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hey guys anna and ambz here. ask anything you
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Could you give me some things to do for when i get aroused (im a girl) I dont like fingering or anything like that .. and i cant buy anything i need stuff around the house but not anything that involves anything like fingering .. please help me!!! (link)
arrite theres the bathtub look for another ? kinda like this on the site.. so look for that..

umm i am a male who cant get a boner..basiclly b/c im either 2 small or i havent found that special person 2 get me aroused? i want to ask this q 2 anna...that crazy "cock" has all the rite answers....teehee (link)
okay baby hmm lets see ill just have to give u a boner tomorrow u 'cock'!! i can get ya aroused
*-) lol love u babey

I'm a 15 year old girl and I've never gotten anywhere past mildly aroused. I've tried mastrabating and it's never worked for me. I doubt I'll be finding a guy any time soon, and I really want to find a way to get myself off. Does anyone have any tricks or tips? I've never had a orgasim and all my friends have. (link)
oh man this is what u gotta do.. go into ur bathroom and fill up the bathtub halfway..then keep the water running make sure its not to hot and posision so that ur VaGiNaL area is under the running water its bangen.. lol

ok here is my problem. I've always loved penguins, but lately I've been feeling a sexual attraction to them. now I think that's as sick as the next person, but there's just something about penguins. what do I do? (link)
umm u should find a bf that looks like a pengin, or acts like 1 in bed

Does it mean im afraid of commitment when i dont want to go out with someone because im afriad some one/something better will come up? also, how can i finally start to like guys again after being hurt so many times, like what can i do to trust guys again..? (link)
thats a hard question. in time ull learn to trust again sometimes you have to go out with someone to do it and if it doesnt work out then move on but you should give people chances because not all guys are the same..

Im 16 and i been smoking ciggarettes and weed since i was 10.. weed aint really the worse thing cause im still smart and do good in school (if i show up), but my biggest problem is smokin ciggarettes, i cant quit no matter what i just need it more everyday... i tried the nicotine gum and patches( didnt work.) (advice- dont smoke when using the patches it makes u sick to ur stomach)... what do you think i should do to quit smoking ciggarettes??? i spent over 3000 since i started smoking and thats not something to be proud of.. (link)
arrite girl i know how you feel but my dad smoked for a long time and cold turkey helped him get through it ciggs are alot of money now a days so just buy a pack for a week and start going down from there i guess

um i have a question . . . I like this guy but hes kinda of what you would call a "nerd" and if i ever went out with him people would laugh at me.Should i go out with him or find someone else? (link)
u should deff go out with him who cares what others think if you like him go for it nerds gotta be loved to

i started my period a few months ago...and my mom gave me pads....i want tampons soo i can go swimming etc....soo i decided to ask her...i cant get the guts up to ask should i ask her? (link)
tell her u want to go swimming tampons arent that big of a deal but you should talk to her so she doesnt freak out

im i3 and 5'2 and im 123 pounds.i get made fun of am not good at cruches at all please help (link)
yea i [anna] dun like workin out either mayb jus eat more healthy [not that i do] but i guess that would helps.. ambz is the healthy one in this relationship. lol xo-anna

im fat help (link)

yesterday i threw up... 9 times and all day yesterday i ate a bananna {{b4 i thru up}}, a peice of chicken {{after i thru up}}, and half a slice of turkey {{after i thru up}}. today i ate a bowl of ceral with milk, maybe half a bowl of ceral {{dry}} prolly less then half a bowl. i still dont feel good but w/e. well im really hungry and tonight for dinner were having pork {{i personally dont like it and it might make me throw up again}} i dk im really hungry wut do i do?? (link)
jusi try

i love my mom honestly i do, but she doesnt trust me....with anything!! not with my computer, phone or even with just my friends!! (especially the guy ones). how can i get her to just trust me? (link)
just talk to her tell her everythuig

I have had this problem for about 4 years now. My whole body except my stomache is in good shape and I like the way it is and the size. Only problem is my stomache makes me look like im pregnant. I'm 5'3'' and weigh 130-135. I'll try to eat healthy but then at nighttime I'll get so hunfry and want food that I end up getting something to eat like an icecream or sumthing. I know its bad but I don't know how to get over the cravings. Any help on how ot get over the cravings and how to get just my tummy toned. I know your going to say run and crunched but they dont see to help (link)
ok i have the same problem but at night when im hungray i eat sumthing heathy or just fight it off so mayebe just try that

is it weird that i don't like anyone? i mean all my friends obsess over who they like, but i seriously can't think of anyone that i like. and im 14! (link)
lol babe its all good you dont have to like someone sometimes its just good to be free and single and have fun.. one day ull find someone who makes you feel special

i have fallen in love with my best guy friend, and i told him that i love him he said that he loves me back, but says that i just cant be. we hug, kiss and are all over eachother, but we're not dating, and everytime i bring it up to him he just says " it just cant be right now". i feel hurt but yet i cant stop thinking of him. what should i do? am i obsessed? ( i am 13/female ) (link)
your head over heels girly.but its okay your only 13 and this wont be the first time just have fun being with him but dont take things to far and dont be upset when he just wants to be friends . sometimes guys have funny ways of doing stuff.. he either likes you and theres something stopping him or he likes to fool around..

ok me and my b/f have been going out 4 a while and i trust him with everything but recenly we have been talking about sex and he wants to and he said that if im not ready that its ok and that he will wait as long as i want to wait but i like wanna have sex with him but im kinda scared still so if any one could help me it would be greatly appcated (link)
okay as long as hes not making you have sex hes a good b/f..take your time with sex you shouldnt rush into things and if youre scared dont worry about it every girl is before her first what you think is right its your place to decide.

hey i just ordered contacts.. im gettin them the 23rd =)) but n e ways.. i need some info on what and what not to do with them in ur eyes that the docter doesnt tell me.. please help.. =)

lilcutie910 (link)
DONT wear them for a really long time when u take them off they tend to kind of STICK to ur for those nights youre plannin on being up all night..make sure you dont leave them in a.n.n.a

Hi my name is jessica my friend and i have known each other since 2nd grade now she thinks i called her a jerk so now its a big fight between us i tld her sorry but she said that it didnt cut it so i really want to be friends again what should i do (link)
okay 1st off jerk? okay thats not even bad if youve been friends for thattt long i think you can work it out i mean come on a_units been called alot worse stuff and we got over it..

Is 8 months a long time to go out with someone when your 14? (link)
it depends on ur long relationships for me 9 months seemed like forever but after that ur still attatched to the person greatly well atleast in my case..just follow your heart maybe their the one

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