Hey! My name is Lindsay. I'm seventeen, and a senior at Arcadia High School in Arizona. I'm relatively shy, but as soon as you get to know me, I think I'm fairly obnoxious. I've been part of Advicenators for a while, but I took a break, and now I'm trying to remember how I did everything. I'm still getting used to the advertisements, but that will wear off soon.

I'm extremely into music. I'm into little indie bands, as well as old school Green Day, The Beatles, and other punk and classic rock. I play the cello, and I really am starting to like classical music more and more. It really doesn't suck. You should listen sometime.

I try to give fair advice. Only a few times do I ever get responses in which the asker dosen't like what I say. I really like to read relationships stuff, which works well, because there's more Love Life and Relationships questions on here than anything else. If you have a problem, feel free to ask me a private question.

I try to have fun with this, talk to me sometime!


My whole life, so far anyways, has been one, big, miserable hell. I'm going to be 19 in September and I don't feel like I can trust anybody. I've been told I'm pretty even beautiful, but I am not popular. Everybody makes fun of me, all throughout school they've made fun of me. My friends make fun of me, my family makes fun of me, and they do it in front of people who just met me which gives them a bad impression of me. I feel like everyone hates me because of some of the stuff they say. Everyone talks down to me when I say how I feel and I just hate it! Everyone seems to want to know how you feel and then when you tell them, they yell at you! I hate my life, and I hate being alive. No one would miss me if I was dead, so why does God keep me alive?

There is no "God" so it isn't keeping you alive...


can you get any deseise like aids or stds or hiv anything from touching yourself?

Not unless you already have the disease.
But no.
You can't get an STD from yourself.


ok i'm 13 and i havn't had my period yet. but i'm having these weird things happen to me. like: wanting to drink a lot of water,feeling like i have to throw up, and feeling butterflies in my stomach. do you know why these things are happening to me if you do please tell me. ican't talk to any one else either.

I don't think that this has anything to do with you getting your period. The first time I got mine, I didn't even get cramps. It just happened.
If you're anticipating it you might cause yourself to feel like this.
Craving water might just have to to with you being dehydrated. Butterflies in your stomach could be anything, but I think it's because you are nervous.

You're perfectly fine, don't worry.


how did you get that layout. ITS REALLY CUTE :]

thank you!

I made it. You can go to Column settings and change your layout.
You can also alter your colors and make your advice column unique.


I have always used Internet Explorer.
Well, now I have a problem with my Internet Explorer, and it won't even open.

Question is:
is there any possible way I can transfer my Internet Explorer "Favorites" onto Mozilla Fire Fox "Bookmarks"/"Favorites" without opening Internet Explorer? Or am I screwed?

When you download Firefox it asks you if you want to import things from IE.
That's how I got my favorites to Firefox. I don't know how to do it after you've downloaded it though.



im trying to loose weight, or just eat healthier. i gave up sweets for lent and i don't drink pop (when i do its diet but i never do) and i don't eat alot of junk food (basically none, not like chips and mcdonalds etc). i know fats are good, but what are they? i know theres saturated fats and unsaturated, which ones should i look out for?

This pages should give you all the information you need.



i am looking for some tank tops to layer over basic white/black tees i like this type of style:


there are some different colors but im looking for bright colors like a vibrant blue or a lavender purple, etc...does anyone kknow where i can get those type of tanks (ps they dont have to be by C&C thanks)

Both the brands Sparkle and Lux from Urban Outfitters sell nice tanktops. They're a little thin, but since you're layering I wouldn't worry.


OK well, i wanna get into some more music, i really like rock, here are some of the bands and maybe a few of you could find some music i might like from my tastes:

****My Favourites****
Green Day

***Then the rest***
Blink 182
Simple Plan (kinda)
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

So maybe you guys can help me with taking my tastes and finding something i will probably like??? thanks so much if u help me out!

The Killers
Brand New
Motion City Soundtrack
Taking Back Sunday
Alkaline Trio
Third Eye Blind

Feel free to ask for more. You have decent taste.
Finally someone who doesn't like rap.


does anyone know of a few stores with really cute prom dresses?? i just want a store that not everyone in my whole entire school is shopping at. i would like to actually go to the store, so i don't want magazines or anything like that. Also, i do not want stores like JC Penney or Macys just because they're so popular around here.


If you're willing to go a little more expensive, try a bridal boutique. You could get a bridesmaid dress that looks good and wear it as a prom dress. It's original and no one will ever know unless you tell them.

You could also try places like Buffalo Exchange which is cheaper because it's used, but you can find original things from a long time ago that nobody wants. Also try little boutiques in your town that are vintage clothing if that's your style.

If you're creative you could even buy a dress from one of those stores that everyone shops at and make it original by adding beading, feathers, anything you want. No one will have the same dress, but this might take a little more time.


Like if you use an old brand name of tampons does it work just as fine than using those ones on tv like tampx pearls?

They're all the same. Tampax Pearl has some nice features like they say on TV. They're what I use, but there's really no difference between how well they work.


how can you determin what size of a tampon should you get?
It's my first time and I only have enough money to buy one box..what if it's too small or big?

If it's your first time using tampons I'd reccomend a slim or slender variety because they should be more comfortable.
Tampax makes a slender regular version. I'd reccomend these, and they were what I used the first time.


i just got a ipod shuffle and i loaded all my songs on it and i charged but its not playing can someone give me step by step instructions on how to do it? btw its the long white one not the little silver one if that makes a difference

Any information you should need should be on http://www.apple.com/support/ipodshuffle/
I don't have an iPod shuffle so I can't exactly help you, but this website should help you figure out what went wrong.


does anyone know of a store that sells girl's boardshorts? websites please!!!!!i would like some around $20's.


It's really hard to find girl's boardshorts anywhere for cheap. If you don't mind having them a little looser than they would be if they were really girl's boardshorts, there's a store in the mall near me that sells men's and boy's swimwear, but it comes in MANY MANY patterns including plain and hawaiian flowers, so I'm sure you can find something you like if you don't mind the fit being slightly looser. Here's the website:
They're not exactly cheap but you can find good styles.


okay do any of your guys know where theres a program that you can use your own fonts, upload them on your program, & write on your pictures with those fonts ? and do you guys know any good sites with cute downloadable fonts ? thanks

I'm not sure of a program where you can make your own fonts, but I'm sure you could ask someone at Best Buy and get some good ideas.
As for downloading fonts, I think http://www.dafont.com has some really good fonts to choose from. It also has a really wide selection and I think the search pages are the easiest to navigate.


hey .. i have am doing my earth science homework and i wasnt sure about a few questions..i will tell you what choice i chose ..

13.) Weather along most fronts is usually cloudy with precipitation because the warm air along most fronts is
1) sinking and cooling, causing water to evaporate
2) " " warming, " "
3) rising and cooling causing water to condese
4) " "warming, " "
I chose choice 4

I would say three.
My reasoning:
When something condenses, it's getting cold, not warming up. Condensation is like what forms on a cold water when it's colder than the outside air.
Also because when something is evaporating it is loosing water.


What is the best AIM version and what other stuff should I download to go with it?

I use AIM 6.0, but there are people I know that think that 6.0 slows down their computer and messes it up so they have to restart. It's different for every computer. I personally have never experieced this.
I like AIM 6.0 because:
- It looks nicer, more modern, goes well with Vista.
- It lets you put all of your IMs in one window so that it doesn't slow down your computer with multiple windows.
- The menus at the top, though different from previous AIM versions, are much easier to understand, everything is in a logical place.

You shouldn't have to download anything else when downloading AIM, but you can search websites like iconator.com for different icons to use when talking to your buddies. This is easy to do and the website explains all of the steps you need to change your icon.

I recommend 6.0, but if you download it and don't like it, I'd try 5.9.


Is there a possible code to read someones messages without having their password?
Someone told me there was, and i know there is a code to read peoples hidden comments but not messages.
Does anyone know the code?

There's ways to read comments on myspace with not really a code but by copying the friend ID number and then looking at your comments but then changing your friend ID with theirs.
I'm afraid though, that messages are like emails, and you have no way to read anyone's but your own.


im downloading itunes... it takes nine hours it says is there another way to download it?
cuz to download it i have to stay on the internet but then i cant make calls with my house phone.
so any one know a way??

There's nothing you can do about how long it takes to download the program. The best I can offer is getting a faster internet service, one that does tie up your phone line, or to find one of those few people that got Video iPods with a new version of iTunes 7 on CD. I'm pretty sure that once iTunes 7 came out that Apple stopped selling the CDs that came with iPods, but you might be able to find one.

I also suggest downloading iTunes at night, when no one is going to call you, and when you computer has nothing else running to make it go as fast as you can. You also won't notice that it's downloading becuase, hopefully, you're asleep.



So there's this boy that I like, except I've only met him llike once, and I haven't really talked to him. And I really want to start talking to him but I don't know how to start?! I don't want to just randomly talk to him. I see him at lunch, but he sits at a table full of boys so I can't sit there and be Oh, I need to gossip with one of my friends at this table that's why I'm sitting here. WHAT DO I DO!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

And another thing, I told my good guy friend that I liked him (I don't know why I told him, I've just learned the hard way that boys can NOT keep secrets.) and so my friend seriously RAN over to him and was like go up to Jennifer (Me) and say "Thank You" and then my friend said that the guy said "That's okay man I don't know who she is" I'm sooo mad!!! Am I overreacting?!!! HELP WITH THIS TOO!! please I am DYING here!!

I've learnt not to tell people those kind of things. Once you get to High School you realize how stupid the whole telling someone to tell them situation is.

But if you've never talked to him before, I'm sorry, but I don't think you really have a valid reason for liking this boy. I mean, really. Saying "Hi" isn't enough information to start an entire relationship, no matter how much you want it to. Get to know the boy before you go about telling people that you like him.


ok i used to have this really cool myspace layout... then i took a bunch of these survey thingys and put them on there and now my layout is just plain and white. so thinking one of my friends with acsess to my myspace had taken my layout away for some reason, i went on pyzam to find a different one. i tried to put the code in for that one, and nothing showed up, it was just white. i want to know whats going on with my myspace. please help me
much luv,

Because you took so many quizzes and surveys, the layout HTML might have been overwritten by the HTML from your surveys.

I suggest taking out the surveys and your layout should work.


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