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my best friend and i

Question Posted Saturday October 2 2004, 12:44 am

well me and my best friend havnt talked for a a month and a half, and im just finding out now that he is mad at me because one of my old friends and i aernt talkin now, and he doesnt like me cus i dont like his friend, so now i lost a best friend, what should i do? oh and he hasnt told me any of this, my GF had to talk to him cus he is ignoreing me

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Nyctophobia87 answered Sunday October 3 2004, 12:41 am:
try not eating for a few days

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chris_in_d4_hous3 answered Saturday October 2 2004, 9:58 am:
you are prob still mates with him you just need to talk to him.. say i missed ya as m8 n ddo you still wanna be close mates? you dont have to be best friends to hang about 24/7 n all day. you can go around his house n he can come round urez and u will still be talking.....

[ chris_in_d4_hous3's advice column | Ask chris_in_d4_hous3 A Question

xOCarrie answered Saturday October 2 2004, 1:21 am:
If he is mad at you over not liking someone he wanted you to like, then he was never really a true friend. Real friends stick it with you through thick n thin. Try talking to him, and if that doesnt work, as hard as this might sound .. you might have to both just go your seperate ways. Theres plenty more truthful people out there. You just got to find the right one. Good Luck.


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BlueEyedBlondie725 answered Saturday October 2 2004, 1:20 am:
You should try talking to him and trying to work it out. Or if he doesn't listen to you, maybe your girlfriend could help you out. But, if you don't want her in the middle of this, then I would suggest calling him up or talking to him face to face or on AIM/AOL. Just basically telling him the situation. Just be like "You're my best friend and I thought we were suppose to be for along time. Are you mad at me just because I'm not friends with one of my old friends who is your friend now? I mean if that is, I'm sorry that I don't get along with him, I don't want this to make us NOT friends. I don't want us to be arguing over something like that. I had to have my girlfriend ask you because you're ignoring me. And I just want to work this out because I don't want us to just forget about our friendship, I want to try to work this out..." Just say something like that and how you feel about this situation and stuff. And how you still want to be best friends and stuff. I hope this helps and good luck hun. If you still need help, just post a message in my inbox.

xoxo Kourtney

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