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When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look, you most likely turned your back on the world.

"Would you like a nice warm cup of shut the Fuck up?"

The more you bitch, The more you get bitched at
I ain't a bitch, I am the bitch

It's hotter then two rats fucking in a wool sock

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Heyy...i want to wear a lil makeup its lite but im in 7th grade and my mom wont let me wear it out of the house.....should i just not wear it ask her or just wear a lil lipstick? (link)
Take it with you 2 school with her not noing than put it on in the bathroom ;)

i was in the car with my dad the other night and there was this possom in the middle of the road and it looked like it had rabies b/c it was still alive...should u kill it and put it out of its missory or go around it? (link)
umm go around it :( thats so sad

whats a good name for a new fish?

MOE !!!!!! lol

i am interested in getting sea monkeys. ive done tons of research and know all about them now. does any one else have them? if you do, do you like them? also, how much is a good kit? there are many kits, so im not sure which to get! thanx, i rate :)
what are you talkin about :P lol

ok so i dont like my friend Alexis but i told her i liked her so she wouldnt get mad what should i do (link)
Just tell her that you hate her :D

ok hi my name is Anik I was talking to my boyfriends friend and well he was getting all jealous about us and now he broke me and my boyfriend up cuz he kept saying I was his girl friend and told my boyfriend I was breaking up with him which is a big lie and well I want him back but I don't know what I can do cuz his friend Nathan is always there blowing kisses my way and me plz
You should tell that guy to get a fucking life !! and than you should so try to go talk to your bf about wut really did happen :)

hi.. i'm really bummed, my friend was talking behind my back and i got the advice to talk to her, so i did . she told me she never said anything and so i beleived her... it was fine, then my other friend sends me this e-mail she sent her saying she did sy stuff behind my back and isn't sorry for it and she doesn't want to be friends because i don't show that i want to be either.. but can i help it if i've been busy all summer? anyways i just wish we could be friends back.. and real ones who don't talk behind eachothers backs... what should i do?
Just go found a better friend than her you dont need her talkin about you behind your bk come on well you no wut everybody dose do that but why would you still want to be her friend after all she sayed about you all the mean things ?

lol i have no question, im just tellin ya ur picture is pretty:-p (link)
aww thx :D

ok i know this sounds gross. But when i am at school, i have really bad gas problems. They are really quiet ones, but people always know it is me. :( It smells really bad. I dont know how to make it stop. Plz help! (link)
Well what you can do is when you no your goin to fart ask the teacher if you can go use the bathroom i had this one kid allway ask the teacher if he could go into the hallway to fart lol its was really funny :) hope that helps

i think my bf is cheatin on me with my best friend wut should i do ? (link)
Maybe you should ask them if they are goin out than u will really now lets hope there not :(

what color do you think i should die my hair ? cuz i really dont no lol plz help (link)
well you could get high lights they look really nices will i have allways wanted to die my hair red but i would say hight lights are better cuz if you have brown hair you could get blonde high lights and than get a lil bit of red it look really nice my friend did it ;)

heya im going to be a freshmen this year so its my first time in a public school. i was wondering if most people use backpacks or binders or w.e cause i heard that most people dont and i dont want to look outta place.. any comments would be helpfull and i rate well
~thnx~ (link)
You only use backpacks :) Binders are so heavy, not many people carry them. You can use folders though.

Do you think mine hot ? (link)
who are you ?

I have this giant mole on the back of my neck, and i am very self-concious about it. A lot of the kids at school make fun of me, and my parents don't have enough money to get it removed. What should i do? (link)
well u can try to hide it if u have long hair if not than i really not no wut to do u can tell ppl to shut up and stop talkin about it if it makes u feel better my friend has a really messed up toe and everybody makes fun of it she gets really mad at ppl when they start talkin about it hope that helps :)

How often a day should you brush your teeth? (link)
you should brush your teeth 3 times day well thats what i do :)

most days i am all home alone by myself bcuz my mom and dad are at work...what are somethings i can do so that im not so bored?
You can have some of you friends come over or you can watch tv, play on the computer, color, read a book.....

I know you can never have too much love for a pet, but after you meet my friend you probably won't want to see another cat again... my friend is always talking about who, what, when, where, why, about her CAT! It's driving me crazy! Whenever she stops talking about guys she's always on to talking about her cat. I need so major advice to help me to avoid her talking about her pets!

Signed, Someone who never wants to see a cat again!
lol ya have have 2 friend that do the same thing its like they are crazy or something jkin i just tell them to shut up and talk about something better and if they dont i will just walk away lol :) hope that helps

Hey girl what do think is a good pet cuz i dono wut pet i want to get plz help me (link)
I would say a ribbit's are really good pets they are litter-trained 2 they love to get lots of attention they need lots of exercise ever day so you should take them out of the cage

Hey manda i have a friend that use to sit my me at lunch but cuz of my other friend bf she will not sit by me at lunch what showed i do she keeps saying really mean shit plz help (link)
Well if that friend dose not want to sit by you at lunch just cuz of your other friends bf than she is not a good friend at all maybe you should tell her how you feel tell her it was not nice to not sit with you at lunch and you wish that she would come sit with you again and if not than who cares she's a jerk you dont need to be friends with a her if she goin to be that way :)

i am goin to a new school next year and i really will not no anybody and i am really shy wut should i do ? (link)
ya i was like that to but i would never talked to ppl i dont want to talk to so they called me mute amanda cuz i would never talk when i did they where like omg she talked lol its was really funny cuz i hate them so much cuz they would bug me so much just to make me talk right now i am talking to them and they where like when i 1st met you i thought you could not talk like you were mute and now you will not shut up i cant believe it well you just got to be yourself i hope that helps :D

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