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My name is Alex. I live in Oklahoma. I like helping people a lot and I think I'm good at helping people because I've been through a lot. Also I am obsessed with Saint Patrick's Day. I'm not crazy Peace OUT

Gender: Male
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Occupation: Fulltime columnist lol and student
Age: 13
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my armpits are rly sensitive. are there any alternatives beside shaving that wont irritate them (link)
You could use cream that rids of hair instead of shaving. There is a new cream called Nair that does it.


Does anyone here have social anxiety disorder? How old are you? How is it treated? Do you take medication, have talk therapy, or both? What medication do you take? How does it work?
thanks (link)
I have social anxiety and depression. I am thirteen. It isn't treated/treated slowly...mine can't be treated. I used to take medication and I am in therapy. It makes you feel good about yourself.

Ok well I never knew Value Village existed til I overheard a boy in my class saying that he's dying over embarrassment cuz his mom works there. lol I thought it was an imaginary place for cheap people.

So my friend gave me the address and I found it and I'm just SO curious to see what's inside.

How cheaper are the stuff then other stores like Wal Mart? Are everything in good quality? Are the stuff there old or used?

Oh and can you give me advice when I should go? I don't want to meet his mom there. He's like the meanest boy in school and I don't want people to be making fun of me saying that I shop there. It's kinda weird to see parents and teachers outside of school.. (link)
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hey, how do i turn my monitor off easily when i leave
the computer? like is there a button on my keyboard
that i can use?

i have a dell inspiron 2200

thank you! (link)
There's a button on a screen. You have to go buy a special keyboard to do it from there.

Does anybody know some good karoke places that will recored the singing and give the CD to you (up to $100 for payment) MUST be somewhere near Winter Haven FL (link)
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how do you make things like hairstyles and clothes for the sims 1 and 2? I remember visiting a site for both versions where they had things they made you could download to use for sims like hair and furniture. (link)
You could go and get an expansion that will say something like "Furniture and more, sims 2" If you don't want to do that then just use what you've got.

I have been online dating for over a year with this guy from germany. And im from there. so it doesnt really make a difference. I know oline dating is scary..and blablabl..please dont tell me how to be careful because i know all that. But recently, he stopped writing me. he keeps telling me he will tell me all later about all his problems, and i should keep writing even though he cant always answer. But evertime he writes he asks why i dont write. Im fed up writing him, because he never tells me what is going on. He used to tell me evrything. Something is wrong with financial or so, but i dont know. Is he cheating? should i write? what should i do to tell him i really love him, and i that i dont care how old he is, that i really want more. How do i tel lhim i miss him, and that i really love him, even if he sees me just as a friend. please help.. i WILL RATE! (link)
First of all you really shouldn't online date...just my opinion no offense. Just ask him and ask him and ask him until he tells you. Oh and by the way I think you should go meet him in person.


i posted a question asking 'can one person be the cause of a dysfunctional family?' and LagunaBabe directed me to this site: i read the article and immeditally started crying. i know that now, my dysfunctional family is affecting me and the way that i am. but i dont know how to change it. i dont want to end up bad. i only have 2 more years until i can legally move out. while my parents aren't addicted to drugs or alcohol, they are very controlling... i realized that all of these following symptoms from the article are true:

-Conditional love
-Stifled speech (children not allowed to dissent or question authority)
-Emotional intolerance (family members not allowed to express the "wrong" emotions)
-"Dogmatic or chaotic parenting" (harsh and inflexible discipline)
-"Denial of an Inner Life" (children are not allowed to develop their own value system)
-Social dysfunction or isolation"

am i going to end up bad because of my dysfunctional family? im scared that im the cause of my dysfunctional family.

16/f (link)
What hectorjr is up to you if you end up "disfunctional family" is up to you and only you.

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my guinea pig (short haired, about 3 years old) has been shedding A LOT. i mean when i pet her a lot of hair comes off. she has dandruff too. No scabs or anything and i don't really notice any scratching. is this something to worry about? we live in Massachusetts if that has any importance. There are no bald spots, so could this just be from the weather? (link)
It's nothing to worry about because this is not just cat and dog shedding season it's every animal with fur shedding season. You might want to get dandruff shampoo for dogs for you guinea pig.


does anyone know how likely it is for a u.s. marine to die? Does anyone have a rate or a percentage or like a _ out of ten number? please this is really important. (link)
Well it depends on what type of job you do. There really is no percent becaust anything could happen at any time. Thanx


In school I sit next to this boy and he flirts with me all the time (and everyone says he likes me) and I never know how to act around him because I really like him too and I don't want him to think I don't like him because I act akward what do I do? (link)
What you should do is tell him that you like him but don't just walk up and say "I like you because that will make you sound stupid. If he likes you then he likes you, if he doen't then he doen't. That's just how the world turns.


ok so im going on vacation somewhere warm tomorrow, and i want to get some tanning stickers (like the hearts) to show how much you've tanned.
BUT-i don't want to go to a tanning bed.
and i only have until tomorrow to get them.

so what im asking is
-where can i get them today?
-or what are some alternatives besides the stickers?
(i heard permanent markers??)

THANKSS (link)
Listen some people might or might not like this idea. Don't get all mad about this because this just my opinion. What you can do it go to walmart and buy some stickers. Tanning stickers aren't a special type of sticker they are just stickers. I mean you could even just sit a piece of cut out paper on yourself and it wouldn't matter.

so i am very scared.and i need some help. me and my boyfriend had sex and ive been getting head aches im always tired.and sometimes my stomach feels weird but i dont feel sick. my freinds say that i am jsut stressing out ..but me and my boiyfriend we had safe sex..and i heard that the chance of u gettin preg is more in the middle of your period like from when it ends to it starts up again. can anyone help me? (link)
Go to like wal-mart and get a pregnancy test. you just have to pee on it and then it will tell you if you are prego or not.


How old do you have to be to work at american eagle? Does anyone happen to know. Their website doesn't say. I know you can be 17 at places like hollister and abercrombie kids, but then a and f you have to be 18. Does anyone know anyone who's 17 who works there? Thanks (link)
You can work there at any age ranging from 16/17 and up.

so there is this movie called the conrad boys and i really wanna watch it , but i can't buy it cuz i'm saving my money
is there iny sites on the internet were i can watch movies for free? don't say youtube cuz i allready checked there (link)
Okay, go to google and look for free movies/whatever movie you want. Thanks


Can V3s and V4s mate? I have a V3 and my sister has a V4. (link)
If you can connect them you know to like exchange gifts then you can definitely mate them.


how do you COMPLETELY PERMANENTLY delete a picture off of your computer wiht no way of bring it back?!?! plz help asap thank you! (link)
First you right click on it and click delete.
Then it will take it to the recycling bin on your computer. Go to the recycling bin and look at the deleted items. Right click on the item you want deleted and click delete. It will say something like "do you want this permantly deleted off your computer" press ok or yes. Which ever one it says.

I have the worst floor tiles ever created...My parents refuse to get them replaced by normal looking ones. They're not damaged or anything - it just LOOKS terrible.

I was wondering if I could paint them. What kind of paint should I use? Something that won't come off easily ... should I use wall paint? Or acrylic?

Any advice is appreciated. If you know other ways to cover such ugliness, let me know!

- Oh, and they said 'no' to the carpet idea as well (link)
Don't paint them. USe semi-gloss. That stuff to make them shiny. YOu knw what I'm talking about.


everytime it starts to look like its turning spring the snow comes down like mad crazy. so a few days ago it was like 60 degrees or like 65 or something maybe 70 and it was so warm and i was so glad because i always feel so much better in the heat. like about the way i look my attitude everything. and then yesturday like we get 6-12 inches of snow. how depressing. any way i can get thro this? helpp. (link)
It's the weather and you can't changer it. Just stay inside with some cocoa beside a fire or heater. That always gives me a warm cozy feeling.

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What does it mean by "update your page at least once a week ?" (link)
That just means that you need to be on your page/on the advicenators site at least once a week.

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