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hey my name is becky. I love to give advice and i hate to be rude and mean. And i am not emo or goth or anything like that just because my page is black. I am somthimes shy and i have no problem admiting it. I speak my mind with almost no problem and if i really hate something i will make it know that i do. Im usualy a very nice person but every once in a while i go crazy! anyways...

i hate preppy bitches who think they know everything and think they're perfect so if your one of those people get lost. I also hate president bush because hes a dumbshit and if you like him then well you must be pretty F***ed up in the head.

cya later!
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ok my bff and i have been bff for 2 1/2 years now we are in a major fight. I started ignoring her a week after she started lying to me and changing big time. Shes acting like someone shes not. She finnaly got the clue today and she cant see whats wrong i've tried everything! My other bestfriend is agreeing with me and when my bff talked to her she was saying i was only ignoring you because of this one kid. and i know that is a lie because i am never with that kid because we are in diffferent classes. SHe keeps lieing to us and keeps denying it. i have no clue what to do i have tried everything but she just wont listen! We used to tell eachother everything.

And plz dont msg me saying that shes probably having problems at home because we tel eachother everything and i know her problems at home and i help her vent through them so yea.

Just plz help me! (link)
Oh yea and by bff i mean best friend forever not boyfriend or anything like that

my friend has been messaging me on myspace about all her problems, and she said that lately she has been thinking about suicide and death alot. she doesnt think that anyone would care if she died. i have no idea what to say to her!? help.. (link)
well if she thinks no one would care if she died tell her that you would care and that you would never be able to forgive her if she did and yourself if you dont do anything to stop her.

I hope i helped and i wish you and your friend good luck

everythign on my ipod got deleted. my ipod froze. i plug it into itunes and it says its corrupted. why? what do i do? (link)
try reseting it just hold down the middle button and press menu it might take a few seconds but it should work



today i just found out that a guy i liked last year liked me back and he asked me out. i said yes, because i felt i wanted a boyfreind and i thought i liked him alot. of course 20 minutes later my concience caught up with me and i started doubting my liking for him and now im scared i dont like him at all. he's a really good guy and im scared im going to lose him if i tell him about it. last year my boyfriend and i broke up and it took me a long time to get over it and i just don't want to get hurt again... i dont know if i should tell him or just go on a date with him and see if i really like him. im not sure. also i havnt told my family yet because they always make fun of me for having a boyfreind.

what should i do!? (link)
Go on a date and see what happens. if you dont you'll be missing out on a lot. chances are you will get hurt more than once in your life time but how will you ever find the right person and learn from your mistakes if you never try. and dont worry about your family because they dont know him (probably) so they shouldnt say anything.

I hope i helped and good luck!


my bestfriend recently hasnt been talking to me...and i tried talking to him about it and he just blew me off...

should i try talking to him again? it doesnt seem like he even listens...

what should i do? (link)
Confront him and ask him why hes not talking to you and why he's blowing you off and dont leave with out an answer

ok well i started my period today and i dont have any pads. i have one to last me about half of another day. well i mean my parents are divorced and i live with my dad. i am afriad to tell him but that is the only way i can get pads. if i tell my mom then she might tell my dad. i dont want him to know so plzz give me advice on what to do (how to get pads without him knowin.) (link)
try asking a friend that lives close by or still ask your mom but ask her not to tell your dad or just ask your dad for some money and walk to the closest store and by them yourself

I'm currently just a friend to this guy.
He's sweet and thougtful. I told him once I realy like him, but he never responded on that subject. I can't tell he likes me or not. (He kissed me twice....)

When I write emails or txt msg to him, he will respond right the way,(I like that) but he usually just rwspond my question, not really asking me question (almost it seems doesn't matter to him).
If I asked him out, he will usually says yes, but 3 out of 5, he will cancel it or come out some kind of excuse that he can't make it.

I'm confused. Does he like me or not? (link)
he probably does like you but is just really nervous and thats why half the time he cancels the dates

my bff and i cant see eachother because his mom doesnt like me. im 13 hes 12 in 2 months hes 13. hes a prep im i goth but were still bffs. and we kinda love eachother and my longest enemie told everyone. everyone is against us. all our friends because a prep and goth as bffs or bf gf. his family because i wear black and scare his youngest brother. my family because they just dont like anything I EVEN DO. his oldest brother first said for his parents to leave us alone but he saw my piczo now hes like why do you like that whore! it used to be fine us together but its just as bffs. IM NOT like extremely gothic i wear jeans or black or red or purple skirts or both I DO NOT EVEN WEAR the gothic pants. yes i love them but no one will let me wear them or even leave me alone about my fucked up life! i wear any shirts. I DONT GET IT! EVERY ONE IS AGAINST ME AND AGAINST US. probly mainly because of me. everyone hates how i dress and what i do. my piczo is kinda creepy to other people but its what i like. only he understands me. hes the only one that kept me living all these years. because i didnt want to hurt him if i killed myself. his parents dont even know about my life only what i look like my music and my piczo. they have no idea about suicide or me cursing or even my personality either side of me. his mom started it then his older brother only made it worse. i used to be great friends with his brother till he met the real me. my bffs is starting to go gothic at first it was to piss off his family but now from all that happened he is. i even tried changing for them but it dosnt work its my personality. i do not even show my real self in front of anyone but him. hes all i got and all i want and all i need. id do anything for him and hed do it for me. whats wrong with everybody. HIS PARENTS ARE STEREOTYPING PEOPLE NOW!!! what do i do how do i change it omfg please help me. (link)
Just dont pay attention to them. your bf likes you and thats all you should care about. Let his parents stereo type you prove to them that your not as bad as they think and prove to everyone else. Dont worry about the people at your school either and i know thats really hard not to do but just wait until high school there will be a lot more people that will understand you and then your life will just get better from there. But never give up because once you give up your life is over¤t=100_3773.jpg¤t=100_3766.jpg¤t=100_3838.jpg¤t=100_3852.jpg¤t=100_3630.jpg

13/f (link)
uhh your pics arent showing up just to let you know

if i eat heathy and do tie bo everyday and gymnastics twice a week how much weight will i lose in about 40 days..thankyou (link)
Well im not exactly sure how much weight you will lose but if your used to doing that then your body will get used to the routine and you wont lose any weight

I have a video project due monday and I need to know fairly urgently what a DV device is so I can copy my video to the camera. What is it? (link)
DV is just digital video

My shoulder hurts so badly, from carrying my backpack. It's been like this all year, and it got even worse recently. I think that it might be considered a muscle knot, but I'm not sure.
Besides visiting a doctor, taking advil, and using a different kind of backpack, what can I do to make it feel better?
well you probably just messed up your back but just dont put so much weight in your backpack carry some of your stuff in your hands. It'll take the weight of your back and it should feel better.
hope i helped


16/f. My best friend, a guy, talks to me all the time about shit that goes on with him, like at home(his home life is very f***ed up). Mostly it's on AIM. And I'm really glad that he talks to me, cuz we have a history(long story) and we are best friends. But a lot of the time I don't know what to say in response. I'll say I'm sorry and stuff like that, but I feel like I have to say more. But like what? I just need him to know that I will always be there for him and he can talk to me about anything, and I'm sure he knows that, I've shown it. Do I need to say anything else? (link)
I dont think you'd need to say anything because he just needs someone to tell and vent with and all that and hes probably just happy that you listen to him and he knows that you'll be there for him

For some reason everytime I cry my best guy friend looks like he wants to, but he never does. Why is this? Why can't boys just cry? I've always wondered. Like what will it take to get them to cry? I'm just curious, thanks. (link)
Well guys think that if they cry it'll make them look like babies and they wont be 'men' and who knows i have never seen a guy over 13 cry so im not sure what it'll take

Can anyone take a guess at what the song "Who knew" by Pink is about? The lyrics, what they mean. Thanks. (link)
umm is there a right or wrong to the answer??
anyways im pretty sure its about a relationship and someone not knowing that they'd break up somthing like that.

I have Ankle Weights and i was wondering if there is anything i can do with them to make my thighs thinner? thanks in advance (link)
i dont think so but i googled ankle weights and it said that they had thigh weights otherwise im not sure

for my english class we have to write a creative story. it can be about anything, but im having ALOT of trouble picking a topic.. i have about 5 days to write it... so any ideas? THANK YOU TO ANY IDEAS !!! (link)
write about the future like what itll be like that should be easy to write. hope i helped


alright i have been going out with my boyfriend for like 2 weeks and when we talk on the phone its mostly about kid stuff so we got into an argument about somthing and he was like do you want to break up with me i was like no i didnt say that so he was like if you break up with me i am going to break your heart and i was like what do you mean by that but he just kept saying if you break up with me im going to break his heart and i was like what if i just like another dude hee was like i dont care do what you do but your heart will be broke though??????????????? what does that mean??????? I NEED HELP :::((((( (link)
i think he was just saying stuff because he was mad and unrealistic. or he is planing on revenge on you if you break up with him and it can be physical or emotional either way ir wont turn out pretty if thats what he ment but most likely he just wasnt thinking


okay so i moved here earlier this year, -- i met some friends and through those friends i met my now, best friend, her name is Gina. Over the past couple of months me and Gina have been getting really close and all. Close enough that we have been sharing secrets and stuff. So we realized that we both cut. me more then her..but a few weeks ago she told me i was the only one who knew that she used to have an eating disorder for the past two years and she has had her withdrawels and relapses and stuff.. [you can deff. tell by looking at her that she does] Well now im more cautious of what she eats because i really care about her. The past few days ive been noticing she hasnt been eating or eats very little. today she brought cookies,cheesecurls,a sandwhich and a crunch bar. [her mom packed it.] and she gave away all the junk food leaving her with the sandwhich..she stared at it and threw it away. im really concerned for Gina. shes my best friend and i dont want to lose her and i want her to still feel like she can talk to me. what do i do? (link)
I know exactly where your coming from my bff was doing the same thing. I would talk to her first and tell her that i know she hasnt been eating and try to talk her into eating again. anythings better than nothing.

if that dosent work when your eating somthing just say aloud how good it is like if your eating a pizza say mmmm this is so good and cheese. basically taunt them with the food. and if that still dosent work threaten to tell their parents or someone you know that can and will make them eat. They might be mad at you at first but its better then them starving themselves to death.

hope i helped!


I'm 13 and I'm about 5' 1" and I weigh 79 lbs., and I know that's in the healthy range for BMI's but I can tell I have too much fat, especially on my stomach and thighs. Anyone have any advice on how to lose it? (link)
in my oppinion being 79 pounds is a good thing i am 13 too and i weigh 100 pounds and am 5'4 so i dont thinkyou need to lose any weight but if you really do try sit ups

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