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Why my face is so oily/greasy and painful bumps especially around my nose?

Question Posted Thursday March 15 2012, 7:33 pm

I'm being pissed off because of my oily face I wash my face using dove soap so of course the oil will gone but in few minutes the oil is there again and the oil on my nose never gone even if I wash it with soap. I also get painful bumps around my nose and chin and I've used every acne product you can think of even from my dermatologist.

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debs59 answered Sunday April 8 2012, 4:50 pm:
Please do mot use soap on your face at all!!!!You have an acid mantle to your skin this gets disturbed even with water,let alone soap. You have to keep the ph balance level,otherwise you will get breakouts.

Firstly invest in a good skincare routine.
The best I know for Acne simply because it cured my nephews is Liz Earle. It is completely natural. Cleanse and polish is her cleanser it comes with a muslim cloth which gently exfoliates.
Then use her toner,this is important to rebalance your skin once you have had water on it. Do not miss this step,plus it helps with the greasiness.
Finally moisturise. Most people think strip the skin its greasy,this could be one of your biggest problems. Your skin then cries out thinking it is dry and produces more sebum.
Make sure you choose the light option so it is not too oily for your skin type. Do try and exfoliate twice a week as this helps with scarring etc.
Another amazing brand for acne type skins is Alpha h. They have a product called liquid gold. You cleanse on a night,then tone,and then apply the liquid gold on cotton wool instead of moisturiser. It gently resurfaces the skin. The lady who bought the company did so because she suffered from really bad acne and would not go out,and was so amazed with the results she bought the company! They do a great cleanser too. Hope this helps,I can't imagine how much it affects someone with bad skin,good luck.

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Imperfectionist answered Sunday March 18 2012, 2:38 am:
Your skin might just be oily some people have that naturally. Like myself which is why i had to go out and buy specific makeup and specific facial washes and products for my face. The problem is you do have to try stuff out see what works see what doesn't. form a routine you can stick with. one of the best things for oily skin is after you wash your face with a hot rag cloth splash really cold water on your face after and use a moistruiser... im defintely not spelling that right but you know what i mean. and if you wear makeup, you pile it on that spot the most. you also want to use the moistruiser or primer before applying any type of foundation and/or concealer to your face.

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xokristabelle answered Friday March 16 2012, 8:31 am:
Your skin is producing oil to make up for how dried out it is from washing it. As someone who has struggled with really bad acne and now has clear skin, I don't recommend using Dove on your face. It's too harsh and the scent could be irritating your skin.

What helped me was getting into a regular skin care routine, morning and night. Nothing too harsh, often simpler products will work better. I use a tea tree oil bar soap, the generic version of Sea Breeze toner (helps with the oil), and a plain Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with some SPF. Then spot treatment can be applied to problem areas.

It might take a while to see results (about a month for me), but it's well worth it. Also, if you wear makeup, make sure it's not clogging your pores. For a long time, I was wearing cheap, greasy L'oreal or Revlon foundation with thick maybelline concealer, and once I stopped using that, I saw a huge difference. Even if you can't afford expensive makeup, Neutrogena Healthy Skin or Skin Clearing foundations are really great and won't break you out.

Also, most major makeup brands (MAC, Urban Decay, etc) make a mattifying or oil-control gel you can try. Some drugstore brands even have oil-control moisturizer. Might be worth trying.
Good luck.
Krista, 21/f

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stephiipuff answered Friday March 16 2012, 3:49 am:
well i'm not sure about the painful bumps, but one thing you can do to reduce the oil is to try to keep from touching your face as much as possible. also speaking form personal experience, rice paper has saved me from an oily face many times. but there are also other oil absorbing products from companies such as nutrogena that I would also recommend. I have also seen marked improvement in oil reduction and the general state of my face by using formula 10.0.6 they have a line of products that are fresh and have actually helped me and I have tried everything right up to prescribed washes and lotions. They sell online on and also have their own website. [Link](Mouse over link to see full location)
sorry if I seem like a rambling ad. I really hope I have helped out in some way because I feel your pain. Good Luck!

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