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my parents are ruining everything!!!!

Question Posted Monday August 8 2005, 8:31 am

ok so i have been going out with my boyfriend for almost 8 months... and last week i went over his house and then we went to the mom told my dad that he needed to pick me up at dad actually came kinda early at around 4:45!!! so i was out of the pool and me and jared(my bf) were laying on the lawn chair together.. my leg was in between his legs and when i saw my dad i totally freaked out!! 2 days later at nite my bf called and my dad picked up the fone and told me to get off the fone!!! now i can't even talk to my bf!! and my mom is saying things like how my dad doesnt want me to see jared nemore!! and my dad had a chat with me in the car on the way home and he sed i looked like a SLUT!!! i love jared soooo much and i dont think i can take wut my parents a pressuring me to do!! and i cant just not talk to jared!!!
please please please help me!!!!

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shutupnkissme98 answered Wednesday August 10 2005, 9:10 pm:
ok well talk to your parents first.tell your dad that you werent doin anything with him. and tell your dad how much you relly like jared. also let jared no that your having sum family issues and you might not b able to see him as much for awhile.hope i helped XoXo

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i_define_weird answered Monday August 8 2005, 3:35 pm:
Talk to you parents about your point of view. I'm sure they'll tell you about theirs. Though you think they absolutely unfair and your reason's better than theirs, your parents have reasons of why they think you shoudln't talk to you boyfriend. And they have good reasons to believe it or not. You need to understand what they think and they need to understand how you feel. They've have boyfriends and girlfriends too when they were your age. They should know what you're going through. All dad's are protective like that, cause no matter what, they still see you as a little kid. Though your dad was wrong to call you a slut. Tell him that hurt you. Tell your parents how much you like him. && that you hate it when they look at something you two do, they just assume stupid things. Good luck && hope I helped. TORi

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Razhie answered Monday August 8 2005, 12:39 pm:
Have some sympathy with you parents hun. This is as hard from them as it is for you. Your father isn't trying to make you miserable, he is trying to protect you. I don't even live at home anymore and my father still acts menacingly around my boyfriend.

Talk to your parents about thier fears and be honest. They are afriad you are uninformed, immature and irresponsible, Telling them how much you love this guy and need to talk to them isn't gonna help you here, it only makes you sound silly to them and makes them worry more!

Insteed tell them how much thier distrust is hurting you and how you don't want to be called things like a slut. This isn't about you and your boyfriend, this is about your relationship with your parents, be ready to compromise with them. Thier trust and support is one of the more precious things you will have in your life.

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l0ST_iiN_L0VE_x3 answered Monday August 8 2005, 11:06 am:
i think yu should secretly qo out with jared

[ l0ST_iiN_L0VE_x3's advice column | Ask l0ST_iiN_L0VE_x3 A Question

2cute4u answered Monday August 8 2005, 11:05 am:
you have to xplain to your parents why your dad saw what he saw and also xplain that jared isnt the person they think he is its two people in a relation so it kind of takes two people two do wrong so tell your dad to stop buggin out let you explain your self and explain your feelings for jared if he doesn't want to hear it then talk to your mom but don;t end your relationship with your boyfriend b/c your parents are trippin maybe jared's parents can talk to your parents

[ 2cute4u's advice column | Ask 2cute4u A Question

dasweetness2603 answered Monday August 8 2005, 10:29 am:
Hey Sweety. Well it kind of seems like your parents are forcing you to stop talking to Jared which is complete and total BULLSHIT. If I were in your situation I would tell my dad exactly how I feel. I mean if you really love Jared than your dad should be able to understand and put w.e. grudge he has against Jared up his a**. lol. If your parents still try to break you two up than I would invite him to dinner to your house and during the whole dinner talk about all of Jared's good qualities and how much you love eachother. It depends how old you are but I would even through in a little kiss on the lips just for effect. The only reason I would invite him to dinner would be to show your parents that he's not going anywhere whether they like it or not. You should also consult your dad about the whole *Slut* thing because that can be taken to heart easily. I mean personally I don't believe that any 1 in your immediate family should be using those types of words, especially your own father. Tell him what the definition of a slut is and explain to him that your not 1, because you have 1 bf and you stick to him like glue. Don't be afraid to consult your parents about these things because once you get everything out in the open maybe they'll see your point of view on these matters. good luck. Xo. Rate me~~

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