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I dont know where to put my tampon!!!!!!

Question Posted Wednesday April 13 2011, 2:05 pm

I recently started my period and Im a swimmer. But I cant find the right hole to put the tampon in, every time I try it doesnt work. And Ive wasted about twenty tampons!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!! Where do I put it?!?! Holly, from North Carolina

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Kayla1313 answered Sunday January 8 2012, 1:56 am:
I can find the hole either and I'm tired if using pads. Srry I'm not much help but I'm here for ya. I'm from NC too

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Peeps answered Wednesday April 13 2011, 11:05 pm:
In the trash!

Pads are much better for your body during your menstrual cycle. Pads can be worn during light days, heavy days, and even simple discharge days. Tampons can only be worn during your actual period or your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome increases dramatically. You also do not need to worry about waking in the middle of the night to change your pad if you're not a heavy bleeder; however, with tampons they MUST be changed every 6 - 8 hours or bacteria will multiply so quickly it can cause some severe problems.

Symptoms of TSS include high fever, vomiting or diarrhea, severe muscle aches, a feeling of extreme weakness or dizziness, and a rash that looks like a sunburn. If you ever have these symptoms while wearing a tampon, remove it and tell an adult immediately. Have someone take you to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible.

When I tried tampons I ended up passing out over and over again within seconds of insertion. My body was obviously screaming at me that something was terribly wrong although nothing was painful at all. I often wonder if some other women have experienced this and thought it was normal because it definitely is not okay to experience. I really believe it dramatically shocked my body and that's why I passed out.

My first gynecologist I had actually told me that tampons increased my risk of cancer. My mother had cancer before in her vagina area and was told to NEVER wear tampons again because if there is any cancerous cells in there it will irritate them and cause them to begin multiplying if they aren't already. My mother was also told to tell her female children this too since we are higher risk for that sort of cancer. I asked my first gynecologist about it and he definitely recommended not using tampons because of the increase cancer risk.

The longer you leave a tampon in, the higher risk of TSS you are taking. Bacteria begin to grow in the warm, moist environment of your vagina. These bacteria can grow within the tampon, enter the body from inside the vagina, then invade the bloodstream, releasing toxins that can cause a very severe, life-threatening illness.

Tampons also pull a bit of your vaginal lining out when being removed, believe it or not. This is why many women who use tampons aren't as sensitive as they once were inside of their vaginas and why many tampon-users suffer from yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. The tampon also can leave particles behind from it, causing bacteria and yeast to grow on it. Another case is that women are frequently needing to purchase personal lubricant for sexual activities because their bodies have stopped producing enough natural lubricant to engage in such activities without problems.

The ripping of your flesh and leaving particles of material behind cannot be avoided when using tampons and could very well be why you experience discomfort with removal. I would be big money on that being the reason it is painful to remove tampons from your body. This will not go away until you become somewhat desensitized down there--and what woman truly wants that?! Please consider switching products for your own health and safety.

Here are some good websites about why women should stay clear of tampon-usage. Theses sites are pretty darn interesting:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

Beginners typically feel the tampon inserted until the vagina is desensitized enough from the insertion of a dry piece of bleached rayon/cotton blend and the removal of such, including the lining of the vaginal wall. It may take one cycle or it may take 6 cycles for your body to lose enough sensitivity for you to no longer be able to feel the inserted tampon.

That's right. That painful feeling will go away. After you lose enough sensitivity in your vagina. Desensitizing your vagina!

Just like any other fiber, the tampon absorbs moisture. Your vagina is SUPPOSE to be moist though. So, the tampon is constantly sucking away the natural fluid balance in your vagina. The vagina gets dry. If you've ever put lotion on your arm and then accidentally laid it on a sheet of paper then you will notice how it sticks to it. You pull the paper off and that's that. Imagine putting a wad of thick, absorbent paper in your vagina. It sucks that moisture away from the walls. It sticks to the flesh. Then you have to pull it off. Your vagina is a lot more sensitive and tender than you arm.

If your eyes were constantly watery, would it be okay to put a cotton ball in them? Think the cotton might actually dry out your eyes? Think it might lead to some irritation? After awhile it probably wouldn't feel uncomfortable to remove the cotton either.

In addition, tampons have been linked to dioxin exposure. There is no safe level of dioxin, and dioxin has been linked to a wide variety of health problems (cancer, endometriosis, reproductive damage, retardation, immune system damage).

Do you vagina and your entire body a favor and throw away the rest of the tampons. If you insist on inserting a menstrual product into your body then use something safe, such as a reusable menstrual cup. The link I included above also has a link to what menstrual cups are and how they don't put your body at risk for further health complications and do not cause vaginal desensitization.

"The cotton and rayon that is typical for mass produced tampons may actually contain pesticides and chlorine. Pesticides are used on the products while still in the fields to reduce the risk of bug infestations within the crops. These pesticides kill living insects so that they do not damage the crop. Chlorine is used purely as a whitener to bleach the finished products. This chlorine may actually cause a form of dioxin to be created within the product.

Dioxin is associated with environmental pollution and is highly toxic to the human body. Dioxin is actually said to be one of the most harmful and toxic chemicals known to science today and has been deemed a serious health threat. Dioxin has been linked to cancer, severe reproductive and developmental problems, immune system damage, interference with normal hormonal function and production, birth defects, infertility, increase chances of miscarriages, reduced sperm counts, endometriosis, diabetes, mental impairment, skin disorders, and even lung problems. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported no "safe" level of exposure to dioxin."

As a very last note, you may want to check out menstrual cups. Here is a link to a question about some and my answer is pretty thorough when explaining them:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

I hope things are healthy and you find out what your problem is. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me! :)

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lovealways1221 answered Wednesday April 13 2011, 6:19 pm:
use a mirror to help you. first just observe for a while. dont even touch a tampon yet. just take a mirror and look around. use your fingers to feel around down there. There's something called your Labia. Those are also called "lips" they are used to protect the vagina. when you have sex or use tampons, you need to use your fingers to separate those 2 lips. once you open them, you'll be able to see the vagina more clearly. now you have to understand how your vagina is angled. It doesn't go straight up and down. Its angled towards your middle of your back.

also, you might be using the wrong kind of tampons. since you're a beginner, get playtex. they come in regular and slender. Use the slender ones first since they are used for beginners.

ok so put the mirror on the floor, spread your legs and use 2 fingers to spread the lips. then take the other hand (holding the tampon) and put the tip on the vagina. angle it towards your middle back and carefully slide it in. Also, this really helped me when I started. Instead of pushing it in right away. try to twist it back and forth while you push it in. This helps it glide easier. keep on pushing until the big part of the tampon is all the way in (so your fingers are touching your body. your fingers should hold the grip of the tampon) then after that.. the hardest part is over! you just push the stick into the tampon, that will release the tampon inside of you and then you pull out the rest of it from your vagina and TA DA! its over!

so yeah, the hardest part is just getting the first part in. Theres a diagram in the tampon box, which should help. If not, youtube it or google it. There's lots of diagrams, videos, and information about tampons out there.

hope i helped and good luck!

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WingYan answered Wednesday April 13 2011, 2:48 pm:
You insert the tampon into your vagina which is clearly represented in this diagram: [Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

steady one foot on the edge of the bath or something like that and get a mirror. Try to locate your vagina in comparison with the diagram. Its the largest hole directly above the anus. When you have found it take the applicator and hold it at the base of the first outer tube. Slowly insert the applicator until your fingers are pretty much touching you.
With your free hand feel where your lower back is and try to angle the applicator to the direction of your lower back. When you are confident you have the right position just relax and push the inner tube of the applicator to insert the tampon upwards.
Your vagina is positioned at an angle as depicted here:[Link](Mouse over link to see full location).
The most important thing is to relax and try to get familiar with your body so exploring and experimentation with all parts of your body is normal and healthy as well as giving you additional aid in doing things such as inserting tampons. It takes a few well informed tries.
If you still have problems then feel free to visit your gyno who can give you the best advice and tips of doing this as well as giving you an exam if you or they feel it necessary.

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