my name`s corey. there`s no one else like me. people usually refer to me as: "the" baby, baby corey ( cause i`m small ), rie or bourke. i`m sixteen. i`m really tiny, so people like to pick me up alot, it`s kinda annoying, but i love the attention :]. i`m 5'4'' & 106lbs. sometimes, i don`t think before i speak & i often get into arguments. i`m going to be a junior next year. i love summer & the beach. i love my besties; ce-ce, alexis & kacie. and my boys; jack, cam, & erick. i have a boyfriend, tim. i love him. don`t fuck it uppp. he`s like my best friend & i never wanna loose him! i have an older brother, who helps me with everything. i`m loud & i like to party non-stop. partying is my thing. i smoke, i drink, & i don`t care what you say. i get fucked up & embarass myself all the time, don`t judge me. late night blunt rides make my lifeee. i say the words: wicked, nuh-uh, yeah i know right, rockstar, & punk alot. my family means alot to me. i have scoliosis. tell me about ittt, i hate it. i love to text, i want a sidekickkk. i love anything watermelon. vitamin water = love. i hate it when people don`t put on their seatbelts in the car. i hate orange juice. i like to shop & sleep. i wish i could wear sweatpants & hoodies all the time. i`m more than content with myself. i don`t like being alone. i play softball & i`m a pitcher. i`m the middle child :]. i`d love to go to italy someday. i love popsicles & freeze-pops. i shop at abercrombie kids, hollister, american eagle, bebe, victoria`s secret, juicy couture, bcgb maxazria, aeropostale, & wet seal. my favorite designers are coach, chanel & louis vuitton. i don`t like myspace. i can never make up my mind. i usually get what i want. i`ve been through alot, being sixteen. alot of my friends come to me for advice, so ask me anything. i never break my promises. i wanna meet someone who actually appreciates me for more than what i look like.


Whenever my boyfriend and i are at the movies, he will put his arm around me and sometimes my waist and then i will put my head on his shoulders. Nomaly he will hold my hand but then he starts playing with it. What does that mean? Also he always pokes me. what does that mean?

I'm pretty sure it means he likes you. He wants to touch you, but is too nervous. :) hope I helped bbyg.


whats the best way to shave your vajayjay? cause whenever i do it burns a little after and its uncomfortable... also i get kind of racor burn on it and i just wanna know how to do it painlessly in all forms lol and like what razor is best, shaving cream, and yeah. (in your opinion anyways) thanks! ♥

okay the most painless way would to be to use a cream hair remover. try sally hansens extra strength cereme hair remover for bikini line exclusive brazilian formula. long name lol. but you can get it at like a CVS or walgreens. if you wanna shave it, get bikini zone's anti-bump shave gel. you use that instead of shaving cream. and then also get bikini zone cream, for after you shave it. & put lotion on the area also after you shave it. and for razors, the best would be one that has 4 blades, instead of three. also, shave in the direction the hair grows. only shave upwards inbetween your thighs, then shave downwards for the rest of it. if you need any other info, just ask :] hope i helped! ♥ corey.


OKay i had a conversation on AIM the other day and like i was talking to a boy in my class that i am okay friends with and i have had a crush on him for the LONGEST time.. but only my bestie knows about it and she wouldnt tell. Anyway we havent talked in like a month...so i dont understand what he means by this:

HIm: Hey
Me: Hey wut r you doing?
HIm: NOt much just thinking of you [

he obviously wants to seee you, if he'd said he'd see if he can come to the pool tmrw :] ♥ corey.


I think I could have an infection in my underarms. Lately, since it's been summer, I can't fall asleep at night because of the irritation in my armpits.
I use "Certain Dri" night deodorant, which has always caused an irritation. The label said stop use if irritation or rash occurs, and I've always had an irritation/rash there, but never too bad. However, despite this I continued to use it because it was the only thing that stopped my sweating. Its pretty wierd, because now that its summer, my arm pits feel really itchy when I'm trying to go to sleep (Certain Dri is a night deodorant, which while you sleep, it shrinks the pores to limit prespiration). This past week, its been HORRIBLE, and every morning when I wake up, my underarms are so sensitive I can barely move my arms because ottherwise it sort of "chafes" (sp?) but in my armpit area.
It keeps me awake every night for about 2 hours, and then causes me pain in the morning. I don't think that I can stop using it though, because its summer and I hang out with a lot of boyyss =]
SO PLEAASE help me I have no idea what to do!

don`t put it on directly after shaving there or use a different deoderant. ♥ corey.


I'm going to start taking Yaz birth control soon. My doctor wants me to do the sunday start. I was reading the instructions and it said that from the sunday you start the pills until the next sunday, you should use a back-up method when having sex. Does that mean, after those 7 days, if I were to have sex without a condom the birth control would work like it's suppose to?

thanks in advance!

i`m on the same pill :] haha. you should probably wait two weeks before it`s supposed to work, but you should still use a condom. ♥ corey.


ok i was wondering what are some good tips to do with your hands or mouth while kissing, and like where to do it and stuff to make it more enjoyable for her

suck on her bottom lip. touch her boob with your hand, if she doesn't mind. ♥ corey.


whats the best way to lose weight...have you ever fasted...and is two months enough to lose 20 pounds?

eat healthy & exercise. i have fasted before. and i don't think two months in enough to lose 20lbs. sorry. ♥ corey.


So, I have Final Exams Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. I was wondering if there are any tips for studying or anything like that.
Like, what should I eat in the morning, and what are the best ways to study?
Thanks :]

chew gum while you study. it'll help you remember.
♥ corey


does anyone know of any good wine coolers? i just watched norit with eddie murphy and the woman he plays it always drinking them and it reminded me of when i use to drink them but i forgot what brand it was. any ideas?

like, mike's hard lemondadeee?
i love thoseee ♥ corey


Aren't you so jealous of the cheerleaders at your school? They get everything they want! It's so unfair!

not really. the cheerleaders @ my school are kinda gross.


How do you get your hands on some cigarettes? Where do you get alcohol? I really want to smoke/drink w/ friends xcept can't let parents know!!
Thanks so much!

ask some of your friends who are 18 if they can buy you cigs if you give them $$. and idk how you can get alcohol bcuz i can get it from my mom & she doesnt care. or you can just go to a prty where they'll have some.


What kind of sports do you do? Do you do cheer-leading? How long have you been doing these sports? Any activities that you recently joined or want to join?

umm i play softball. i don't cheerlead. lol. ive been doing softball since 4th grde.


Well, I'll be a freshmen starting next year..(it's summer now) do you have any tips for freshmen yr or high school? Ill be in the same school and everything because our hs is 6th-12th graders.. I know messed up right lol. But everyone's telling me that our whole circle of friends are going to change and people are gonna ask you to drink/do drugs. etc.

don`t worry about it. some of your friends may change & do drugs/drink. and if something like that happens, thats the way it's supposed to be. freshman year will really open your eyes, it does to everyone, basically. take everything day by day & keep you're friends close. hope i helped! & goodluck next year! :]
♥ corey.


Do guys enjoy doing second base/going up a girl's shirt/etc? Or do they do it to try and please the girl? Because I personally don't get anything out of it, so is it for the guy's sake?

girls & guys usually both enjoy it :]
♥ corey.


I'm tired of my boring voicemail recording. You know, the simple: "Hey this is so-and-so call me back later."

I want something clever and funny for my voicemail recording. If it helps, I'm a girl.

Any ideas?

say :
"hey, you've reached the right girl, at the wrong time. leave a message!"

♥ corey


i wanna get my belly button pierced this summer but my parents totally disagree, im turning 17 this august...should i just wait till im 18?\

would u ever get a tattoo?

it`s probably better if you get it peirced after the summers over because if you`re like going swimming in chlorine pools & stuff idk if that`s good for your bellybutton. so yeah i think you should wait untill your 18 or until summer`s over. & yeah i would get a tatoo, a small on like on my wrist :]
♥ corey.


well i took your advice about putting my butt on the wall and spreading my legs to help me with my splits. and its working and my left leg split is sooo close. so i got this other advice to stay in these positions for 5 minutes and i do but after awhile my legs start to shake. it doesnt hurt but their just shaking. is this normal?

yes, it's normal. & i`m glad the wall splits are working !! :]

♥ corey.


i recently fell in love with techno music. if you know any great songs that are techno please list ALL of them. I love techno! lol all good songs please!

try the artist cascada. i think :]


Hey im a 16 year old female...i just started going out with a guy ive liked for a long time. He asked me out on the 31st. I think this might be a stupid question but ya know...so when do we know when our one month..two month..and all our anniversarys are?? theres not a 31st in every month...i dont know how it works and ive just been wondering cuz i dont get it haha

count every four weeks, four weeks = one month :]

♥ corey


Im still a virgin and i was wondering to thoses who are no longer a virgin do you wish you were or are you glad you had sex cause i want to have sex but then again when getting married it would be alot more fun

i wish i waited :[


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