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Do bestfriends finger each other?

Question Posted Friday July 23 2010, 3:28 am

I've known this girl (Kylie) since I was a kid. She's nice and we're pretty close and I would have said we were best friends until a few days ago. The other day we were talking to our other group of friends about being best friends and asking who was their best friend in the group. I know, odd discussion probably. Anyways, Kylie says she use to be bestfriends with this other girl from another school but isn't any more because she went around her school bragging to people that she fingered Kylie when they had sleepovers. Kylie is like, "That's what best friends do though! OMG!" and went on about how the other girl was being cold and cruel and how it totally made her not want to be friends with the girl anymore.

Nobody in the group seemed to be freaked out about it. I know two girls in the group made out before but I never thought about this sort of thing happening because we're ALL straight. Is this normal? For best friends to finger each other? I've never done I weird, missing something, or...? :\

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snowboardbabe answered Saturday July 31 2010, 10:58 am:
That's great you had a bestfriend named Kylie , I guess it shouldn't really matter if she got fingered or not or made out or anything. I guess it was a secret something didn't want you to know about , but the truth came out. Yeah it's normal , completely normal , just sometimes your not use to it and it seems very strange to you , but that's alright you don't have to freak out over it. For bestfriends to finger each other , well that's different , it depends , they might have been friends with benefits , privileges , anything like that , and no your not missing out on anything , don't worry. Just next time try to be fully aware. I guess some things are left unsaid.
Good luck!

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MissM answered Saturday July 31 2010, 1:42 am:
Well maybe they were friends with priveleges or something because your friend, Kylie, was wrong when she generalized that all best friends finger themselves.

I guess that was just a secret between them and when it was let out, Kylie's defense was to say that it was perfectly normal.

So I think it's just a matter of how much involved you want to be with your friends because consequences like these are a possibility.

And if the other girls didn't freak about it, it's becuase they either already knew, they tried to seem cool with it to avoid any judgement, or they have little dirty secrets under the rug as well. :)

So it's o.k. to freak out :) and you're not weird. You just weren't aware that this girl you were considering to be your best friend, had been fingered by her ex-bestfriend?...

Nothing's wrong with you. Take Care :)

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vikkikimberly answered Thursday July 29 2010, 3:41 pm:
ok ill tell you this me and my best friend (s) have never done this. i can tell you that for a starter.

i have made out with a girl though at aparty. just for the sake of it though we were a bit dunk though.l but hey were all like curious and stuff.

your not doing anything wrongor missing anything its fine. personally id gett a bit freaked if my bestie asked to finger me lol

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Becca answered Saturday July 24 2010, 1:40 am:
no you are definitely not weird or missing out. i can only assume that your friends are still curious teenagers, and they were trying things out and possibly got addicted. i mean i sleep in the same bed with my best friends all the time when we do sleepovers. we may accidentally rub against each other and everything, but it's never meant to be sexual. perhaps your friends are bisexual or lesbians, and you are totally straight. so you feel weird not participating in those acts.

[ Becca's advice column | Ask Becca A Question

maxgrey answered Friday July 23 2010, 2:23 pm:
Straight or not, that's weird.
Intimate things like that should only be done with a trusted romantic partner. Just because the other girls weren't freaked out doesn't mean it's not weird.

[ maxgrey's advice column | Ask maxgrey A Question

nonameboy70 answered Friday July 23 2010, 1:42 pm:
ok i personally know some girls that are totally straight and make out accasionally and are not afraid to do it. but fingering eachother maybe an a drunken dare withe friends but not just for the hell of it. girls do accasionally do sexual things with friends its some what normal. ecspecially for teens. but you will learn as you get older your not really missing much. you arent weird.

[ nonameboy70's advice column | Ask nonameboy70 A Question

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