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My brother and sister are constantly mean to me and are always calling me names. My mom is always picking at me, and screaming at me for the littlest things i do wrong or don't do like she wanted me to. I have no way to vent out my anger other than taking it out on my friends. I recognize that i do that, and i apologize to my friends, but im afraid one day my friends will leave me. They don't understand what i have been through. My parents don't abuse me, but they are constantly yelling. I have thought about suicide, but i know that if i did it, my family would be devastated. i haven't attempted it yet. I can't tell my mom and dad what my brother and sister do to me, because they always make up an excuse or say "I didn't do that, why would i do that" and mty mom always believes them. I don't know who i can talk to.
Please help desprete (link)
Get a recorder n when you see them coming turn it on and put in yur pocket or somewhere they cant see iy or you could get a video camera and out it in the same room as you n then when they start ask them too stop make it look like yur the angelnot them and if you think that yur parents are way to hard pn you n yell at you constantly you really need to tlak to them or video tape them and let them see how un-fair they are to you i had to do that once and it worked soo i hope it duz for you with lots of luck and love tosh13

me and my boyfriend are planning on having sex. im 14 hes 15 and im a virgin and he isnt. i know were young but were ready. i am kinda scared though i mean how bad will it hurt? and i have no clue about what to do i have friends thats arent virgins but i dont really wanna tell them im planning on having sex. so i have threee questions, how bad will it hurt? will i bleed? and what do I do? (link)
Yes it qill hurt !OUCH! Icried when i lost mi virginity but if you are ready you wouldnt be really asking what do i do but anyway since he isnt a virgin let him take the lead but make sure you like what he is doing! You wont bleed unless he breaks you hymlin or however you splee it i hoped i helped!

well I have this big problem that I flirt whenever, because I was just talking with this person that I don't "like-like" he's just okay, well anyway I realized after that I was sorta flirting and I realized I do it a ton, with out trying, and I am sending those people the wrong message, can someone help me with my problem, is it normal, I am way confused, thanks (link)
Really there isnt a way too stop it unless you stay away from guys which i couldnt do!!**tosh123***&hearts

Okay. I am 14 and I'm a female. Also I'm adopted. I really hate where I ended up and i really don't like my adopted parents. I was 12 when i was adopted (about 3 years ago). They told me then I didn't have an option about being adopted, they told me i had to be or go back to foster care. Okay the point is I really hate being adopted to them. It has been ruining my life. Also i really hate being seen in public with them, even before adoption i didn't like her. She was my 4th grade teacher and they made me be adopted to her. She's about 54 and her husband is 60, and her dad is 95.I live with them all. None of them even understand me, and another problem is that their really old. they are really disgusting and i can't even stand being in the same room as them. And since i was adopted i've been an only child for the first time of my life and i hate that part the most. I'm really loney every day and no one to talk to. I know for fact i would be better off some where else. i really want to live with my mom again. Kyle and i was taken away from my mom and dad when i was 8 and i was in foster care. mom and dad divorced and kyle was moved to another home. i stayed in the same place for 4 years, i liked it there. Someday i wish it could be my mom and i together again, if that were so i would be really happy. Now i am the only person i have, no one else cares. not even my adopted parents, they don't even respect who i am or who i would like to be some day. When i lived with my real parents my dad abused kyle and i and my mom was good person, she the nicest person i ever knew. My brother Kyle is special ed. and i worry about how he is doing in foster care. i aslo worry about my mom, she's lonely like me... sometimes i wish i could win alot of money and live with my mom in a nice house. i know that i have only about 4 years till i move out, but thats alot of time when you're a teen and i don't want to put my life off because the law forced be to be adopted and depressed. But i'm not that bad off, i make all a's and do weel in school. i play soccer. it's really hard for me to make friends, and i don't know why, before i was adopted i had lots of them. also it's really hard for me to have a boyfriend, all the guys that end up liking me.. i turn away from them. it's really hard for me. it seems that i've been away from people so long( being an olny child in all) i don't know how to be me in front of people. and it makes me really nervous. i have really good friends at church and all. When i'm around them i do fine but when they're not there, i don't know how to act. i'm also affraid to tell people what's wrong. every time they ask i lie and say i'm doing fine just so they can go away. iam really, really not happy. i am also sorry about not writing this all in order, anyway please give me advice. I really need some, noone i know seems to care about how i feel. So please help.
depression of adoption.
I kinda no how you feel i cant tell no one how i feel i dotn realyl feel excepted at my house...I try to be like them but i cant be perfect you have to sit down and talk to someoen you can trust or talk to the foster care place and tell them yur siruation they should help maybe see if you could choose the ppl you want to live with..About them being old they realyl wont understand you thats why you have to talk to someone yur age..Just go out there be yourself (like you are with yur friends at church) but try to find someoen that will listen and not just ignore you im not sure if i helped but i hope i did!!..

me and my friend and friends parents are driving 9 hours to go see a couple of friends that we miss. the problem is that the main kid we really want to see just got grounded for a really long time because he went outside at night for a couple minutes. His mom is really strict. We really want to be able to see him so do you think there is any way we can get to see him? any suggestions or plans to get to see him? he's barely aloud outside his house. thank youu! (link)
Have yur friends parents takl to his parents and see if she could let you see him after all he is a old friend that you miss she might understand!!! I hope i helped!!

okay well my friend is going through a rough time right now. her boyfriend just told her that he is gonna kill himself cause he wants to but he wont tell her why. he was starting to but then he just stoped typing ( it was on AIM ) the ages are 12. do you think he seriously could of meant it. cause he said he really wanted to cut himself also. & she is so worried about him because she loves him so much and she doenst want to loose him. any advice that i could tell her to do. that would be helpful thankks
My boyfriend told me that too bcuz he had soo much stress on him he prolly isnt serious but just to be safe show it too yur parents or his!***tosh13***

if youre with your boyfriend and youre making out and doing other thingsand then you stop and then 2 minuts later you wanna start again but he says hes not "lustful" or in the mood anymore does that mean you turned him off?? or do guys just change into more romantic and calm moods all the sudden? (link)
Wow not suprising all guys do that especially young ones ha ha well anyway you didnt do nothing to turn him off anf if you were wondering about it take time to talk to him!!~tosh13~

im 14 and 5'5 and i weigh 98 pounds. ive been told i have a superhigh metabolism but i dont even exercise alot! but no matter how much i eat,(by the way..i eat ALOT but mostly late at night)..i dont seem to gain any weight! i wanna gain a little so i can have more a more filled out chest and my arms wont be so is there any foods to eat or any plan to go on where i can gain muscle and weight? and i know working out will work but i wanna know about foods (link)
Really im not sure i am having the same problem!!

tonight when i was with my boyfriend i suddenly got bored and didnt wanna be with him anymore. i started having thoughts of breaking up with him. but then like 10 minutes later he was holding me and i felt so happy! i LOVE the physical attraction we have and hes really funny but im not sure if hes right for me cause i cant always be the crazy, hyper person that i am. is it bad that i was having those negative thoughts or is it normal? any advice will be appreciated! (link)
It is normal me and my boyfriend break up soo much but like the next day maybe even a hour we always end up together bcuz we luv echother and we keep that in mind!!

How can you be friends again? When you haven't seem them for long time and you don't know what to talk about anymore. I need your help please is tonight that I'm going to see my best friend Raymond that i haven't seem him for a long time and i don't know what to talk about with him. (link)
I moved away from my bestfriend and 2 years later she called me and we had tons to talk about i was nervous when she called me bcuz i didnt think we had noything to talk abotu then we started talking about othe rppl and our old memories so just think about all the good/bad times you had!!*tosh13* i hoped i help!

so my dad met his girlfriend at work one day and they started going out...ok so she has 2 kids a 17 year old son and a 20 year old daughter i got to know her son more and more just to skip to this part after 2 months of my dad and his gf dating her and her kids moved in...ok so then one night i was with her son and we made out then my dad came in a caught us so they were makin fun of us even tho he was super pissed. anyway so within that time now they have been dating for a year and this hole time i knew her son...ok well her son is player no doubt but idk soo we figured since it didnt matter because they were just dating so it wasnt like ya know incest or anything well now me and him are like more serious and we\'ve like done things.....ya so anyway i find out yesterday that my dad and his gf broke up and hes moving out and ill never see him again. i\'m truly inlove with this boy no joke and i dont know if he feels like that tword me but i love that boy like none other. so i dont know what i should do im never gonna see him again and im like inlove with him.
Talk to him about it make sure you guys both like echother or love i wouldnt tell him right now if you love him but if he says he does then he will no where to contact you since he lived with you . You guys can still talk on the phone or internet or whatever you have ask him where he is moving but if he is moving out of the town you live try and moveon but you guys can still tlak i hope i gave you the right advice!!!

alright, I heard somewhere, that if you sleep in a tampon, then you can get an infection or a disease or something.

1. myth or fact?
2. If a fact, what is the infection?
3. what is the infection caused by?
4. how serious is the infection?

alright, thank you all so much! (link)
i dont thankl you can get a disease from it but i might be dangerous ive always taken mine out and slept with a pad!...i hoped you will use this advice adn take out the tampon!

ok I recently met a guy through his mother, they recently moved into town and asked me to go to a movie with the family. I dont know if he liked hanging out with me or not, he gave me a ride home and actually took me to his apt while he changed clothes before we went over to his parents house again, and didn't take me home until 12:30am but I dont know if i should ask him to hang out again or not. (link)
Go ahead and ask him too hangout if he asked you too a movie even though it was with his family he might actually like hanging out with you i say take your chances talk to him more and find out wu the likes to do!!!tosh13.

out of opinion, would you say that 5'4'' was tall or short for a 15 year old girl?
I would say it is a normal size for a 15 year old girl...i am 5'2" and i am 13...!

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