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toned tummy

Question Posted Tuesday December 13 2011, 12:27 am

I am not fat by all means but i have a "pooch" on my lower tummy. Its not toned at all and i really dont have time to exercise. I am a full time students and work part time. So far i have stopped drinking cokes but im not really sure what some healthy snacks i can eat are? Somneone give me advice of what to do to make my stomach more toned. Thank you!

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Ignatz answered Friday December 30 2011, 3:29 pm:
Raw veggies and fruit, nuts, small pieces of cheese (Laughing Cow is perfect) for protein, are all good snacks. Stay away from sodas or artificially sweetened drinks. Plain water is your friend; green tea is also good for you.

A simple 10-minute ab workout is the Magnificent Seven:

1. "Farmer" Burns Stomach Flattener- Stand with arms at sides relaxed. Inhale through nose without letting stomach expand (just gently tense to avoid this). Now force air down & outward WITHOUT letting it out for 2-5 seconds. Do this for 2 minutes

2. Vacuums- Bend forward expelling ALL air out of lungs. Now without inhaling stand up pulling diaphagn/stomach under rib cage hold for 8 seconds. When you release let air draw in through nose. Do this for 10 reps

3. Tai Chi Waist Turner- stand with arms hanging loosely at sides rotate torso letting arms bend at elbows until they slap kidney area. This is done for 50 reps.

4. Back arch with forward bend & squeeze- With hands on hips inhale as you arch back as far as you can. Then exhale as you bend forward squeezing abs. 10 reps

5. Dynamic side bend w/isometric squeeze- Hold one arm overhead inhale as you bend as far to one side as you can, then move in & out just one half inch for 50 reps finishing with a 8 second squeeze of sides. Repeat on opposite side. {note: once doing movement you are breathing}

6. Hands overhead side bend- Lace fingers palms up overhead inhale bend to one side flex as hard as you can while holding 8 seconds. Do this 6 times then switch sides.

7. Trunk rotators- With hands on hips inhale hold breath as you circle around then exhale each time you reach start point. This is done for 10 then repeat in other direction.

Note: Breath in through nose exhale through mouth on everything. Do this a fully as you can. If you get light-headed this is not unusual, but should pass with time. At first these took me twenty + minutes, but not that I know then it only takes 11- minutes if I don't waste time.

This is very effective for toning all your core muscles. Your back will be stronger and will pull your spine straighter, which will help with your belly.

Hope this helps.

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Disconnected answered Tuesday December 13 2011, 9:12 am:
First of all, stopping fizzy drinks is a great first step.
Make sure you drink at least one liter of water a day.
Healthy snacks would be any fruits, nuts, seeds, brown breads.
My personal favourite is carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus :) Fills you up but very, very low fat.

I know the feeling when you're so busy with everything that you don't have time for exercise. However, if you did 10 sit-ups in the morning, just after getting out of bed and another 10 in the evening, every day, you will soon see that your stomach is becoming more toned :) This is what I have been doing for a month now and it's working out well, now I've even increased it to 15 sit-ups.
This exercise doesn't take long, a couple of minutes, therefore it doesn't get in the way of your already busy schedule.

Enjoy :)

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