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Question Posted Friday January 11 2008, 10:40 pm

I feel like I am the only teenager (18) who has not had sex yet, or even go pass first base. I don't believe in sex after marriage, but i think its sad how teenagers (15,16, etc) have sex so young. And people say because it's fun, but I feel that losing your viriginity is much more then just having sex you know? But why do people have sex at such a young age or if they are not even that far in a relationship (like 4 months). I'm just curious, about people's personal experiences. Regrets no regrets etc and why they lost their viriginity at such a young age.

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punk4lyfe answered Sunday January 13 2008, 12:56 pm:
i lost my virginity at 16 after a month of dating this guy. i definitely regret it and i was pushed into it. he was older and i felt privledged to be liked by this older guy. we are still together now and we've been together for over a year and a half. i regret having sex with him that early but i dont regret having sex with him now. i was stupid but hey, people have got to learn. i was smart about it and never had unsafe sex. girls now are having sex at 12 and 13. but you know what? theres nothing you or i can do about it.

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sweetascandy7364 answered Saturday January 12 2008, 7:40 pm:
I think its because when your younger, you fall in love faster and it feels like it true and will last. My firend and her boyfirend had sex after 4 months and she's 15, i think when your young 4 months feels like an eternity and there for, they feel its been long enough. Also theres a constant race with their peers of who has done what, and who hasn't. Someone whos firends are all sexually active are gonna wanna fit in and do the same things.

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WittyUsernameHere answered Saturday January 12 2008, 3:30 am:
Is this an actual advice question?

I'm looking for the point at which help is somehow requested or needed.

To answer your question.

In the most basic sense, because it makes them think they are grown up. Children strive to be like their parents. Like adults in general. Everyone wants to grow up.

Children see sexual behavior in adults, and seek to imitate it. Thinking that they are ready simply because they discovered that they are physically able to do so.

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queenhearts answered Saturday January 12 2008, 1:10 am:
Most of my friends were sexually active around 13 years old. I hate giving advice to little girls about sex, but I think it's better to keep them aware about birth control. I know the problem is with the media and pressure from society, especially from horny boyfriends or wanting to be accepted by someone or something.

I've never thought of myself as a follower though. I never fit in with regular high school or any cliques. I was always the observer. It's sad how girls feel they have to do it once their boyfriend brings it up. It just seems like, it's for fun, everyone else is doing it and people feel they have to do it so that person won't leave.

I told myself I could never have sex within the first few months. I don't see how anyone could trust and feel so comfortable with a person so soon. I'm a senior, 16 and lost it a while ago. I don't think it's sad for me to do it though. I'm aware of consequences, I'm protected and I have a plan. I only have a few months until I'm out of high school. I've always been a curious and sexual person at a young age. But I've never acted upon those urges until I was ready.. I'm still with the guy too and we had sex nearly before the one year mark

I thought my friends were stupid for putting themselves in that position.. some of them have STDs now.. and it's not like our middle school ever had any sex Ed classes back then.

i'm just so tired of people making bad decisions about sex. you should only have sex if you're ready, protected, on the pill and have a plan. I couldn't wait anymore. My urges were far greater than my boyfriend's. He never brought it up or pressured me. I guess that's a bit weird. The other day I was reading a magazine.. it made me angry.. "Shocking ways you can get pregnant" was all about not using a condom. That is not shocking, it's obvious. I hate how the media portrays sex. It's not all accidental, they need to show the real word for young teens.. instead of sugar coating it..

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curliecue answered Saturday January 12 2008, 12:44 am:
I am 15/f and I have had to face this decision but I chose not to lose my virginity, and I am proud of that. It makes a woman more dignified, and if the guy really wants to be with you, he won't mind waiting for you. You are not the only one who feels the way you do, so stay strong and stay loyal to what your heart tells you.

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Bubble2Gum answered Saturday January 12 2008, 12:43 am:
Yeah i see what you mean. I mean hey i lost my verginity at the age of 14 wich was only 5 years ago. So im only a year older than you. I wouldn't worry if you do what i did than you will regret it. i mean there are so many things that could happen you could get a transmited thing or you could get pregnat even if you are protected. so please dont worry about your doing the right thing.
Love always,

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