lose 20-40 pounds starting this week, and end up like that on the week of may 27 [or earlier/later]

and how would i go about doing this.


Basketball and softball is good, however I do not think softball provides as much movement (unless you're constantly at bat and running-- or you're always chasing the ball) as basketball. It also depends how many times a week you do it, or have practice. So you kind of have your cardio there, if your dad buys you an elliptical, make sure you balance it out with your sports so you don't over exert yourself. If you find yourself using the elliptical a lot (and if practices for basketball are always similar), make sure you change it up once in awhile, or else you will plateau.

Diet. Cut out high fat foods / junk foods, if you have them on a daily basis, or too many times in the week. Drink lots of water, or green tea (iunno, I heard it helps speed up your metabolism, but so does water). If you feel tempted to drink soda, drink fruit juice. Usually people will say to eat 5 small meals a day, instead of 3 to keep yourself from being hungry.

Set small goals for yourself instead of looking at the big picture, because weight loss takes a long time, and you might just feel unmotivated if you don't see any weight loss in a short amount of time. You can reward yourself if you meet those goals, whether it be chocolate (it's fine to cheat out once in awhile, but don't make it a habit), new clothes, or something you've been wanting for awhile. You also have your sports teams to keep you motivated.



I'm 145lbs and a size 7 and i'd like to fit into atleast a size 5. Also, how can i get rid of tummy fat as well as excess fat on my thighs and arms? I want to lose weight but i don't even know where to start. How long should i exercise each day and how much should my weight loss goal be? I don't live near a gym & can't do any other activities because i'm also caught up ons schoolwork. Thanks!

I used to be the same weight/size :D lol.
You should start off small first, like losing a pound a week or 4 pounds in a month. Since you're focusing on getting into a size 5, try to avoid the scale and use measurements to see if you've lost weight. By exercising you may gain weight (muscle mass), which sometimes demotivates people. Don't weight yourself or measure more than twice in a week, and if you're able to, do it every other week.

You should exercise about 30 minutes a day by doing any cardio activity (walking, jogging, running, dance, etc.), but a long with that, you should do strength training exercises which can be found on sparkteens.com or on youtube. Remember to change it up, because your body will plateau if it gets too used to your activities (every 2-4 weeks).

You should be aware of your calorie intake also, and eat healthy. Decrease your junk food intake, and substitute it with fruits. It's okay to cheat out once in awhile, especially if you feel that you've accomplished a goal that works towards your end weight. Or you can reward yourself with something that isn't food, to motivate yourself. Drink lots of water, or green tea.

That's about it :D, I think.

-- Joey


Alright, I am about 5'2 , and I weigh over 150. Yes I know I need to lose weight. But here is my question,
- I have a treadmill, and I was wondering If I ran about an hour everyday on it, would I lose weight ?
- I'm looking to lose all of it in my legs & stomach.
- I DON'T eat healthy. I don't like salads or most healthy food, so don't tell me to eat healthy.
- Sits up never seem to work for me. But I do them probably three times a week.
- Please help me here. I don't have enough money to go buy a new machine to work out with, and cardio I could try but I don't think I will enjoy it.

Please answer all of my questions. Thanks in advance.

Don't run all the time, switch it up sometimes because your body will get used to it and slow down your weight loss. If your body isn't used to running for that long, don't push yourself, or you'll end up aching the next day. Your mindset also plays a role in losing weight, if you're not determined to do so, and you're watching TV while doing it, you'll be distracted and you won't lose as much as you'd like, because once you're done you'll be like screw it. If you are determined, you'll be able to push yourself to do more.

Your diet is important in losing weight, since like the others said, you need to lose more than you eat. You can calculate your BMR to know how much your calories your body naturally burns. If you eat junk foods/soda etc. (I don't really know what you define "healthy" as) you're not going to be able to lose weight, because of the unhealthy fats + amount of calories. Even if you cut it down to 3 meals a day, your body will still get hungry, and you'll want more. You're supposed to eat 5 small meals a day.

Sit ups do work, but you build muscle under the fat, which ends up where you may weigh more or look bigger. Cardio will help you burn the fat + it'll burn faster because of the muscle.


ok, its kind of bad, but i am 18 and have never been kissed... i met this one guy and i'm afraid of having my first kiss be bad because i've never done it, you know? anyway, how can i make sure that the guy does not know its my first kiss?

As long as you keep yourself composed when you're about to kiss, it'll be okay. I don't think he'd know unless you're open bout it being your first kiss, although I don't think the guy would mind if it was, unless he was really petty with that kind of stuff.


M'kay well...
I'm 13 and I'm going into High School next year
I'm about 194 lbs
But I don't look it!
To me I like like 150 lbs
But anyway...I wanna be thin.
I want a flat stomach because I'm tired of loosing every guy I like to 'skinny girls'
Not to be mean to thin girls
Hell my best friend is thin
But thats off topic
My Mom wants me to go on diet pills.
But I'm stubborn and say 'no'
I try to eat right
But I just cant help but eat my snack foods
Can you someone please list some way I can get thin by September of 2008?
I don't wanna go into High School fat and have people make fun of me.....

I know how you feel about the thin girl & boys thing! I'm average, and my friend is like a copy of me but really thin, and guys still like her more lol.

Like the person below me said, don't take diet pills. They're a waste of money and will not help you.

I guess I should also state that people will not make fun of you as long as you have confidence. Like walking with your head up/facing straight makes a big difference from looking down all the time.

Firstly, to become thin, you have to find an alternative to eating your snacks. Like instead of eating a bag of chips, eat fruits that you like, yogurt, or a granola bar. Always eat 5 small meals a day, include your proteins which help build muscles-- which speeds up your metabolism-- which burns fat faster, get your fat intake (not like junk food, but more like using vegetable oil for cooling), etc.

For exercise, start of small and do not overwork yourself. You can start with brisk walking, do not run if you can't fun long distances because it'll make you flabby, for 10-15 minutes. Or riding a bike for a period of time. Once you get used to it, increase the time. Do not stick with routines, because your body will get used to it and fat loss will slow down. You must exercise atleast 3 times a week. If you have weights, those can help also-- burning fat-wise. Also, it's always good to do some toning exercises (sit-ups, crunches, lunges, squats, etc.).

Also, it'd be good if you set small goals for yourself. Like 1-2 pounds a week (you could possibly lose more because of your weight), because if you achieve them, you'll feel much better about yourself and more motivated.

Hope I helped :)



for the next two weeks i am goin on a diet which basically will have me running on as much fruits, vegetables, fish and water as i want. along with that i will do a 2hour a day excersize routine and i was wondering about how much weight i will loose in two weeks if i stick to the diet.

Firstly, cutting out carbs isn't the way to go. You need carbs for energy, and you'd also need to take it into a balance. Like of course carbs in junk food is bad, but there are healthier alternatives. It's somewhat like the Atkins Diet & South Beach (south beach is less extreme), once you've lost all the weight you wanted, you'd gain it back if you started eating normally. If you want to keep it off, you have to stick to your diet. So it would be better to just eat normally or just healthier. You need to also eat protein to build muscles which will speed up your metabolism and in turn burn fat.

If you stick to a routine, your body won't lose anything as fast as you'd like. The body tends to get used to whatever you're doing after awhile, so you should switch it up a little.

Most people also tend to gain weight in the first few weeks just because muscle weighs more than fat... and well you're building muscle. But that just depends on your body.

So I'd prolly say that you'd lose a few pounds. And probably 6+ pounds if you continue your diet, but you'll suffer within that 2 hours.


I need to lose 50 pounds by June. I have already stopped eating any junkfood... what else can I do? I need things that REALLY work for someone on a budget.

50 pounds by June is a bit of a stretch since you should only be losing about 1-2 (maybe 3) pounds a week, healthily. The amount you should lose in total would be about 32 pounds. I'm not sure how much you weigh, but for an overweight person, they would lose more than 32 pounds in 4 months.

You could simply do some jogging/cycling/walking/whatever, atleast 15 minutes a day. Don't run, if you can't do it for long distances. And buying weights to help build muscles, which would help your metabolism. Stretches, and toning exercises such as squats/sit-ups/crunches etc. would also help. Like the other people said, anything that gets you moving is good.

If you have enough in your budget to go to a gym, that would help you get closer to your goal since there are plenty of toning machines, and cardio machines provided. Some gyms provide free group classes, or consultation on what you can do to achieve your goal. Some may not.

Also, food-wise, do not skip meals, or starve yourself. You should make sure you eat something with protein in it before you work out, or some time in the day because it helps you with muscle building-- which is important for healthy weight loss.


ok so i am a 15 year old girl 5'5 and 130 ish maybe lighter idk but in exactly two months we are having a break spring break and im going to wear a bathing suit rite now im so gross and want to look awsome so what ways can help me fast easy and motivated.

Your weight is perfectly fine for your height, but I'll assume you want to get toned up so you have a nice body for your bathing suit.

Firstly, I'll state this first, you can't spot tone, nor is it a fast process. You have to do any sort of cardio (walking, jogging, etc.) which will tone your whole body, for atleast 15 minutes so your body warms up. Weights will also help you tone, and sit-ups, crunches, etc. anything that targets muscles.

Secondly, watch out for what you eat. No fast foods, junk food, etc. Such as: instead of eating a bag of chips, bring (or buy) fruits. Also, always keep yourself hydrated, water helps your metabolism speed up, which will be to your advantage if you start doing cardio.

For motivation, if you have an mp3 player, you can listen to your favorite music while doing so. Or looking forward to how your new body will look. Or treating yourself to a small healthy treat afterwards. Whatever fits your liking.

I hope this helped you.


Hey. Well, I'm 15/f. So I've been working out for about 2 months now and eating healthy. Well, I used to eat just about anything that I wanted. Now I've totally changed the way I eat, and I work out a lot more. I workout about 5 times a week. Well, when I look at myself in the mirror, like after a shower or something, I look like I'm getting bigger. And my mom and dad say that it looks like I'm thinning down, but I really do think I am getting bigger. And there is nothing else I can do. I eat healthy everyday, and workout most of the week. So what can I do. I'm not going to give up, because I reallyyyyyyy want to lose weight, but there is nothing else to do. So what am I doing wrong? Please help me!!!!! thanks!

Like the person below me said:
It can be water, and also your menstrual cycle. Not only that, it could be that you've gained muscle mass (muscles generally make people weigh more), which is a good thing. Muscles help your fat burning/metabolism rate.

So yeah, you're not doing anything wrong. Usually the first people to notice if you've lost weight or not, is the people that see you.


how do photographers get there gallery to be in different albums? do you have to get a subscription to do that?

help please :D

and thank you!

If you mean those folders where they label stuff on the side like "Nature", "me" etc. kinda of things, you don't need a subscription. The folder thing isn't just restricted to photographers.

If you go to "browse gallery" on your page, next to browse, you should see a blue 'edit' button, click it.

Then on the side bar... which is the darker shaded area to the left, you should see a blue "+" sign, and new folder under it, click it, and name it if you plan to.

Once you're done that, and you've created your folder, you should be able to drag and drop your compositions.

You can tweak it to however you like with the 'options' tab.

Hope I helped :)


Heres the deal, I'm 18 and I've never been on a date or kissed a boy. (I know, wow, Never?!?! At 18?!?!) I'm going to be going on my first date soon. I feel so awkward about the fact that I've never dated before, especially since he has. I just want to know, you know, since I'm not in middle school it's not like some hanging out with a friend type of thing. But I've never been able to do that part to get used to dating. And I'm not going to be like, talking about some big forever relationship either. What do we talk about? Should I be like, hanging out, having fun, talking about nothing important. Or like asking him questions about himself or something. Or if I just try to go with whatever come will it be awkward at some point? Just give me some general first date tips I guess so I do feel so nervous about going into it, please.

I think it's fine that you haven't gone on a date/kissed yet. If he's dated a lot, then he should know how to act, and would make you feel less awkward.

Since it's your first date, you should be casual about it and act natural. Of course you should have fun on your date too. Ask about his interests, whether it be sports, music etc. and if you find something in common between you both, continue with the topic and you'll be fine. If it gets awkward try switching up the topics.

Hope I helped =)

- Joeyy


hey ; i'm 14 & i want to lose some weight; i'm about average weight so i'm not like skinnyish but i'm not overweight - i'm "just right." i want to lose a little weight though; nothing too drastic. i just want to drop some weight around my stomach/leg areas. does anybody have any foods i should avoid/eat or any good excercises i could do that don't take up too much time? my scedules pretty packed with sports & dance which i know helps you to lose weight but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. most gyms around where i live don't permit members under 18; but i'm looking into a spinning class. any help is greatly appreciated!

If you're not overweight then it's harder to lose weight than it is for them. Maybe you're not losing the weight you want because of what you're eating. You need to cut out all junk foods and high sugar foods, and replace them with healthier choices (fruits, OJ, vegetables etc.). Anything that gets your heart beating helps you lose weight, like the sports and dance you do now. You can add running, or jogging into your schedule if you don't feel that it's enough.

To lose weight in your stomach area, you can do crunches and sit ups. For legs, try squats and lunges because they all work your muscles.



What are some good workouts for thighs arms and stomach??
Im already doing situps, pushups,crunches, and this thigh thing.. i just want to get toner.. i mean im not overweight but i want to get really tone! :]
thanks for the help.
ill rate.

You can check out seventeen magazine's website, or even flip through one of their magazines to see the types of stretches/exercises you can do to target those areas.

Ontop of the exercises you already do, you could also do cardio (ex. running/jogging/etc.)which helps you get your whole body toned if you aren't overweight.

Also, to get results, you need to burn more calories than you take in a day, by exercising, or your daily activities.



whats an orgasm?
and can guys and girls get them?

An orgasm is the stimulation -> 'climax' of a sexual organ, and both males and females can get them because.. they both have their own organs.


Okay So I Am No Way Skinny. Or anything close to it. im under 200 pounds. not sure how much under. probably around 170. ugh i know. so i want to know how much weight would you think i could lose in 9 months? just an estimate.

and what are some ways to do so..
like please give specific excersizes and stuff like that.

thanks in advance.

You could lose much more weight than you bargain for in 9 months if you're really into it but I guess it could range from 40-70+ pounds. But, it is better to set a goal for yourself depending on your height since you never stated it(for every 5 feet, 100 pounds, for every inch above that, 5 pounds).

The best way to lose weight is firstly, to eat properly, such as cutting out junk foods and high sugar foods and drinks such as pop. To do so, you could replace them with fruits, yogurt, cereal, orange juice etc. And instead of eating 3 larger meals, cut down to 5 small meals a day.

Secondly, you have to start doing cardio exercises, running, jogging, or walking for 30 minutes or more, atleast 3 times a week. If accessible, you could also go to a gym and use machines such as ellipticals, or threadmills. Also doing weights will help you become more toned in specific areas and aid in your weight loss, to start off, 5 pound weights would be good.

And remember, don't push yourself beyond what you can take because you'll end up hurt.



Ok i weigh like 180-190 pounds and really dont have much of gut but anyways can it be possible to lose a lot of weight if you eat nothing but water and excercise by doing sit ups, crunches, and push ups every day? plus im gonna teach myself to skateboard so thats included. if so, how much weight would i lose? i'm planning on doing this for my whole summer vacation and yes i know it's kinda hard going with nothing but water but i've done this before and i only lasted half a month since i ended up constipated but now its gonna be even tougher my goal is 3 months which is like 90 days!

Please don`t do that, because you need to energy to do exercises and such. And you`d gain back all the weight you lost if you just started eating again, once you`ve attained your preferred weight.

It`s better to eat healthier foods, cutting out junk foods, drinking a lot of water (it supposedly helps you with your metabolism and keeps you from thinking you`re hungry when you`re really not). You can lose a fair amount of weight by just being more healthy + exercising in 3 months, without gaining back a ton of weight from eating.


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