but i like you alot too!! and i have for a while... so i was like okay... and he goes but dont stop liking me cause i have a girlfriend cause what it something happens between us. and just told him i will wait for him but i can't wait forever and he goes see that is my problem. and now we talk and flirt all the time but it has been like a week since the confession and nothing has changed so do you think i should still wait for him or jsut move on?? because there is this other guy who i dotn really like but he is one of those peopel who when you are around them you just simply can't stop smiling. and he is cute but the only problem is he smokes weed. =[ yuck!! but he likes me too. so what should i do?? wait for the other guy who my friend still likes or move on to this bad kid even though i dotn like him smoking or just go for neither?? (link)
well you cant wait around for the guy with a girlfriend because then he\'ll keep stringing you along for who knows how long? and that would just be a waste of your time and emotions.
now this guy who smokes the weed. well if you don\'t like him smoking the weed, then you can\'t really do anything to change it because he wont change unless who wants too.

please don\'t make the mistake of telling urself that he likes you so much that he\'ll quit for you because i have a few friends who will tell you different.

i think you should go for neither because guy one is already taken and cant seem to be a \"one girl\" type of guy.

you should hold out for a guy who is what you want and single haha

hope i helped :]
i think you should go for NEITHER because guy one is already taken and cant seem to be a "one girl" type of guy.

you should hold out for a guy who is what u want and single lol

hope i helped :]

I'm a tiny little person (13/f) and my mom wants me to exercise. Aside from burning off fat and staying at a healthy weight, why is it important to exercise? (link)
it builds resistance against possible future health risks like high cholesterol etc etc

i personally hate any excercise besides swimming :]

excercise isnt SO bad. just find a kind you like.

hope i helped

I've wax my eyebrows several times, and everytime I get red bumps in my T-zone (inbetween my eyebrows, and under my eyebrows). They itch, and I'm guessing they are just from the irritation of getting my eyebrows waxed. I just got my eyebrows waxed yesterday, and the bumps are back. How do I make them go away, preferably within a day? Thanks. (link)
omg that happens to me too :]

its ok cause alot of my friends also get it

put soothing lotion on it that should help, perhaps cocoa butter lotion which is basically in every lotion ever made lol

btw: coco butter also helps stretch marks

i dont know why i know this but i do :]

i think the marks are from getting hair yanked outta their homes. its their protest i spose lol

yeah put lotion on it or use an oil cleanser thing that should help.

hope i helped you

would you consider someone who

*tap, jazz, and hip-hop dances
*used to listen to britney spears, went to 2 of her concerts, owns her autorgrpah and danced to her songs on his porch
*loves pretty woman & thats so raven
*and gets excited when going to the mall or shopping

gay? do all of those things add up to gay also he gets overly excited about gossip. . . do you think hes gay? he denies it but it seems like he is, i want to believe him since hes my friend but theres so many signs!! aghh (link)
perhaps he is a metrosexual

basically a man who spends alot of time and money on his life and appearance (ie: supposed feminine traits)

if he tells you that he isnt gay then you should take his word for it but make sure he knows that if he happens to be "in the closet" that he could confide in you.

well all these traits are like feminine i suppose but hey we're in the 21st century. who's to stop him from enjoying supposedly non masculine pastimes?

i dont think that guys need to be complete meatheads to prove that they are manly. pft.


hope i helped lol :]

My guy friend likes my bestfriend, and shes likes the guy who play hard to get and he asked me how he should "play hard to get" and I really dont know? so is there any advice that you can give me to tell him.
sorry if its confusing.
thanks in advance (link)
ah remember the days when liking someone meant putting gum in their hair or stealing their swing? ANYWAYS...

play hard to get? i spose i shall assume a male position on this one.


here goes

well tell him that he should ignore her a few times to get her to want more or perhaps just copy the hard to get guys example.

but i think the main thing is,just be yourself.

he shouldn't have to bend his will to please her cause in the end, if he does score the girl, she'll just give up and move on because she seems to be into the "thrill of the chase"

no offense tho.

Me and my girlfriend of over 2years have been having some issues lately. She says that she isent sure if she wants to be with me, and when she says this she cries and tells me how much she loves me, however, the reason she doesnt know if she wants to be with me, is because i dont hurry up and finish school. I love this girl so much and definetely see a future with her. Everytime we talk about this, we end up crying , so i decided to send an email, telling her how if she wanted I could brake up with her to make her decision easier, its been 2 days and i have not received an answer to my question, we still talk on the phone all the time and see each other, but no mention of my email is ever brought up. What should I do? How much time do i need to give her to make up her mind? its killing me knowing that she is contemplating braking up. (link)
i spose these things in life happen alot

the dating process is brutal but you've found somebody you love and loves you back

therefore you pretty much beat the "game"

if she doesn't mention the email, then perhaps you should just forget about the whole thing.

maybe receiving that email actually shined a light on the fact that you two could actually be over and made her realize she doesn't want that.

yeah. i hope i helped :]

I was wondering .... on my profile it says "xangah !!" and when you click on it ; it goes to the xanga web page but i want it to go on to MY xanga page AND IT WONT !!

please help !! (link)
well when you do xanga, you have to have a specific name like which is actually mine haha. but yeah

what you do is --> __ur name here_

that should take you and people to ur xanga webpage.


i hope i helped.

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