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kay so i wanna find my old friends but everywhere i go they wont give me any information unless the person im searching for is over 18

and i really need help so if you know a web site or some thing plz let me know

oh and i dont wanna pay any money (link)
You can go on and search their name. You may have to put in their father's name if they are living with their parents. It is a free website that you can find who you are looking for.

15/f.... i have this friend who i met in the september of 2007 in gym class. it was like an instant friendship and we got along so well. we never faught or anything, the only difference we had was that she was a year older than me but it was not even a big deal. we joked and could talk for forever. then out of nowhere a few weeks ago an akwardness started between us everytime we spoke and it was obvious. our conversation would run dry within a few minutes. i try to keep the conversation going but i don't know, it seems like something about me is bugging her or like she always has something on her mind. i dont know what to do because she's a real good friend of mine but i can't even talk to her anymore without feeling like a stranger...i need to know what to do. (link)
I know it would be weird talking to her and saying how you felt. You should invite her over for a sleepover, just you two. It would get you guys talking again. I had a similar problem but I talked to her about it and everything is better.

Hey everyone,
I was "together" with a girl for over a year (meaning i never had the balls to ask her out). Then I actually asked her out and dated her for about 6 months. Out of the blue she decided that she doesn't feel the way she used to and she left me. 6 months later, I realize I still love her and she just wants to be friends. I don't know if I can handle being stuck in that frame of mind. what should I do? (link)
What is meant to be will happen. If she is your true love she will come to the same realization as you. There is nothing you can really do. If she really doesn't like you try meeting new people. You can find another girl that you like even more.

im 13 and bi.but i dont want people to no that.i want t apiercing on my face but i dont know where to get it without looking that gay.where should i get it (link)
You can get ear piercings, I know a couple people with nose, lip, and tongue piercings. It doesn't signify status. If you are a girl possibly a belly button piercing too. However, I don't recommend eyebrow piercings, or excessive ear pierces.

so im 17/f, 5'7 and weigh 125ish - fast metabolism so im naturally pretty thin. next weekend [14th-16th] im going to the beach! so id like to tone up. i just need to burn a little fat and make my muscles pop. i know its not an overnight thing, but any exercises i can do to give me some quick results before then? mainly in my abs/thighs. thanks! (link)
You can go to the gym everyday for an hour a day and work out those areas. Another possibility is work out at home whenever you have time. Instead of going on the computer go for a run or do crunches, push-ups, stretches, etc. REMEMBER: DON'T NOT EAT! It is vital to your health and not eating may cause bloating because the body is entering survival mode and doing what it can to stay alive.

People are always like omg, rachel is sooo bipolar. but what does it mean exactly. i don't wanna seem like an idiot because people are always asking me what things mean because i always know. i kinda make a big deal out of it, and i know i shouldn't in case this type of thing comes up, but please tell me! Does it mean like moody, or like changing yourself a lot or what? (link)
Bipolar is a disorder where there is a person who may be happy one instant and the next raged. Bipolar disorder is a serious illness. It can make a person’s normal moods seem extreme. It used to be called manic depression. They undergo drastic mood changes that they can't really help. It can be very dangerous.

about a month ago i started a relationship with a guy and we are both really happy. the only problem is he has a crazy ex girlfriend, she knows about us, becuase she basically stalks him in every way possible. she absolutely hates me. I have heard from other people who have been in relationships with her that she is physco. She scares and i dont know how to deal with her. what should i do? (link)
You shouldn't do anything in this situation. Have your boyfriend talk to his ex and settle the problem. There is something wrong with his ex and that's why she is bothering your relationship. There is really nothing you can do.

Hi i was wondering..does anyone know what size the a back board is for collage/highschool basketball? i think its 62 but i just want to make sure. big is the square supposed to be? i think its from one side of the rim to the other. and what material should i get? i want one thats like thick and hard like the ones schools have/ collages for good rebounds. (
please answer (link)
An official high school or college backboard measures 42" × 72". The shooters square is marked above the rim in a rectangle of 24" x 18".

I am unsure of what you are referring to when asking the question "What material should I get"

Ok, i know why someone would like someone [as in you find then attractive, they have a good personality, and they are kind and caring people] that part makes sense. But ive always wondered what it is exactly that creates the feeling of liking a person?
For example there could be two guys: both are sweet, friendly, and good looking [obviously everyone has a different idea of what good looks are but physical attraction is also part of liking a person] So both these guys would be cool and fun to hang out with, but maybe a person would only be attracted to one. I wonder why, what creates this attraction to only one, when the other is just as good? There has to be something about a person that you find special, maybe like something about them inspires you. I'm not sure if there is an exact science to it but if anyone might have any ideas please let me know
thanx =D (link)
People may like someone based on personality, beliefs, intelligence, looks, morals, similarities, anything really.

when you use tanning lotions are you suppose to put it on your face? and how long does it usually last? and has anyone used the sundial tanning lotion? on a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being bad, 10 being good, how well does it work? (link)
I personally never tried Sundial but Jergens lotion is pretty good if you get the right shade. You should reapply the lotion after each shower to keep the color. If you don't keep up the lotion won't last. Never think your skin is darker than it really is, go for the lighter shade. However, all tanning lotions work best after you have a real base tan.
If you read the bottle carefully it should say if it is okay for the face and how long it will last. Though, the bottle will not say that it can cause clogged pores and sudden breakout. I don't recommend putting it on your face.

which movie do you reccomend me seeing? im a 14 year old girl. juno, jumper, 27 dresses, or penelope? (link)
I would recommend seeing Juno. It was a great movie! You won't regret it (:

can anyone tell me whats going on this season...bc i have been missing a lot of the shows.

thanks (link)
the seasons/show is over. =[

Does anyone know of any websites where I can find a sexy (adult) french maid outfit? (link)
Here are 10 French Maid outfits from this one website.

Good luck!

hey i just ordered a bathing suit from victorias secret yesterday (june 3rd) and i was just wondering how long do you think it would take to get here (washington, dc). It said 7-10 days but before i chose the shipping it said june 18th so i am just really confused. has anyone here ordered online from victorias secret and know how long it took for them to get their purchase? (link)
I haven't ordered anything from Victoria's Secret but 7-10 days probably means business days. Business days are days of the week not including weekends.

Hope it helps!

what are the symptoms for mono? cause i made out with a guy for the first time last weekend and like my throat has been aching since like tuesday (link)
Here is information from If you want anymore information refer to that website.

Hope this helps!

What are the symptoms of "mono?"

The initial symptoms of "mono" are:

a general lack of energy or malaise,
a loss of appetite, and
These initial symptoms can last from one to three days before the more intense symptoms of the illness begin. The more common intense symptoms include:

a severe sore throat,
fever, and
swollen glands (lymph nodes) in the neck area.
It is generally the severe sore throat that prompts people to contact their doctor.

What are the signs of "mono?"

In addition to a fever from 102 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the most common signs of "mono" are:

a very reddened throat and tonsils and
swollen lymph glands in the neck.
The tonsils have a whitish coating in at least one third of the cases. The spleen, (sometimes referred to as the body's biggest lymph node), is an organ found in the left upper abdomen underneath the ribcage which becomes enlarged or swollen in about 50% of patients with "mono." An enlarged liver may also occur. About 5% of patients have a splotchy red rash over the body, which has a similar appearance to the rash of measles.

this is from:closer

what do you mean try NOT to shake or play it cool? (link)
In your question you said you shiver when she holds you and stuff so try not to. Be cool and act like it doesn't bother you when shes near you. really not brainy im not good at spelling lil bit good at reading and im 16 turning 17 soon i dropped out of college a year ago coz i whet and worked i left college coz i was not getting any better at school work...i wana go back to play basketball and learn more but i think it might be to late now but i can go back but when it is class time im not good at working and the xamz are on now and i have not been at college for a year an i would not no what to do in the xamz...people have come up to me and said are u brainy i say no and it iz really shame for me...plz help

It is never too late to get back in college. You can get a tutor to help you in your subjects. I heard Silvan is decent or if you want an online tutor use I used it and it helped my math problem. Maybe you might want to start when the new year starts, repeat the course you dropped out of, and get tutors throughout the summer so you won't be behind or having problems.

Good luck!

Sometimes im hanging out with my bff Hope and Star,and i feel a little left out. Theyre hanging out with their bfs and cuddling up n stuff. I explained how this made me feel, but they tryed to get a guy to do it with me. i wouldnt mind, but my mom would kill me. I WANNA BF SOOOOO BAD, but i dont wanna get my mom to get mad. What should i do. (link)
You should get a boyfriend and don't tell your mom. Or before act like your not going out and tell her you are old enough for a boyfriend. If you go with the first one say you are going to hang out with Hope and Star and don't mention your boyfriend was going to be there too. Third thing you can do is explain your situation and maybe your mom will loosen up and let you have one!

Good luck!

Is 175 pounds, 5'4" considered obese? I'm pretty sure It's overweight.. (link)
It depends on your age and gender.

BMI Categories:

* Underweight =

This guy I like is completely opposite from me. We flirt and make fun of each other but that's about it. I want to get to know him and get him to like me. I tried to open up to him.. but I don't think he gets it. We're hanging out this weekend [its not a date] and I was wondering if there's any ideas that I can do for him to open up and let me know him better and he can know me as well?? and anything me and him can talk about?
he said he doesn't like me but we made out and stuff. its confusing I know. it confuses me too. I'm not sure what to do with him Whether I should just give up or give it more time?
HELP ME. I really really like him. thnxx in advance. (link)
On your get together play the question game. You ask a question, you both will answer it, and then he will ask the question. This may give you some similarities. Also, you can make inside jokes and talk to him about them in school and such. Show your personality so he can really decide if he likes you or not.

Good luck!

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