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what should i do??

Question Posted Sunday November 27 2005, 12:41 pm

ok well im 13 and i like this guy and me and him have been hanging out alot and he was my first kiss,first makeout,first person to finger me,first person to eat me out all this in like 3 months that we have known each other. he isnt a virgin and he told me that he wanted to be my first everything and i said ok because i really do love him and he claimed that he loved me and he swore to god that he wasnt using me. well the last time me and him hung out was like 3 weeks ago and that was like the 4th time he fingered me and i swear im not a slut but now hes ingnoring me because one of my friends got him really mad so he took it out on me and now he doesnt like me anymore but i want him to and i try to get over him but i just cant.
what should i do??

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alleycatt726 answered Tuesday November 29 2005, 10:44 am:
well first of all, if hes acting like this, then do you really want to lose your virginity to an asshole?? i would wait and see if he comes around and if he does and you are guys are together for a while, then reconsider. but just be careful so you dont get hurt.

[ alleycatt726's advice column | Ask alleycatt726 A Question

XO_LiZ_69_0X answered Sunday November 27 2005, 6:42 pm:
well, maybe you should wait and see if he comes around, or maybe he just wasnt right. I know guys who are like that and say they love you and shit, and then you find out that they are using you to get "some". i`d just really wait for ONLY a SMALL time, and if nothing happens, then it wasnt meant to be, and you just lost everything that belongs to you to a friggen asshole.

hope i helped

[ ♥ ] Elizabeth

[ XO_LiZ_69_0X's advice column | Ask XO_LiZ_69_0X A Question

dimples4life answered Sunday November 27 2005, 5:57 pm:
dont worry you aint missing nothin dont presure your self over him there somethin else better out there for you and anit u kinda to young to lose it uh

[ dimples4life's advice column | Ask dimples4life A Question

kailey answered Sunday November 27 2005, 5:34 pm:
First of all, you're young. Don't go rushing into these things, especially sex. Could you handle his kid if you were pregnant? I'll answer for you-- you're 13 & can't support yourself, so that's a negative.

The kid is a jerk if he'll fool around with you, then ignore you, then take his anger out on you. Time heals all wounds-- you'll get over him eventually.

[ kailey's advice column | Ask kailey A Question

Supermanlover45 answered Sunday November 27 2005, 1:47 pm:
Honestly, you don't love him and he doesn't love you. And honestly if your going to rate me low for saying that then I just know one thing you can't handle the truth. But honestly don't take this the wrong way but he was using you.. If he loved you he wouldn't take his anger out on you and just ignore you without an explanation. He's a dog and just wanted some pussy. If i was you I'd just ignore him as long as I can and if he wants you he'll come back and try to sweet talk ya* but I would be like fuck off you screwed me over all your were was just a regret that's living in my past. And bam never talk to him again. Hope I helped. Hope you do the right thing.

god damn you just proved my point!

[ Supermanlover45's advice column | Ask Supermanlover45 A Question

xxoBriannax answered Sunday November 27 2005, 1:33 pm:
It doesn't seem like he really loved you like you said if he dumped you because his friend is mad at him. That's a really stupid reason to not like you anymore. You didn't do anything to him.

[ xxoBriannax's advice column | Ask xxoBriannax A Question

brunettecutie answered Sunday November 27 2005, 1:17 pm:
i think you should talk to him about it. tell him "i know one of my friends got you mad but i will talk to her and she wont do it again, please dont be mad at me, i really like you" or something like that. tell him how all this is making you feel. im sure if you be honest while telling him your feelings everything will work out. if its meant to be, it will be.

good luck!!

brunettecutie **

[ brunettecutie's advice column | Ask brunettecutie A Question

Annerszz_101 answered Sunday November 27 2005, 1:15 pm:
Uhm, you're 13. you shouldn't be letting him take advantage of you like that. Just give him some space and if you notice that he QUICKLY forgives you && wants to finger you again. he's DEFIENTLY using you!

^^ PLEASE let me know if I helped or not!
**hope it works out**
x-O Annerszz_101 x-O

[ Annerszz_101's advice column | Ask Annerszz_101 A Question

eeerrriiicccaaa answered Sunday November 27 2005, 1:09 pm:
aww i am so sorry. are you guys dating? because if you arent thats not really a good idea because he could just leave you like that..but if you are dating when i had to get over my first everythingit was so hard but you really get over them when you find someone new. it will be hard for a while youll think of him a lot but once you find a new guy he will come running back and you can see if he's worth it or not and if you want to stay with the new guy or go back to him.. its your choice depending on how much this guy means to you and if hes not a asshole. hope i helped good luck &hearts;

[ eeerrriiicccaaa's advice column | Ask eeerrriiicccaaa A Question

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