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Masterbation: Will anyone except me ever know that I masterbated?

Question Posted Sunday June 17 2012, 7:13 pm

Ok so I just turned 13 and Im a female. I just graduated from grade 7 and I have a boyfriend (plz dont say Im too young to date). Today, I had a shower in the middle of the day because no one except me was home and I wouldnt get yelled at for using alot of hot water. After I washed my hair and body, I thought of something. The word "masterbation" just popped into my mind. I heard of masterbation just a few days ago in health class and I thought about the idea. I've tried to masterbate but everytime I've gotten scared. Is it completely safe? Well anyways, I was in the shower and so while I was standing up, we have this low shelf thats like a bench in the shower that we put shampoo and conditioner on and I placed one leg on the shelf and looked down. I got nervous but I NEEDED to know the experience of masterbation. I found my vagina and I carefully pushed in my middle finger ever so slightly into it, (2 fingers wouldnt fit and i didnt even want to try 2). I counted to 60 (1minute), and every 10 seconds I counted I would wedge my finger in my vagina a bit more until I got to 60 and my middle finger completely vanished into my vagina. The pleasure was over welming and it just felt to good, (I'd been in alot of stress lately), and at 60seconds I just didnt want to stop. I slid my finger easily into my vagina and did this for another 30 seconds until I heard my parents car turn into the driveway. I pulled my finger out of my vagina and when I looked at my finger, it had this white gooey stuff on it.
So I have a few questions:-
-What was the gooey stuff? and is masterbation safe?
-Should I start shaving my pubic hair at this age?
-Should I masterbate again?
-Will anyone except me ever know that I masterbated because my mom wants me to try putting in a tampon tomorrow because thats when my period hits and will there be any signals that I masterbated?
Thank you and please only girls give advice..

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Tigz285 answered Tuesday July 10 2012, 1:54 pm:
Masturbation is completely normal, you are getting to know the more intimate parts of your body that you have never really explored before. Both girls and boys masturbate - some do and some don't, it's up the person if they want to masturbate or not and there is nothing wrong with pleasing your self sexually. Now to answer your questions.

What was the gooey stuff? and is masturbation safe?

The gooey stuff is fluids from arousal as well as your normal cervical mucus (Vaginal discharge). It's completely normal to have fluids from arousal as well as vaginal discharge. Masturbation is safe so there isn't anything to worry about.

Should I start shaving my pubic hair at this age?

You can start shaving your pubic hair if you want to. Some girls do and some don't, it's up to you. There is no age limit to start shaving. You can get rid of pubic hair by either shaving, waxing or trimming - like I said it's up to you, no health benefits are associated with removing pubic hair, so choose what feels right for you. If you do shave then I would shaving cream to help protect sensitive skin and moisturizer at the end. Apply moisturizer around your pubic area (not actually in your vagina) but where you shaved your pubic hair.

Should I masturbate again?

If you want to then go ahead. There's no problem with doing it again. Masturbating is generally done in private and girls don't really share with their parents about masturbating (it's not a topic a girl would share with their parents. It's done to please your self and there is no need to share it with anyone (unless you are masturbating together with someone else or several people).

Will anyone except me ever know that I masturbated because my mom wants me to try putting in a tampon tomorrow because that's when my period hits and will there be any signals that I masturbated?

No one will know you masturbated unless you tell them or you get caught masturbating. As for will they accept you well if you do tell or you get caught (the only way they will know you masturbated)it depends on the parents on whether they will accept you. It can be embarrassing if you do get caught. There are some parents who are ok with it and some parents are not ok with their child masturbating. I know that when I got caught the my hand "down there" my mom was like "Get your hand away from there it's disgusting". So yeah she wasn't all for it. Every parent is different so it's their view on it.

Hope this helps, I'm a girl age 19 x

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solidadvice4teens answered Monday June 18 2012, 4:15 pm:
It's 100% safe. Nothing can or will happen to you adversely that is physical or mental. It's only ever a problem if it's all consuming which it isn't. 90% of males do it at all ages or will and 77% of females. Most females don't talk about it like males do.

It's pretty much a universal thing with teens and your parents probably suspect you do and wouldn't be phased to learn as much. Nobody can tell that you masturbate either and there's no reason to worry. As said by others the gooey stuff is just normal discharge to relax over.

As for shaving it's a personal choice but be sure you know what you're doing first. Consult an older female. Also masturbation doesn't have to involve penetration either. Most women/girls use clitoral stimulation due to all the nerve endings. It's only function is for female arousal.

[ solidadvice4teens's advice column | Ask solidadvice4teens A Question

Xui answered Sunday June 17 2012, 9:25 pm:
Masterbation is completely normal and healthy. The only way to get pregnant is if you come in contact with a male penis. You can not get pregnant by masturbating, This is in fact the safest kind of way to pleasure yourself.

Masturbating is self pleasure, The white gooey stuff could of been anything from vaginal discharge or orgasm.

Vaginal discharge is not dangrous. Again, This is normal. What it means is basically the vaginal area is cleaning itself out. Discharge can be brown, white, clear thick. The only time to be concered is when your vagina burns or is itchy. Itchiness and burning can be a result of UTI, Yeast infection or an STD (sexual transmitted disease)

To be straight forward there is nothing wrong with masturbation. It is a private thing that you do when you are alone and your parents do not need to know about masturbating. You are safe

[ Xui's advice column | Ask Xui A Question

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