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How long does it take to pass out when you stop eating?

Question Posted Tuesday August 2 2011, 8:32 pm

How Long does it take for my friend to pass out?
My friend wanted to know.
She is 12 weighs about 115.
I don't suggest this but she hates herself cuz she thinks she is fat.
I just wanna know how many days does it take for her to pass out if she don't eat.

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Lonesome12 answered Thursday August 4 2011, 6:01 pm:
Pass out plaese dont starve yourself at least eat something!!!! shes not fat , if you want check the BMI it might help... comfort her get her best pictures and show her tell her how good she looks and comfort and hug her tell her the dumb guys will always laugh but the good guys that are worth a special girl like her will come and when those dumb guys try to get with her shes too goof for them..
it can be pretty fast ... yuo can start getting dizzy , headaches.. without water not good.. you need to make her stop thinking this

-->please help her this is the time she NEEDS you as a friend

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adviceman49 answered Wednesday August 3 2011, 9:50 am:
First things first. If your friend is of average height for her age she is probably with in her weight range.

Next: Not eating is the worst thing anyone can do to loose weight. The body needs fuel just as a car needs fuel to run. If the body does not get the fuel it needs then it takes what it needs from where it can get it. If the body does not get enough fuel then the design is to save the most important parts which is the brain and the heart. All other functions will be shut down as the body runs out of fuel to operate them.

When a person passes out the body has begun the process of saving itself. Many times the damaged caused in this process is permanent.

Why am I telling you all this. For this simple reason. You know what your friend is doing or going to do is wrong and will hurt her. As her friend you can help her by telling her parents what you know. She probably has asked you not to. What would you rather have a friend who is a live and made at you or a friend who could possibly be so sick that she can barely function or possibly die.

If you are a true friend you need to tell her parents or tell your parents and let them tell parents.her

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

xokristabelle answered Tuesday August 2 2011, 9:27 pm:
Do you mean that she's trying to lose weight? Let her know that not eating is the worst possible thing to do if you're trying to lose weight. It puts your body into starvation mode, meaning that you will bloat and your body will cling onto any calories it gets, making you gain weight- and then as soon as you eat, you'll get way bigger. If she wants to lose weight (though honestly, at 12, that's ridiculous- you're still growing and your metabolism will change), eating healthy and most importantly being physically active are what matters.

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