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i actually wanna know wat the hymen looks like?

Question Posted Thursday March 13 2008, 12:40 pm

hello there again. i guess by now most of you know that i want to confirm if my girlfrien is virgin or not.
all i want to ask is how exactly can i recognise the hymen layer to make sure of her virgnity. please tell me how exactly it looks like for virgins and for non virgin girls. please tell me about the main identification features.

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Peeps answered Thursday March 13 2008, 9:43 pm:
As it's been said, there is not a 100% positive way to tell if your girlfriend is indeed a virgin or not.

Supposedly strenuous activity from things like gymnastics, cheerleading, and even horseback riding can tear the hymen. So, if it happens to be missing it could be possible that she was active in her younger days and will say it was torn then. Just as a side-note, if she masturbates or uses tampons she has probably torn her hymen.

There are also procedures to reconstruct the hymen now, called hymenoplasty. Even if for some reason the doctor cannot gather enough of what is left of the woman's hymen to pull back out and "restore" they now have a hymen implant. It is not easy to tell if the hymen has been restored or even if it's real.

Hymens vary vastly in shape and form for every woman, the most common being a half-moon shape. Pretty much it's a thin set of tissues just around the opening, so there still will be a small bit of opening visible.

Here is a link that shows drawings of the hymen, including the various types of hymens women can have:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

Razhie answered Thursday March 13 2008, 8:01 pm:

Many virgins do not have thier hymen intact.

DO NOT use thisas a way to verify she is infact a virgin. It is NOT a trustworthy physical clue. There is NO 100% trustworthy clue.

Either trust your girlfriends word, or don't, but DO NOT keep up this charade of trying to have it 'proven' to you. It is cruel, unrealistic and unfair. You will ruin your relationship with your distrust.

If you can't just trust her, dump her.

It is impossible to prove she if she is a virgin or not. Even doctors cannot tell for certain if a women is a virgin or not. Please accept that.

Read these for support... Only the girl can tell you if she is or isn't.
[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)
[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)
[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

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junebug93 answered Thursday March 13 2008, 5:22 pm:
The hymen is the oval shaped skin colouring in the middle of the two lips of the inner labia (flaps of skin). It may be wrinkly, or smooth, and it will have one or more holes in it, with the size varying with the person. Over time, this flap of skin starts to tear or wear away, not necessarily because of having sex.

There is no sure way to tell a girls virginity by looking at her hymen. A better way would probably be to see how experienced she appears, or, by you know, asking her.

[ junebug93's advice column | Ask junebug93 A Question

thelaura answered Thursday March 13 2008, 3:36 pm:
She could be a virgin but still not have one.. or it might be torn.
and they don't all look the same anyway.
Google image search "hymen"
There's pictures of what they could look like if you're interested.
but it's pretty pointless you wanting to find hers anyway, just so you know - because it doesn't mean anything.

[ thelaura's advice column | Ask thelaura A Question

stella07 answered Thursday March 13 2008, 3:22 pm:
the hymen looks different on girls, its not always the same look. if they hymen got torn it could be for many reasons: inserting a tampon, inserting a finger, if she has had a gynecological examination then it could have torn at that time as well. the only way you can tell is just by asking her. im guessing your having trust issues with whether shes still a virgin or not. at this point, shes the only way to know the truth. trust is a huge factor in this situation.

[ stella07's advice column | Ask stella07 A Question

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