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Question Posted Thursday May 26 2005, 3:06 pm

i have a really bad blister on my foot/back ankle from my work shoes and i dont have money to get new ones, is there something i can put on my ankle to make the blister better, i have a bandaid on it but it still hurts. also, the place it gave me a blisterright above my heel were the top, back of the shoe usually rubs. is there anything i can put there to keep from getting the blisters because i have to wear short socks and i walk all day so a lot of time they fall or i just dont have time to make sure my sock is over the there anything i can do? I know is a weird question but i walk all day at work and these are very bad blisters!!

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whatyousay32 answered Thursday May 26 2005, 4:25 pm:
yes.. get ankle socks that work!! and in the time that it heals you can use mole skin pads to put on them, and there is some medication.. is it red and and hurts when you touch it.. i had the same thing , make your soes tighter and hope it gets better ;)

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cailoisa answered Thursday May 26 2005, 4:22 pm:
I don't know what to do to keep you from getting blisters, but I can tell you how to take care of them when you get one.

This is from my mom's medical dictionary. Sterilize a sewing needle (heat or rubbing alcohol). Poke a tiny hole in one side of the blister, but not the top. Soak it in warm water, in a tub, or by covering it with a wet cloth/cotton ball, to get everything out. Then cover it with a bandage to keep it from getting rubbed wrong again.

Hope that helped!

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BabyGirl05 answered Thursday May 26 2005, 4:13 pm:
Where maybe a brance or an ace bandade or put gaze under a bandade!

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zapreth answered Thursday May 26 2005, 3:56 pm:
You can buy a material called moleskin and cut a patch to cover the area that rubs your foot wrong. You can find it in the health and bueaty aid section of Wal-Mart. Just ask someone to help you look for it. I haven't bought the stuff in along time, so I can't tell you what the packaging will look like. The material is soft and thin enough to both relieve the problem and not change the overall fit of you shoes.

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dreamingkat answered Thursday May 26 2005, 3:32 pm:
Is the shoe rubbing because it is too big? If so, you can try wearing heavier socks, two pairs of socks, or stuffing cotton balls in the toe so that your shoe fits better.

Is the shoe rubbing because it has become bent? You can use an iron to help bend many types of shoes back into place (it doesn't work so well for sneakers).

Is the part of the shoe that rubs you rough? Find a scrap of soft fabric, a cotton ball, and some glue. Put the shoe on, and have someone help you stretch the cotton ball over the shoe so that it's filled up the space between your ankle and the shoe. Glue the soft cloth over the cotton ball to hold it in place (on all 4 sides - cloth should be bigger than the cotton ball).

No matter what solution you use (mine or some of the other columnists), I recommend still wearing some form of padding over the blister till it heals up. An alternative to the band aid, is medical tape and a cotton ball. It provides a little more padding than a band aid.

[ dreamingkat's advice column | Ask dreamingkat A Question

qotsa369 answered Thursday May 26 2005, 3:27 pm:
At the store they have band-aids made for blisters and I don't think they hurt like a regular band-aids.

[ qotsa369's advice column | Ask qotsa369 A Question

Michele answered Thursday May 26 2005, 3:20 pm:
Well this should work, but I am not sure for how long. You know how a new pack of cigaretts has a clear cellophane wrapper. You need something like this. Something that is TWO layers of cellophane. Put it in your show where the blister is. One side of the cellphane will rub on the shoe and work up and down with it. The other side of the cellophane goes against the blister,( and leave the band aid on. ) The two sides of the cellophane rub against each other, and not you or the shoe. It HAS to be cellophane, no saran wrap or alluminum foil. So a pack of cigaretts or box of candy. I don't know what else may have cellopane on it. It hope you have some so you can try this


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