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How can I cool down my apartment without an air conditioner?

Question Posted Wednesday June 3 2009, 10:54 pm

It is 68 outside and 78 in here. Yet I have all the windows open and a fan going (I have no ceiling fans though). I don't understand why it is 10 degrees different outside.

I'm in a 2 bedroom apartment, what can I do to draw cold air in? Thanks.

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Ignatz answered Friday June 5 2009, 11:56 am:
Part of the problem is the physics of air flow. Moving air is cooler than still air. Are there windows on two sides of your apartment, or are they all on one side? If you can create a cross current that will pull air through your apartment, that will help cool the place down. As others have said, put a fan in your window to draw cool air in. If you can, angle another fan so it blows air up to the ceiling. The air will be hottest there, so if you move cool air from the floor upwards that will help cool the place off. If all else fails, build a primitive air conditioner: get a big block of ice and put it in a pan in front of the fan. The air moving across the ice will be much cooler, and will cool off your apartment. Good luck.

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MAK answered Friday June 5 2009, 12:09 am:
My house can get super hot during the summer too, however we avoid it by shutting all the windows and doors that lead to the outside, and closing the curtains and blinds. Sometimes your house can be like a greenhouse. We still use our electricals as normal, but of course we avoid vacuuming and try not to use the oven so much. Try it for a day and see if it works.

Oh and just a note, we keep our windows open during the night and through the morning before it gets hot, so our house cools off during the night as well.

Stay cool!

~Maria, 18

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NinjaNeer answered Thursday June 4 2009, 9:55 am:
Another thing you can try is to minimize the number of electrical appliances you have running. (This is why the idea of putting the fan in front of the freezer won't work... your freezer will have to work harder, and will end up heating your room more!) Try to keep your tv and computer off. Also, if you can, avoid running your oven or stove. A microwave is far less likely to heat the room.

Something I like to do is if I'm sitting in one place for a while, I'll take a bowl of ice cubes and have the fan blow over them towards me.

And, as everyone has already suggested, try the fan in front of the window thing, facing inwards.

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christina answered Thursday June 4 2009, 2:23 am:
It's possible the thermostat is turned up. Turn it down, and see what happens.

If that doesn't work, or isn't the case, buy a window fan or two. Those work pretty well. :)

[ christina's advice column | Ask christina A Question

asknava answered Thursday June 4 2009, 1:26 am:
Maybe you could change to paint color in your room. I don't know what the rules are there but I'm pretty sure that lighter colors keep it cooler. You could put the fan in front of the freezer and let that go for a bit. If it's cooler outside, you should be able to put the fan in front of the window (if you haven't done so) and it should blow in the cooler air. I think wearing something light keeps you a little cooler than being naked (if you do that) like a light cotton wrap or something like that (i don't know if you are a girl or not ) Keeping the fan going at night cause the air is a lot cooler. Maybe get some light weight and light colored curtains to block some of the sun but still allowing air to blow in. That's all I got :)

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Darby answered Thursday June 4 2009, 1:22 am:
If you just have the fans sitting on the ground in your apartment, it won't do much good. You need to put the fan on the windowsill. I put the fan to where it's blowing air into the apartment. Some people say if you but it the other way, it sucks air out, but I've had much better luck doing it the other way.


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