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Verizon Voyager

Question Posted Saturday December 1 2007, 10:48 pm

I would kill to have the new phone from Verizon called the Voyager. It's $350, which is totally and completely out of my budget right now. It did just come out, so is there any chance of the price dropping?

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Sherry answered Sunday December 2 2007, 11:11 pm:
Not for now, anyways. The Iphone exploded for a month or two and then sales dropped drastically. So they had to lower the price to raise sales again. So, with the voyager you'd have to wait a couple months for the same thing to happen. I dont suggest ebay or other auction sites just because EVERYONE is on there trying to purchase you'll end up having to pay more than retail. I hope I helped a little.

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Erinn_the_bamf answered Sunday December 2 2007, 4:15 pm:
The price won't drop too soon. Generally, prices drop a tad after a month or two, but it doesn't quite go to a reasonable price yet.. However, since it's the holiday season it may take longer for the price to drop. Wait a couple of monthes, then it may be in your budget.

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DearAbby92 answered Sunday December 2 2007, 4:59 am:
It would probably be better on your budget to wait it out. Like the iphone came out around 600 500 dollars I believe and dropped two hundred dollars after the first month.
Waiting could also let you see the general feedback and let the kinks be reported and worked out by Verizon.

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xomegaroni answered Sunday December 2 2007, 4:21 am:
Most likely not. The holidays are coming up, so there could be sales & what not. You could always find it on places like Ebay & Google shopping, but I definately wouldn't recommend that. Maybe you could ask for it for Christmas?? You could also save up for it. The price might go down in a few months. I've heard a lot of complaints about it though & how it's really annoying to use, so you might want to make sure its the phone you really want.

-hope that helped!&hearts;

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