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When is the right time for the first time????

Question Posted Thursday June 20 2013, 11:05 pm

I'm 13. I have this weird way of thinking about guys. I think about their shoe size and then my mind wanders to the penis. I stop myself a lot. But then I think when is the right time to lose my virginity to one of those penises???? O_o

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lightoftruth answered Friday June 21 2013, 6:44 pm:
The right time to have sex is when you are older and dating a guy who you can trust.

Everyone will tell you to wait till you are older. Obviously because there are consequences that could happen if you're not prepared. First of all, having sex is a big deal. So you'd have to be emotionally and mentally ready. Which I believe isn't at 13 because of hormones and such.
Then of course you'd have to be prepared with protection. You would obviously need to use condoms but also on birth control because you don't want to get pregnant.

And even with that, you still could run the risk of becoming pregnant. Then of course there are STDs.

Then you'd have to be physically ready. Your body is still growing so you won't enjoy sex because it will hurt like crazy.

So once you have the right guy, and you're prepared mentally, emotionally, physically and you have protection, then that's when it's the right time to have sex.

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adviceman49 answered Friday June 21 2013, 11:04 am:
Your mom and dad have warned you not to have sex most likely until your married. There is good reason for this but it is also hypocritical of parents to say this as most parents were not virgins on their wedding night. About only 10 to 15 percent of parents may have been and that is being very liberal.

I'm older more of a grandparent age and much more liberal in my views on sex. What I believe is more like what Zane said. Since you are the one who will ultimately end up having to raise a child, the one who has to go through the embarrassment of being an unwed mother. You should refrain from sexual intercourse until you are old enough to raise a child on your own and financially able to do so.

There are other reasons as well not to have sex at your age.

First: Boys your age do not define love as you do. Their definition of love is more the definition of lust. Many boys will say if you love me you will have sex with me. This is not love this is pure lust.

Second: When it comes to sex boys cannot keep a secret. They need to tell their friends they are now a man as they have fulfilled their manhood by having sex and maybe deflowering a girl as well. This information spreads like wildfire through your school. Before you know it you have a reputation you can't live down and don't want or need. You will be popular for all the wrong reasons.

Third: Probably the worst of all is. You may never have sex again but just about anyone you date will say you had sex with him for he cannot look bad in front of his peers.

Don't believe any young boy who says it will be a secret between you and him. It never will; it is a line that every young boy uses to get what he wants from you. He is hard wired from puberty to have sex. It is the hormones from puberty talking. Hence the word HORNY.

I'm not saying you wait until your married. As I said that would be hypocritical of most any parent or grandparent these days to say. What I am saying is wait another 5 years until you are old enough and mature enough to handle an unexpected pregnancy.

Until then there are ways to enjoy mutual sexual relief without intercourse. There is oral sex and mutual masturbation where you give the guy a hand job and he fingers you. Just keep his penis away from your vagina as it is a fully load weapon capable of doing great harm to you if you are not prepared. The boy gets to walk away almost Scott free. You suffer through the pregnancy and then face raising a child on your own.

There is also singular masturbation, where in the privacy of your bedroom you relieve your sexual tension. Your fantasies are right for your age. To act on them would be very wrong.

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

Xui answered Friday June 21 2013, 12:26 am:
Definitely not at the age 13,

The right time is when you been with someone for a long period of time (Few months) you know and trust them as much as they do you. Also, Foot sizes has nothing to do with the size of a penis at all.

You are 13, Way to young. I believe if someone isnt ready to raise a baby, They aren't ready for sex.

[ Xui's advice column | Ask Xui A Question

Dragonflymagic answered Friday June 21 2013, 12:07 am:
I would say the right time is when you have found someone that loves you as much as you love him. This can happen at any age. 13/14, 17/18, 21,22.
There is no rush to have sex. I have no idea why teens these days feel they have to do it. Personally, I have experienced having sex with guys just for the sake of having sex. Not at your age but as an adult. No matter when you have sex for this reason, it only takes care of your urge at the time and your heart feels empty, bankrupt afterwards. Because you see, your heart is looking to get something out of the transaction too. It wants to receive love, which it can't if the sex is just to take care of lust.
A vibrator or self masturbation can take care of the horniness. It sounds like you either have a healthy curiosity or maybe a wild libido. If you find someone you want to have sex with...plan it out cus you'll want to go visit PLanned parenthood first for birth control. If you don't think you can remember to take it regularly, then get the shot that is good for 3 mos but you still have to keep those appts and not run behind by a few days or you risk getting pregnant

[ Dragonflymagic's advice column | Ask Dragonflymagic A Question

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