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Question Posted Tuesday April 5 2005, 7:39 pm

as stupid as it sounds, i don't care! i just need help! im 13 and have been going through puberty SLOWLY. its so annoying, but my cousin is a bit older than me and is telling me when your breasts grow while your going through puberty-they hurt! and now im noticing it! my right breast is starting to hurt and grow a little more. but my left breast isn't doing anything! im getting worried that ill look like a freak because my right breast will grow faster and not gradually with the right one! i don't feel comfortable talking to my mom about it... is this normal???


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oneandonly345 answered Wednesday April 6 2005, 7:56 pm:
no. thats not normal. just kidding. yes that is fine. your not sick or anything. while they are growing out, just wear sports bras. they make you look equal.. your finee and for the pain, take montrin. or just deal with it. and your left one will start growing soon. trust me.
every thing will start to equal out.
hope i helped, hang in here!

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Karen answered Wednesday April 6 2005, 12:18 pm:
Yes, this is normal. Your breasts will eventually even out and just because your right breast is growing faster, it doesn't mean that your left one stopped growing. You won't look like a freak at all because no one is even going to notice the size of your breasts, unless someone stares really close but if you wear a bra, then no one will. Most girls don't even have the same size breasts at a point so don't worry.

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

HyperactiveMiss answered Wednesday April 6 2005, 1:01 am:
Well, just because only the right one hurts, doesn't mean the left isn't growing =P But if you're sure it's not growing, it will in time. And anyways, no one has exactly equal breasts. You can't notice the difference anyway...unless some weirdo wants to measure them. haha. Since you're 13, you have plenty of growing time x)

[ HyperactiveMiss's advice column | Ask HyperactiveMiss A Question

Avocodo answered Wednesday April 6 2005, 1:00 am:
hey its normal, i was going through the same thing to. wait a while until you competly bloom, then you will be proud of your me. but if it REALLY bothers you, then yes talking to your mom would be the best thing. if you are able to talk to her about things like this, you two will become closer which will be good when you start dealing with more changes. hope i helped.

[ Avocodo's advice column | Ask Avocodo A Question

XxRockon answered Tuesday April 5 2005, 10:46 pm:
completely normal..everyone has uneven breasts..if when you are done growing completely and they are still very uneven and it bothers you, you could have them surgically altered if you wanted.

[ XxRockon's advice column | Ask XxRockon A Question

esbeautiful1313 answered Tuesday April 5 2005, 10:34 pm:
Hey, I will be breif since your question has already been answered.
Yes, what you are experiencing is completely normal! Almost every women will discover themselves at one time or another.
Now you can find this info, and so much more about everything you want to know (form puberty, to periods, to nutrition, to all other body issues) in a book called
The Body Book For Girls

This book is by Valorie Lee Schaefer, from the American Girl Library.
You can probably find it at any big bookstore like Borders or Barnes and Noble, or you can look online.

It has tons of info about eveything you probably need to know!
I hope it helps you!!

[ esbeautiful1313's advice column | Ask esbeautiful1313 A Question

EJ47 answered Tuesday April 5 2005, 10:10 pm:
This is completely normal. Everyone has unsymmetrical boobs, the only perfect ones are fake.... plus if you wear a bra, who will notice? No one, unless they're really trying hard. If you're only 13, then theres nothing to worry about, your breats will even out with time... I started out slow, but during the summer, at 13, yes, last year, before I knew it I was shaving every day.... among other things. So take it easy, nothing to worry about.... you're fine ^^

<3 EJ

[ EJ47's advice column | Ask EJ47 A Question

milliethu answered Tuesday April 5 2005, 9:58 pm:
most people have uneven breasts. i do. my guy friends girl friend does. my mom did. alot of people do, and its hard to notice. they should even out by the time u r around 20. hope i helped

[ milliethu's advice column | Ask milliethu A Question

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