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im over you songs

Question Posted Wednesday April 13 2005, 6:22 pm

hey my friends going through suthing right now to get over a guy what are some songs that just mean "basically im over you and dont need you" because im really proud of her and i want to make her a cd of songs wtih this point

thanx ill rate high

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lakendrawriter answered Thursday January 15 2009, 12:22 am:
Toni Braxton's I'm Still Breathing

[ lakendrawriter's advice column | Ask lakendrawriter A Question

GiniParty answered Saturday April 7 2007, 8:02 pm:
"Another You" By: Cascada

[ GiniParty's advice column | Ask GiniParty A Question

soonerfreak128 answered Wednesday April 20 2005, 8:50 pm:

since u been gone by kelly clarkson
happy ending my avril lavinge

thats all i can think of. LATERZ!


[ soonerfreak128's advice column | Ask soonerfreak128 A Question

PrincezzMari answered Wednesday April 13 2005, 10:26 pm:
i don't know if any one has put these, but
*leave/get out* *so yesterday* *surviver* *karma* *no more* *since u'v been gone* *done with you*

i'm in a hurry right now, but i'll think of more if you just leave one in my inbox, but i hope that i helped for now!!! *MaRi*

[ PrincezzMari's advice column | Ask PrincezzMari A Question

x0oLoViNiTo0x answered Wednesday April 13 2005, 10:11 pm:
Leave, get out-JoJo, Fighter-Christina Aguilera,
Survivor-Destiny's Child, Since U Been Gone-Kelly Clarkson... Hope that helps!

[ x0oLoViNiTo0x's advice column | Ask x0oLoViNiTo0x A Question

vchicka15 answered Wednesday April 13 2005, 9:35 pm:
survivor by destinys child
woop-t-woo by olivia'
since you been gone by kelly clarkson
gone by kelly clarkson
the last song by the all american rejects
aint gonna cry no more by monica
hope it helps

[ vchicka15's advice column | Ask vchicka15 A Question

FunnyCide answered Wednesday April 13 2005, 8:11 pm:
Mmmk... you're such a sweet friend for making your friend this CD to let her know how much you care about her! If you don't recognize some of the songs, I can give you the lyrics to them, or a link to the lyrics. Or you could look them up on the Internet.

-I'm Not Okay (I Promise): My Chemical Romance
-Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Green Day
-Shadow: Ashlee Simpson
-Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet?: Relient k
-Don't Want You Back: Backstreet Boys
-Karma: Alicia Keys
-Drive Away: All American Rejects
-Mr. Brightside: The Killers
-I Hate Christmas Parties: Relient k
-Leave (Get Out): JoJo
-He Wasn't: Avril Lavigne
-Since You've Been Gone: Kelly Clarkson
-Pressing On: Relient k
-Pieces Of Me: Ashlee Simpson
-If You Died I Wouldn't Cry: Mya
-Fighter: Christina Aguilera
-Burn: Usher
-Don't Leave Me: All American Rejects
-Dog Eat Dog: AC/DC
-Final Goodbye: Usher
-Better Than You: Metallica
-Cold: Matchbox 20
-Maybe It's Maybeline: Relient k
-I'm Not Falling Apart: Maroon 5
-Way Away: Yellow Card

I hope this is okay. Good luck with your friend and the CD!!

[ FunnyCide's advice column | Ask FunnyCide A Question

passionate answered Wednesday April 13 2005, 7:12 pm:
I don't have a lot but:
Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Fighter - Christina A.
Leave (Get Out) - Jojo
I don't want you back - Eamon
Karma - Alicia Keys
Burn - Usher
I hope I helped.

[ passionate's advice column | Ask passionate A Question

JazzY answered Wednesday April 13 2005, 7:06 pm:
Hey, I am going to try to help you out as best as i can!
-Songs by Dashboard Confessional
-Songs my My Chemical Romance
-Since U Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson
-My Immortal- Evanesence(I'm not so sure, but you could try)
-Disconnected-Kelly Osbourne
-On your own-Kelly Osbourne

Well, I hope I gave you a few ideas!

[ JazzY's advice column | Ask JazzY A Question

CaLiEnTeBaYbEe answered Wednesday April 13 2005, 7:00 pm:
your evil soul-the spill canvas

and try the band called avenged sevenfold.

[ CaLiEnTeBaYbEe's advice column | Ask CaLiEnTeBaYbEe A Question

Erinn_the_bamf answered Wednesday April 13 2005, 6:53 pm:
Here a a few you could use:

~Since U Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson
~Leave (Get Out)- JoJo
~He Wasn't- Avril Lanigne (I hate that song but it is about getting over someone)
~F***k It (I Don't Want You Back)- Eamon
~I'm Not Okay (I Promise)- My Chemical Romance(not about breaking up but sorta about being OK)
~Alicia Keys- Karma
~Usher- Burn
~Mr. Brightside~ The Killers (it's sorta about getting over someone)

Those are the "getting over someone" songs on's Top 100 list. I hope I helped! ♥ good luck

[ Erinn_the_bamf's advice column | Ask Erinn_the_bamf A Question

stalkingroxy911 answered Wednesday April 13 2005, 6:48 pm:
swing swing by all american rejects

[ stalkingroxy911's advice column | Ask stalkingroxy911 A Question

sweetxcatastrophe answered Wednesday April 13 2005, 6:41 pm:
lol ... be goofy...

"dont want you back"
by the backstreet boys. --heck yes!!

[ sweetxcatastrophe's advice column | Ask sweetxcatastrophe A Question

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