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Setting myself up for failure?

Question Posted Wednesday September 29 2010, 5:36 pm

What's the borderline between "you can do it as long as you wokr hard and never give up!" and setting yourself up for failure?

I'm aiming for a career as a nurse, but really, there's only a couple of nurses that I like. None of my friends and family love them since they've had bad incidents with them and just think that they're all bitches. And with my experiences as a student working alongside them, I agree 90%. It's kind of hard to become one too but even though I'm average smart, I give it 200% to everything that I do. But it's so hard and I kind of think that it's my limit. Like, I wish I could be smarter, but I think that it limits with people to an extent. But even if I do make it, I'll be surrounded with a lot of co-workers that I will most likely won't like. And I've already given up like my life so far declining social invites, volunteering, etc to just become the best and educated nurse that I can be and become one as soon as possible. Do you think that I can make it evenutally or am I just setting myself for failure because of my perfectionist ideas?

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Rosey answered Friday October 1 2010, 2:27 pm:
Considering I too am a nurse I feel I can answer this question for you. Yes I will agree that many of the professors I encountered in school were quite rude and down right mean. I offen wondered why they became nurses in the first place. Nurses are supposed to be kind, loving people, aren't they. But then I realized the kind loving nurses are the ones who wash your back and change your bed pans. The real nurses (the RN's) are responsible for so much more. RN's barely have time to talk to patients they are to busy making sure patient are well cared for by the doctors and other staff at the facility and or hospitals. The RN is responsible for every aspect of the patients care from bathing, eating, dressing changes, IV's, catherers, blood testing. etc, In short RN's have alot to do. Nursing teachers have an even harder task , they have to teach others how to do all of these things, and also weed out the wimps. If you are the patient, do you want a nurse who isnt sure of herself? I dont think any patient wants to have a nurse who doesn't know if they want to be a nurse or not. This is the question you need to ask yourself, and really think about the answer. If you do, truly want to be a nurse, you will succeed in doing so. I have been told by some of the best professors nursing has to offer, the best nurses are B students (so keep that in mind). Also their are many careers in the medical field that are rewarding, if you feel nursing isnt right for you I am sure you will find your credits will transfer to many other promisint professions. Good Luck in what ever you chose to do, as a student who also gave 200% I totally understand where you are coming from. I too wondered if I was choosing the right career path, I still do and I finshed school 2 years ago. One thing I wanted to mention is your goals can always be achieved as long as you dont set your self up to fail by demanding too much of yourself all at once. Small goals are the easiest to achieve, many achievable small goals is better than one impossible one. Rosey :)

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adviceman49 answered Thursday September 30 2010, 2:53 pm:
Have you ever heard the story about the little engine that could. The idea behind the story is that attitude is everything. Most every profession is 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration.

What does this mean, if you can stand one more cliche it means you don't have to be the brightest light bulb in the bunch to light up a room. Being smart is not everything. Being able to take whet you have learned and put it to use is what is required. I know lots of people who are extremely book smart. When it comes to taking what they know and working with it; well lets just say they will never light up a room.

From what you have written you are developing a self-defeating attitude. The people you are working with right now are probably training you. If I am right they are suppose to be hard on you. This is the time for you to make your mistakes while they are watching you so they can catch them. They want to wear you out. Nursing is a tough job; you make a mistake and someone can die. They need you to make your mistakes now while they are watching you. They need to see if you can take the pressure. If you can't cut in nursing school you won't make it in a real ER or a busy ward.

If you want to be a nurse you need to develop the attitude of the little engine that could. I know you can do it, you know you can do it. Now show them you can do it.

My own little play on another cliche: There are leaders, followers and people who sit on the sidelines. I'm betting you can be a leader if you want to.

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jujusay answered Thursday September 30 2010, 11:08 am:
Listen, if you look around you I am certain you can find people who when you see them you think to yourself."Gee, if they can do it, I can do it."
I know you can look at any profession and see successful people who weren't even born here who have average intelligence that came across some ocean and learned to do everything from scratch in a new language and with strangers who don't even share their heritage. YOU can do it. I helped a friend of mine study to become a nurse while we both worked as blackjack dealers and she just thought she could do it was the only difference. I understood everything she studied and was happy to see it is just steps of info, just like in regular school, and if you are commited, you will graduate. I am not suggesting that it is easy to be a nurse, but, it is do-able. We earned a couple hundred $'s a day dealing cards and she makes a considerable amount more than that now. It is really good money when you get a career in that field and you can be that nurse who really cares about people (not the bitchy one, and maybe you can inspire others), not like my ex-friend who did it so she could snag a doctor, (which she didn't...and she was a beautifully striking girl..but a bad vibe from doing something for selfish payoffs seeps thru) if you really want this, then believe in yourself, confidence is the key and if you don't have it now, fake it til you make it, and you will make it. Forget what your family or anyone else says, it is time for you to live your life for your own fulfillment and if doing it will serve others and cement a lucrative position in life for you, nothing should stop you. Good luck and believe in yourself, go kick some butt!

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