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I have this friend

Question Posted Thursday September 30 2004, 5:17 pm

Okay I have this friend and she has been my friend for about a year. Anyway she is like always bugging me she never shuts up and she always bugs me and my boyfriend. She is always trying to get us to do things, and she makes us on the sims 2 and made me get pregnant on the game and him have an affair with the maid. I mean she is a really good friend but she is always like butting in to our relationship and it gets on me and my boyfriends nerves. I just wish that she could but out of me and my boyfriends relationship. My boyfriend thinks that she likes to try to make us do stuff because she can't get a boyfriend.
Please Help Me
(*)Haleigh Ann(*)

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Additional info, added Thursday September 30 2004, 5:39 pm:
and im blonde so i am "dumb" sometimes and she isnt blonde but she tries to act like it. and i dont think its cuz i dont spend enough time with her because i spend more time with her now than i used to. me and my bf have been trying to tell her to stop but she wont..

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XxRockon answered Thursday September 30 2004, 7:00 pm:
ah that sux. You need to talk to her when you guys are alone and tell her specific reasons why she is bothering you, but also mention some good points about her. The reason why you should mention specifics is because if u just say "u really bother me" shes not gunna know why ucz maybe she feels she wants to get attention from u since she mite feel that u are always wit ur bf and give all ur attention to him. She prolly won't tell u thats the reason but i have a feeling thats waht it mite b . so if ustill wanna b friends wit her make some plans wit her so let her know that u still wanna continue the friendship but if not then just tell her how u feel but also mention that she is a really cool and nice person so she won't feel too bad. Hope i helped

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sExY_LiL_BoO_BeCkY answered Thursday September 30 2004, 6:39 pm:
OMG, I hate when that happens. Well, u should talk 2 ur friend, and be like could we be alone, not 2 be mean but we really need 2 talk about something important. Something like that, but make sure after ur little time alone that u go back 2 talk w/ur friend, or she could get mad and think u r mad @ her. Then she might think u spend 2 much time w/ur bf...blah blah blah. Yea well, u could also try 2 hook ur friend up w/some1. Also, u could just tell her straight up that she is spending 2 much time w/u and ur bf, and that u 2 just want 2 be alone! I hope I have helped.


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xOCarrie answered Thursday September 30 2004, 6:04 pm:
Well, why dont you try talking to her? It`s always good to stand up to what you think is right. Tell her that this is your relationship and not hers. Theres two seperate relationships in this situation. The one you have with your boyfriend, and the one you have with her (friendship). You need to make that clear that there two seperate things and you take it into offence when she "butt`s" in. I hope i helped. people butting into your relationship seems like it can really be a pain. Good Luck.


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PuReLuVeR143 answered Thursday September 30 2004, 5:40 pm: thats kinda a weird friend?? hehe jk..but like every1 else prolly said, u gotta talk to her about it..thats the onlyyyy way shes gunna really get it..i mean there are other ways to hint it, but itd be mean, so tha only nice and mature way to do it is by telling her how u feel..the next time she doesnt something stupid like that and she laughs or thinks its funny, kinda roll ur eyes and be like, "listen u and me are hella good friends..and if u ever had a prob wit me id want u to tell me..i dunno it kinda makes me feel uncomfortable when..."etcetc..u know whut i mean?? whut shes doing it totally outta line and not her place at all...she does it cause she knows she can..cause u havent put ur foot down u know? shes disrespecting u and ur bf so u gotta take care of that...if u need ne more help leave me one in my inbOx..k?
love kristin
oh yeah and if she wont leave u 2 alone, dont invite her places, dont take her with u guyz when u hang out, dont pick up her calls when u 2 are together and if she asks to come with u guys if u ever go out be like..we are gunna go just tha 2 of us like kinda a date thing....sorry :-/..say that or something

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MissEmmyBoo answered Thursday September 30 2004, 5:37 pm:
Ok well for starters I would totally talk to her about this. Just be like "you know I don't think it's cool that you try to..." And maybe you could like try to hook her up with someone so she'll keep her mind off of you and your BF.

[ MissEmmyBoo's advice column | Ask MissEmmyBoo A Question

vickidee123 answered Thursday September 30 2004, 5:36 pm:
she might be jealous of you. i mean now that you have a boyfriend do you spend as much time with her as you used to? she could be jealous of your boyfriend (not in that way) but because you spend more time with him than with her. you should even try telling her that you dont like what she does and it makes you feel uncomfortable.

[ vickidee123's advice column | Ask vickidee123 A Question

AsweetGoodBy answered Thursday September 30 2004, 5:34 pm:
she probably is jealous of yall...both of you need to tell her step off a little and that you'll do what you want with eachother when you feel like is yalls realationship not hers!

[ AsweetGoodBy's advice column | Ask AsweetGoodBy A Question

GC_rox_my_sox answered Thursday September 30 2004, 5:33 pm:
You should hook her up with a guy, that way, she would be too busy with her own relationship to butt into yours. If no guys at your school will go out with her, then try to fix her up with guys from other schools. If none of those work, then don't tell her when you're going to hang out with your boyfriend.

[ GC_rox_my_sox's advice column | Ask GC_rox_my_sox A Question

penguinxown answered Thursday September 30 2004, 5:31 pm:
i think you need to tell her to back off slowly.
i mean tell her that you want time with you and your boyfriend to herself.

i mean i would get sick and tired of her doing that, not that i have friends like that anyways.

but that is kind of strange that she is trying to make you guys do thing. why dont you just find her someone? if you can.

well yeah talk to her how you feel, alright?


[ penguinxown's advice column | Ask penguinxown A Question

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