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i really neeed your advice:

who do you pick? the person who first loved you? or the person you first loved?

You pick the person you love.


is there any way that i can remove the "woohoo" option in my Sims 2 game? My little sister plays sims and my mom doesn't think that this option is appropriate. thanks.

Nope, you cant remove it. And no matter what life you chose for your sim, there will always be 'woohoo' and if your mom thinks the 'woohoo' is inappropiate, she shouldn't allow your sister to play the game at all. Its rated T for teens.


15/M Do girls like guys that wear cologne? Would they like a 15 year old with cologne? I've heard that girls don't like it because cologne reminds them of their dad or grandpa. I was just wondering.

girls of any age usally love guys who smell good.
Many girls I know like Axe, including myself.


later on today im going to a play like a really formal one and im not sure what to wear.. [notadress]??

Dress pants [common color such as black] and A nice dressy dhirt [usally white] & you could wear heels, or wedges, or a pair of dressy shoes.


I've been dating this guy for about five months now. I think we're perfect together & everytime I'm with him, he makes me the happiest girlfriend alive. He's like a part of my life & I really don't know what would happen if he weren't to be in my life anymore.

With that, we have this BIG disagreement.

He smokes weed, and I think it's REALLY gross. Ever since he met me, he has cut down, because he hangs out with me a lot, and he won't do it around me. He smoked weed for like three years before he met me, so it's not like he just recently started. I know weed isn't addicting, the only reason he likes it is because it's just nice to have every once in awhile.

I don't like weed because I just don't like how weird he acts when he's on it, it just scares me. He also says mean things about me, [I found his tape recorder & he ended up recording an entire conversation with his roommate talking about how unhappy he is with me!]

He said he's not willing to change & weed has been around a lot longer then me.

I'm lost, what should I do??

Thank you!

You wont like this answer, but its true. You can't change him & he shouldn't have to change for you. You're not his parents, you're the girlfriend. He likes it, when people like weed [I grew up with a brother who liked weed & I know many people who still do.] they 99.9% of the time will not change for anybody. You already told him how you felt, and Thats all you can really do. Now you leave it up to him, he either stops or doesn't. If you don't like it that much, its time to call it off.
He's choosing weed over you, and I know you noticed it.


I am a gurl who is 13. There is a problem..i sorta have a moustache and some of the people in my class make fun of me and say to the whole class that i do. It isnt really big or anything, just a little hair. is this normal?


okay now, that I've told you after everybody else. You can go to walmart buy hair removal cream [get the kind specially for you're face] and it well make it go away. =]] or if you want it lightened buy some bleach specially made for the face. & it wont be as dark. =]]


I have this beautiful dress for holloween but i dont know what to be. it is a floor length dress and it strapless on it is pink with a brown sash. i dont want to be anything scary either.

Prom queen.
But a tierra, and Cute shoes. all SET.


okay, so my girlfriend and i have known each other for only over a year, and we dated for 5 months, then broke up (terrible for both of us) and she cut herself, now we are back together for 3 months and she still does it every so often... is there anything i can do to help her, becuase i know that she wants to stop, and every time she does it, she feels so terrible about it, it nearly makes her sick, and all of this is absolutly killing me, what can i do to help her?? please i only want good answers...

You have to tell somebody (like her mom/dad) You may not want, she may not want you to. But you need to. They can get her the help she needs to stop. The only you can do is be there for her.


Is this normal weight for a thirteen year old-- 105 pounds and 4'11 or 5'0. Thanks.

My cousin who is 13 & 5'0 is like 127. But she could be a bigger build then you.
You may have what I call skinny bones, she's got bigger bones.
either way I think your 100% perfectly fine.


i really need help. like, from a pyschatrist. and i really don't know how to ask my parents.
but first i wanted to ask everyone on here a few questions.
-- is it weird talking to them?
-- does it really help?
-- how did you ask your parents?
-- how does it work? like the visits?

thank you everyone that takes the time to answer.

-- is it weird talking to them? No, its not. Its completly okay, you do end up feelings like you can tell them anything.

-- does it really help? me, personally it didnt.

-- how did you ask your parents? The first time they made me go, the second time they said i could if i wanted or not.

-- how does it work? like the visits? You go there, wait in the office (usally) they call you name you guys sit in a room & she/he will ask some questions you day your opinions/feelings. its not really that bad.


I'm a guy and i'm seventeen years old. For some reason my voide isnt as deep as other guys i no. It's really embarassing sometimes and i dont know what to do. People sometimes think I'm gay...even though I'm not, because of my weird sounding voice...What should I do???

To be honest, Girls dont care for your voice.
[most girls] & if a girl make fun of you for it then she's truely just rude and you shouldnt worry about her anyways. & If a guy makes fun of you its pretty sad, because I mean common boys should leave other boys alone.
But anywho I don't worry about, it wont effect anything & i dont think theres a way to change it.


I wouldn't say I have an acne-prone face, but the zits & pimples I get still bother me. They usually pop up the week after my period ends. By they, I mean 2-6 of them. For some reason they all form on my nose or on the skin right around my nose (including my cheeks a little bit).

Another skin issue I have is shine. Even when my face is zit free, the same problem as before is affected. It doesn't feel or look greasy. It is just....shiny. It bothers me so bad and my friends jokingly tease me about it all the time.

What are some products I can buy or lifestyle changes I can make to decrease or get rid of both of these problems? Thanks in advance!

For shine- I know you can go to drug stores & Biore sells shine controlling lotion. It will help reduce shine.


ok so i dont know how common this is but my boobs are two different sizes. It's been that way for about 2 years now but i always figured they'd just even out. Im 14/f and one is a 32A n the other is a 34A. Is that bad or normal or anything?

very normal, nothing to worry about.


Should it be a red flag if your bf was calm one minute and then the next he was flying of the handle? My bf for no reason a couple of nights ago just yelled "you're not listening to me"! Another time he stuck his face in mine and yelled "I'm SO sorry". This is because I told him I wanted to leave a party that his friends were being jerks at. It kind of scares me how he can switch from charming to beast like that. He lately has been critzizing everything I do and making me feel like crap. In the beginning he was so polite and charming and sensitive that's what made me fall in love with him. But now I'm mostly seeing a monster. I've heard stories about how he treated some of his ex gf's. One said he was constantly calling her stupid and yelling at her too. What should I do?

That red flag fell down along time ago. Girl, you diserve better than be critized by a guy net alone your boyfriend. Its time to leave him (Easier said than done I know) Don't worry about his past girls, what they say, what you hear. The only thing that matters is how is treating you NOW. which is badly, & you don't need that.
good luck


what do girls look for in a guy

Depends on what girl.I'll tell you what I think they usally look for.
If there funny, Cute, Smart & liked by people.


What is the song that Dorthy sings while shes on the Yellow Brick Road?

We're Off To See The Wizard. Is probably what your thinking.


I asked a girl out and she rejected me cause she said she wasn't ready for a relationship but she still liked me we still talked and were still good friends but about a week after i asked out my friend i started talking to a different girl that i meet through a friend so i told her that i was going to talk to her and she got mad at me and i feel kind of bad was i wrong to start talking to this girl what should i do

This girl must have strong feelings for you, because if she didn't she would have not gotton mad. Tell her that & see what she says. You didnt do anything wrong the girl didnt go with her real feelings about you, & you decide to go talk to other girls (Better then be all depressed over her) which was good.


Is it possible to track down someone's IP address online, even if you don't give out personal information? I heard somewhere that it's possible, and I'm worried that some pedophile will track me down on this site. Even though I give out no personal information.

I believe its possible (But hard to find out how), But dont quote me on that. But Im pretty sure your safe, because Man pedophiles would rather catch a girl in a trap on AIM or something, I suppose.
But if it really bothers you delete your advicenators.


I have 3 C's, 2 1 B, and 2 A's. I need help to raise my C's to a higher grade before my parents get a notice.

What are some good study tips?
Also, what is my point average?

Idk, what the girl below is talking about.
But, take really good notes!, get good sleep. & Always eat breakfast. Don't get to stressed out, and lookover your notes when studying of course!
Also, pay attention is class.


i guess i do feel pressured, but for the fact i obviously am not ready to do more, if he breaks up with me what does that mean?

If he break up with you, it probably means he just wants you for one thing and doesn't understand your reasoning for wanting to not go that far.


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