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Do all emos cut themself? Do I HAVE to cut myself if I wanna be a real emo?

Question Posted Sunday June 10 2012, 10:32 am

I'm 13 and I loove Emo style or their music(BVB)
1st question is...I don't cut myself. Do I have to do it if I wanna be a real emo? And also I'm a cheerful person so, am I not Emo for that? I have nothing to be sad about in my life.

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Xui answered Tuesday June 12 2012, 1:14 pm:
Why would you just go and cut yourself? If you like the 'Emo' style then go for it. 'Emo' does not mean you have to cut yourself. Infact cutting is related to depression and depression is related to mental disorders. Be a leader not a follower...

You should be who YOU are, Not what others say you should be. I do nt know where you got the cutting idea from but not every 'emo' cuts themselves and those that do? Need help to stop. It is not something they do to be cool or fit in...

Be yourself and stop worring what people think about you

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mermaid1919 answered Monday June 11 2012, 1:36 pm:
the reason why most people cut them selves is because they are depressed , you dont have to cut yourselve if you wanna have that emo look. i went through a stage where i loved the emo look but i didnt cut myself cause i was to happy to do that. now though im like a preppy kind of girl, sorta. haha well anyways, no you dont have to cut yourselve and i advise you never cut yourselve because it gets addicting then your parents would find out and it ruins your life.

[ mermaid1919's advice column | Ask mermaid1919 A Question

Carriebeca answered Monday June 11 2012, 8:58 am:
Being of a certain age, I didn't know what an emo was, so I've asked my son. He used to date a Goth which apparently isn't far removed from an emo.
Emos are stereotyped as being very emotional, which most people understand as being depressed, dramatic and suicidal. BUT the word emotion covers ALL emotions so you can be a happy, cheerful, life-affirming, inspiring emo!
Please do, because if everyone who wants to be emo think they have to be suicidal and depressed when they really aren't, it's going to be a very unhappy world. Even if emos were all expected to be depressed and miserable all the time, I'd puch for you to be happy - what's life for if not to be enjoyed? Have a happy life!
Hope this helps, let me know how you get on?
Best wishes, XX.

[ Carriebeca's advice column | Ask Carriebeca A Question

MarcelineVampireQueen answered Monday June 11 2012, 12:43 am:
ok so i signed up JUST to answer this! ok so YES you do need to cut yourself to be emo,emo is IN NO WAY a style/fashion im sorry i just HATE when people act like it is and by the sound of it you'd be better off scene look it up haha i love you for asking this really,phew glad i got that off my chest! hope this helped (14 year old girl) by the way i person can seem happy even if emo i suppose but still SCENE bye

[ MarcelineVampireQueen's advice column | Ask MarcelineVampireQueen A Question

AskSinz answered Sunday June 10 2012, 4:58 pm:
You do not have to cut yourself or be depressed to be a real emo. Emo is about fashion not about lifestyle, a way of dressing and expressing yourself through clothes and make-up. Self harm is completely separate to being emo it just so happens that people have decided to associate it with being emo which is not the case.

Hope this helps,


[ AskSinz's advice column | Ask AskSinz A Question

mercury answered Sunday June 10 2012, 4:26 pm:
That's just a trend,you don't have to do such a thing for you are a child,and as you mentioned,you don't have anything sad in your life,so wear that make up,wear those strange clothes,be happy with your style,but don't harm yourself because of a 'fashion trend':)

[ mercury's advice column | Ask mercury A Question

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